Don’t Blame Russia

Few days ago Moscow was shocked with another suicide bomber Metro attack. The global and Russian internal media were swift in accusing ‘Islamic rebels from the North Caucasus’ in perpetrating this action. For us, Russian independent analysts, the matter is not so clear.

First, Chechen campaign is over many years ago. Actually it is one of the most stable regions in security terms. The situation in surrounding Dagestan and Ingushetia is a bit more complicated as they were not vaccinated with rogue and tragic ‘independence’ like Chechens in 1990s. Moreover too much is invested into the chaos on the Caucasus.
The question arises: invested by whom? There is a simple suggestion: Islamic fundamentalism. But the facts contradict such theory. There is no popular support among 15 Million Russian Muslims in favor of any ‘Pan-Islamic’ project. There were many moves to inspire such ambitions within Islamic societies in Russia, but all eventually failed. Moreover in 1999 when Dagestan villages were brutally assaulted by criminal ‘green-labeled’ gangs from then ‘independent’ Chechen territory, local imams called for resistance and many of them were slaughtered by the ‘freedom fighters’. These imams were genuine shahids, who sacrificed their lives for the peace on their land.
The poor over-drugged females, who committed the crime on Monday in Moscow were imprudently deceived by those who’d told them they are acting ‘in the name of Allah’. They’ve lost their miserable earthly lives. They’ve lost a narrow chance to enter Eternity. They are cursed and commissioned to Devil.
Now we got closer to the answer: Who invests into the terrorist war against Russia? Follow our blog for further elaborations…

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