Fascists and the Retrograde Oligarchy

By Gulam Mitha (Canada)

Competition is a sin therefore it must be destroyed.
The only question about wealth is what do you do with it?

The above are the quotes of the first billionaire in human history, John D. Rockefeller who died in 1937. In today’s dollars, he would have been worth $350 billion so what would he have done is what all the billionaires are aspiring with their wealth. They desire to create an oligarchy, a group of powerful and very rich people who get together to create a world government that we know today as the New World Order (NWO) or globalization. The way to NWO is a road map that starts with banks and corporations and that is to first eliminate all competition. I do not want to delve into this here as I’ve written about how competition has been destroyed in an article published in Countercurrents in August 2008 in the article “One World, if you will”. Through integrated banks and corporations, they control national governments and then bring them together to form a One World government.

According to Wikipedia “fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values and, systems, including the political system and ideology”. Hence oligarchic and fascist ideologies are similar. Historians Eugen Weber and Robert Soucy view fascism being on the ideological right, rather extreme right.

The major banks– Chase Manhattan started by the Rockefellers and Citibank by the Stillmans — are now all integrated with the financial empires of J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns. Many of the powerful governments have been integrated under the banners of NAFTA and EU that together comprise 30 N. American and European countries with an aggregate population of just under 1 billion. Major American and European oil companies that include ExxonMobil, BP-Amoco, ConocoPhillips, Total, Texaco-Chevron and Shell cumulatively control 85% of the world energy reserves, 600000 employees and net income of US$1.7 trillion. Media competition also has all but been eliminated and are now controlled by the AOL-Time-Warner-CNN, BBC, Walt Disney, Universal-NBC, Paramount and Sony empires.

“Infinite money forms the sinews of war” were the words of the Roman statesman Marcus Tillius Cicero (106 – 43 BC). What was written by Cicero has been true through 2000 years as much as it is true today. The wars are expanding and are becoming far more destructive over the past century with the greatest threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. NAFTA-EU-United Nations partnership has resulted in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, possibly Iran and Pakistan occupations in the next decade and the systemic destruction of cultures under an oligarchy that is promoting globalization.

But One World empires under any oligarchy have, historically, never been successful. Neither has fascism prevailed. The ideologies have always failed because another system that has arisen to challenge it. What is that system of the past, or of the future that could challenge the retrograde ideologies of today? Communism had emerged from the Soviet Union as a challenge in the early twentieth century but within 7 decades it was crushed in the heart of the Muslim world, Afghanistan, the grave of empires whose mountains trap and squeeze out the economic life out of empires. Or will it be of China with its financial prowess? But China is also shifting towards capitalism.

Call them the globalists, Bilderbergers, neo-cons, etc., the small group that aspire the NWO govern with their wealth but it is obviously certain that they fear the Islamic Divinity that opposes oligarchy and fosters competition and distribution rather than concentration of wealth. Islam does not prescribe sovereignty and dictatorship but encourages democracy and freedom of speech. Unfortunately most Muslim countries too do not adhere to Islamic principles but follow a corrupted un-Islamic and pseudo-western way of life that pleases the oligarchy. The clique provides the global perception that Islam threatens Christianity and Judaism by holding Muslim countries as examples of extremism and terrorism, both of which are condemned in Islam. Islam is an extension of these two great monotheistic religions, both of which preach peace as do Hinduism and Buddhism.

It should be recollected that Moses, by Divine support, destroyed Pharaoh and his hosts who tormented and terrorized the Jews. Pharaoh too ruled by the power of his immense wealth. Jesus preached peace and with Divine support brought about the fall of the Roman Empire whose boundaries were as extended then as is the American empire today. It was Christianity that prevailed over the tyranny and wealth of the Roman oligarchy. Some 6 centuries later, Mohammed, also with Divine support, brought an end to the tyrannical Quraish oligarchy of Arabia. In these examples of which there is no historical denying, Divinity has played a key role in crushing oligarchy and fascism.

I recently watched the 144 minute documentary titled “The Fall of the Republic” which explains in sufficient details how the political and economic system of imperial America has created a model of oligarchy. In an article Imperialism and Imperial Barbarism posted on the Countercurrents issue of 21 September 2010, James Petras (author of War Crimes in Gaza and The Zionist Fifth Colum in America) writes that “clearly imperial barbarism (as a social system) is the most retrograde and destructive enemy of modern civilized life”. This imperial barbarism has been created by the oligarchy that will stop at nothing to achieve their objective including destructive wars to eliminate a large part of global population.

Communism under the Soviet and Chinese red flags has been successfully replaced by capitalism in Russia and China. Communism was only an ideology, not a Divine system. Ideologies fail the test of time. Now Muslims are being subjected to tyranny and terrorism through occupation, bombs, threats and imperial barbarism as witnessed in Gaza, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Pakistan. Lamentably, the leaders in these countries have supported the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity and seek protection under the garb of a pseudo-democracy and yet others—the monarchs—out rightly purchase imperial protection. The retrograde system that is being established has to fail by nature but only by Divine intervention will it be possible.

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    1. “Divine intervention” is not the cause for these empires’ collapse, their OVEREXTENSION and consummate lack of control coupled with the corrupted governmental bodies led to their downfalls. “Divine intervention” has been the evolutionary collapse of each “empire” as the priestly control mechanisms themselves became corruptive resource- draining forces. The Maya, Inca, Aztec and Egyptian empires collapsed from their own priestly driven wars, resource draining rituals and institutions. The Christianity Empire will also collapse under its corruption. Centuries of Papal corruption and power hunger have cause many periods of strife in this religious entity as is the current papal involvement in child abuse worldwide. It is only a matter of time when these intitutions, too, will erode and collapse. Islam and Christianity are manmade institutions fabricated under the same “theistic” models as the Maya, Inca, Egyptians and other primative cultures. In time these bodies too, will collapse. As with lower primates, man’s innate nature to “hoard” (greed) is an instinctual behavior. Until man controls his greed, there will be continued societal collapses from riches and oligarcy.

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