Canada’s Support For Israeli Lies

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon stated that Canada stands side by side with Israel in combating terrorism, adding “Israel has its sovereign right to protect itself from terrorist attacks as well as any attacks from Iran”. He further iterated “we share a number of values with Israel; they’re strong friends and allies”. These comments were made in Ottawa at the start of Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Canada.

It is indeed very strange that the sovereign countries of US-NATO alliance have learnt to speak Israel’s language of cunning and deceit. How Tel Aviv convinces them that it is their friend and ally does not require a Ph.D. degree or one to be a brainy rocket scientist. Let us delve on Cannon’s statement in an analytical manner. First: “Israel has a sovereign right to protect itself from terrorist attacks”. Does that include Gazans and Palestinians leaving Iran aside for a moment? The Gazans are victims of Israel and do not threaten Israel. How can the Gazans, under the Israeli siege, take on the most powerful army in the world without weapons and without the basic necessity of life—food? Did Mr. Cannon consider this for a moment? Palestinians are in the same situation with Mahmood Abbas, a stooge of Israel following in the footsteps of Yasser Arafat. It behoves my mind that defenceless and hungry people are in a position to threaten a terrorist army equipped with the most sophisticated weapons supplied and supported by the US, Canada and Europe.

Secondly, analysing Mr. Cannon’s remark that “Israel has a right to protect itself from attacks by Iran”, we question when did Iran threaten Israel? Iran only made the statement that Zionist ideology will be wiped off the pages of time, not Israel wiped being off. An ideology based on creating disorder such as that of Nazism did not sustain the test of time, nor did communism. Similarly we see that the ideology of capitalism which has created disorder is in jeopardy. Democracy, a viable system which is based on human values, can withstand the test of time but its basic principles are being violated by its current authors. The US was a great country as it practised true democracy as laid out by the founding fathers but as freedom is eroding, discontent is brewing like a gathering storm.

Thirdly, can Mr. Cannon exemplify some of the” values Canada shares with Israel”? Do those values include bullying Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran? Do those values include genocide of innocent civilians? Do those values include occupation and economic terrorism? As a Canadian, I’m proud of the values of Canadians but more and more of us are asking why is the Canadian government singing from the same song sheet as the US and Israel? Mr. Cannon needs to be reminded that we’re Canadians, not Americans and Israelis; we share a long border with our southern neighbours and none with Israel. We’re in no mood to invite terrorists and here I mean Israelis.

Lastly, why should we be “friends and allies with Israel”? No one wants Israel to cease as a state. Every Arab country on record has offered an olive branch to Israel and as a matter of record, Iran too had offered the olive branch but every time it is offered the opportunity for peace, it scoffs it and rejects it on the flimsiest of excuses. It has cited numerous reasons and none have made any sense. Israel wants Muslims to condemn terrorism. We do. Israel’s ideology is based on terrorism, hegemony, deceit and lies using US, Canada and European nations as springboards?

The title of the news item I read on The Calgary Herald of 30 May 2010 was “Cannon puts Nuclear Onus on Iran”. The world knows as a fact that the only country in the Middle East in possession of nuclear weapons is Israel. Canada has joined the US in jeopardising the conference on a nuclear free Middle East stating a very illogical condition that Iran must first comply with its obligations to the watchdog IAEA. The Calgary Herald stated that the comments of Mr. Cannon were made in support for Israel following the resolution from members of the NPT of which Iran is a signatory.

As I finished writing this piece, the world and particularly Canadians woke up to learn of the horrifying attacks by terrorists on the flotilla carrying aid to suffering Gazans. Mr. Netanyahu still being wined and dined in Ottawa defended the attack which has left 9 dead on board citing threats from unarmed civilians. Do we want to believe that lie? And lo and behold, Bibi said it was a defensive act. What a lie. The truth is, Obama, Cannon and Harper, that the Israelis have set up a concentration camp in Gaza similar to what the Nazis did in Europe during WW2. Now can someone tell me if this ideology of Zionism analogous to Nazism based on lies, genocide, inhumanity, bullying, occupation, economic blackmailing (of the west) and terrorism can survive the test of time?

Netanyahu cut short his Canadian visit and cancelled his meeting with Obama in the US. Isn’t that a nice way not to face reality?

On the heels of this dastardly terrorist attack on Freedom Flotilla, it is now high time that not only strong words are required from the world but even stronger actions. The 5 permanent UNSC members should slap sanctions on Israel and the NATO alliance should immediately withdraw support and military aid to Israel, recalling their Ambassadors in protest. The Arab and Muslim world should stand up strongly shoulder to shoulder with the west, Russia and China in condemning Israel before it jeopardises global security.

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