Outside Agitation In Kyrgyzstan


In Kyrgyzstan, we see the democratic-revolutionary counterpart to America’s “intelligence-driven wars”—rumor-driven confrontations. It can be clearly seen in the so-called “ethnic-conflict” in southern Kyrgyzstan, where ethnic and cultural differences are being amplified by unknown forces firing machine guns from untagged vehicles, young women and old ladies screaming or whispering the right phrases in the right ears at the right times. (SEE: T. Sariev: VP considering the question of external assistance to resolve the situation in Osh ; “False Flag” Attack Tactics Being Deployed in S. Kyrgyz.)

Rumors of targeted killings and arsons in Uzbek areas were hyped by panicked individuals who were screaming for revenge, making Western news reports about “ethnic conflict” seem prescient. For the regime-changers, a word is more lethal than any bullet.

As far as I can tell, from my far western position and inability to understand anything Russian, it appears that Bakiyev and his supporters are leading the instability in the south, but in this game most things are not as they appear to be. There is evidence of outside instigation in the “ethnic-driven” violence. The evidence is largely circumstantial, coming from unusual statements made by government ministers:

“Yesterday, in Bishkek, will go out the young, among whom were specially trained women and elderly people, who understand perfectly well where and what to say, and many of the patriotic feelings yield to emotions, and the crowd became uncontrollable.”

This is evidence of an organized effort to condition locals in the proper tactics to be employed, teaching locals about the proper settings and jargons to be used to incite mass protests. This implies that someone is researching and polling the Kyrgyz locals, in order to learn what buttons to push, in order to drive them to the streets.

That someone is “Freedom House.” What I have described is exactly what Freedom House has done for Kyrgyz opposition forces in the past (SEE: U.S. Helped to Prepare the Way for Kyrgyzstan’s Uprising–March 30, 2005). The reports of gunmen in untagged cars expose the handiwork of even shadier operators, probably one of the interested intelligence agencies. Freedom House is our secret CIA, conducting destabilizing operations (euphemistically called “public diplomacy”) as an active element of US foreign policy.

To those who protest, “Why would America create a situation in Kyrgyzstan where Russian troops would be called in,” I can only say—who said that the US and Russia are on different sides in this attempt to start a Kyrgyz civil war? The truth about Moscow’s intentions will be made obvious when and if a decision is made to eliminate one of Kyrgyzstan’s two opposing military bases, by closing Manas, likewise, the composition of any intervening forces—whether US forces are invited to participate.

Putin is aware of the American hand in setting the stage for a synthetic (manufactured) civil war there. As a KGB officer, he has had privileged access to inside Soviet knowledge; therefore he recognizes the pattern of American “counter-intelligence” operations, set long ago in Central America, where then, as now, Freedom House was in the vanguard of invading American democratic-revolutionary forces.

In Nicaragua, the American right wing merged with the State Dept. to form a new psychological warfare arm, which was equipped at taxpayer expense with Army and Air Force psyop Special Forces experts. Foreknowledge of impending “Contra” (terrorist) forces attacks enabled the behaviorists at Langley and their civilian force of mind-manipulators, advertising specialists and psyop experts to prepare more effective propaganda which demonstrated an inside knowledge that lent credibility to their efforts.

Inside knowledge of local issues gathered by spies and researchers from Freedom House, coupled with knowledge of Contra plans, allowed the military recipients of all this information a degree of control over popular reactions. Oliver North described the operation as “the Enterprise,” according to the Iran/Contra Investigations, the source for the preceding information. The Office of Public Diplomacy was and is the heart of America’s official propaganda and an active element of force projection. That force is projected by Freedom House and dozens of other “non-governmental” organizations.

It is easy to recognize the footprint of this illegal international operation, the cornerstone of American foreign and domestic policy for the past thirty years. Voice of America (VOA) begins the agitation over airways, various innocuous seeming NGOs (non-governmental organizations) begin the actual invasion, masquerading as foreign “aid” programs, under the rubric of “democracy” building. Money pours in, printing presses begin to hum, cell phone towers go up, Internet services become available, armed agitators begin to stage “false flag” type attacks, intended to implicate pro-government forces. This is the pattern; the same pattern followed in the “Islamist” scenarios. The only difference being one of appearance—the so-called “Islamists” are merely Western-oriented revolutionaries in fitting disguises.

Countries such as Kyrgyzstan do suffer from ethnic tension, but much of that was caused by poor Soviet planning in the arbitrary creation of satellite country borders, without regard for the ethnic or religious make-up of the local populations. The Fergana Valley borders are a total mess, just like the British-drawn borders which cause so much trouble in the Middle East and South Asia today. Uzbeks and Tajiks, who were simply drawn into Kyrgyzstan, suffer today as the latest targeted groups for those masked individuals who want ethnic civil war to rise-up in central Asia, just as they did before that in Iraq, Afghanistan and a dozen other places.

Russia knows all of this, in far greater detail than any of us can fathom, since, for the past thirty years, they have been on the receiving end of this organized campaign of psychological warfare. It effectively destroyed the Soviet Union and nearly every other upstart maverick/rogue nation leftover from its dissolution. All of this covert action hitting them below the belt, yet still today they play along with all the American and British games, never for a moment giving the appearance of any doubt or lack of faith in Bush or Obama.—What gives?

It is very likely that Russian troops will answer the call to save Kyrgyzstan; in which case, they will be fighting the revolutionaries and the rabble empowered by American social engineers. Will Putin and Medvedev continue to play along then, as well? I am inclined to believe that they will—nothing will change. Everyone involved knows that American corporations are needed to develop the complex transportation system needed for harvesting the energy mother lode. No one else has the necessary cash (even if it is funny money) required for this massive project at this time.

It appears that it no longer matters what America does to have our way with the world, just as long as we continue to lead through the troubled times we all face. If a Pax Americana is truly the desired shape of the new world order, then it will not matter that perfectly stable countries like Kyrgyzstan are agitated to a state where they cause their own destruction to bring this about. It will not matter that religious and ethnic rivalries are intentionally fanned into sectarian or secular civil war, in order to advance the “American way of life.” It will not matter that fascist policies (which are indistinguishable from Nazism) have become the root of American foreign policy, as long as America keeps this shaky world order from flying apart until the new one can be cobbled together.

Who needs a new world order based on fascism, racial and religious war? This is what we have come to and where we are heading at full speed. But it could all change in the blink of an eye, if only one of our real leaders would truly lead us, by saying “No to the New World Order.”

Obama, you could do it, just the same as Putin could, but it would require a backbone that neither of you has ever displayed.

Yeah, I know you are listening….

The people of Kyrgyzstan have to go forward with the deadly stage that has already been set by the world-class Internationalist people manipulators. This means that, although it might still be possible to prevent the gun-shooters, the megaphone-mouths and the gossipy females in Kyrgyzstan from escalating the situation into full-blown civil war, it is doubtful that an army of reasoning individuals can halt the bloodshed there without armed Russian help.

If the Kyrgyz people who are not part of the mob can show their countrymen the true source of the ethnic, religious and political agitation, then they can counteract the well-timed carefully constructed rumor campaign.

Tell them how this has all been done so many times before, in countless covert wars upon this or that national victim of American state terrorism. Remind them about their own past, where the same tactics were used by the same people in 2005, to cause the first Kyrgyz revolution. Show them the historical facts, about how the Uzbeks struggled against this same American-made revolution factory named “Freedom House,” and won.

Tell them about the tactics used to create wars where there are no wars now. Tell them about the methods used, described as “Silent Weapons for a Quiet War,” where economic chaos is created in a country, then “amplified” through ethnic, religious or social agitation. Tell them about the criminal tactics used, usually committed by third parties, such as kidnappings, assassinations, drug-smuggling, and the worst of all, the creation of armies of false synthetic “Islamists,” who are programmed to do America’s bidding. Tell them that the false version of “Islam” itself, which has been taught to these criminal types (proving to be a plague to the world ever since) is a brainwashing tool, used to condition entire populations and to produce squadrons of “suicide bombers.” These deranged individuals dramatically snuff-out innocent lives, as they silence their raging schizophrenic delusions, which have been exacerbated by experts in that sort of programming.

Knowledge is the only known remedy for ignorant fear/anger driven populations. They must be calmed by debunking the strategy of tension employed upon them. The open brazenness of the attackers and agitators who have been busily inciting the Kyrgyz and Uzbek populations provides the most powerful evidence of international meddling for those who are working to expose those who are trying to destroy Kyrgyzstan. This is the knowledge that can calm the fevered minds who are instinctively responding to the voices of the agitators. For the intoxicated mobs (pumped-up on various substances in addition to inflammatory words) who are impervious to reason, it will take force meeting force to stop the madmen and the killers.

The nature of the covert war unfolding in Kyrygzstan seems to be in contradiction with the image of the United States, as it is projected to the world. That is why ordinarily reasonable people cannot believe that America would be behind such nefarious plans that are now unfolding there, as it has done so many times in the past thirty years. This is the nature of the “Big Lie” propaganda concept that has been the foundation of American foreign and domestic policy since inheriting it from its Nazi creators. If the charges against the United States are too unbelievable to be true, then they cannot be true.

The inhuman planners and facilitators of all of this are counting on the majority of the sane people rejecting any proof of American wrongdoing out of hand; with a simple motion proof becomes “conspiracy theories.” Conspiracy theorists have been identified as potential sources of terrorist thinking. Suddenly big imaginations have been transformed into threats to national security.

If Putin was a real hero of the people, then he would deny Americans a foothold in Kyrgyzstan, close Manas and boot all of the democracy-building NGOs out of the country. Anything less than this will doom the country and the region to all-out civil war.

Peter Chamberlin is the author of ‘There Are No Sunglasses‘ blog. He can be reached at peterchamberlin@naharnet.com


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