Who Is Responsible for Suicide-Bomber Academies?

Shocking and astonishing analysis by the frequent OR contributor Peter Chamberlin provides some ground to the claims that there is no such thing as ‘Islamic terrorism’. Quite opposite, malicious will is foully acting in the name of Islam… The roots of this spiritual disease are disclosed hereby.

Peter Chamberlin (USA)

Captured suicide-bombers from Swat

In the following report, Yet Another Mosque Suicide-Bombed Near Peshawar, we read all that we can stand to read about the latest suicide-bomber to strike that embattled country. An interesting Pakistani website today asks the following question: who do you think is responsible for suicide bombings in Pakistan? It is vital to Pakistan’s survival as a self-governing state that it uncover the truth about the suicide-bomber trainers who bedevil the country.

Who really is behind the world epidemic of suicide-bombers that plague not only Pakistan, but much of the world? If it was true that the Pakistani Army was really responsible for most of the “Islamic” suicide-bombers as some people claim, then most of the bombings would not be happening there. Whoever perfected the art of suicide-bomber training transplanted the science to multiple countries from a central source.

The frequency of these attacks over the past two or three years has given the Pakistani Army ample opportunity to capture dispatched bombers before they could push their doorbell buttons to Nirvana. They recently captured a bomber training camp in Swat, giving them loads of evidence about the mind-control technicians who ran the camps and the methods that they were using to convince countless Pakistani boys to surrender their precious lives in acts of mass-murder against fellow Muslims. Such was the power of the mind-science being deployed against the boys and through them, against all of Pakistan.

Pakistan has been more successful in suicide-bomber interception than any other Nation.

The following is an excerpt from the Pakistani press, some of it in the boys’ own words, detailing some of the brainwashing they endured in Mingora, Swat:

His training included 16 hours a day of physical exercise and psychological indoctrination. ‘My instructor told me that martyrdom is the biggest reward of Allah,’ Murad said quietly.”

“Another boy, Abdul Wahab, 15, said that the Taleban lured him to the camp from his studies at a madrassa — Islamic school — in Mingora. ‘I was told that it was a religious duty of every Muslim to get training to fight the enemies of Islam,

They are told that the Pakistani Army has become an enemy of Islam, as it is fighting for Christians and Jews,’ said a senior official involved in the interrogation of potential suicide bombers who have surrendered or been captured.

On the day of a planned attack, the designated suicide bomber is taken to a mosque to be congratulated for being chosen by God. ‘Sometimes he is also heavily drugged before the attack.”

Another camp in Bajaur:

When I refused, they tied me down with a rope and started beating me. Eventually I said I was ready to carry out an attack just to make them stop.

They came and forced me to eat a tablet. After taking the pill I couldn’t understand what was right or wrong. Whatever they said to me I would answer yes to everything and seemed justified to me. The pills made me forgetful and I stopped caring about my brothers, sisters or parents. The only thing before me was paradise and I agreed to carry out an attack for the sake of Islam.

The next excerpt is from another suicide-bomber school busted near Karachi:

“Shah convinced him that Muslims all over the world were being subjected to brutality, and that believers were supposed to respond in kind. “Zahir Shah said that becoming a suicide bomber was my ticket to heaven, and on the Day of Judgement, I would have nothing to worry about,” Salaam disclosed.

He told me that each and every organ of mine will be offered in the way of God’s will, and as soon as I blow myself up, I will be in Heaven.

There are similar reports from Somalia and Iraq:

The people involved in training children are foreigners who speak English or Arabic and they use translators to help them,” says Colonel Abdullahi Hassan Barise.

Some of the children had been threatened while others were brainwashed into believing that they would go to paradise if they took part in what was described as the defence of Somalia and Islam.

Some of the children said that a Pakistani trainer used to spike their drinks with something,”

She insists she doesn’t know the women who gave her the vest…A policeman standing next to her could be heard saying that when she was picked up, she was initially unable to talk because she had been given drugs.”

The next report came from the actual President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov:

He claimed to have proof that that there were only between 50-70 Islamist militants in the entire country and that more than half of them were foreign mercenaries–“Azeris, Turks, Ukrainians, Georgians and Arabs.”
Kadyrov made the following specific claims:

They have joined the Riyadh-Salikhin bandit group.”

They are given some pills, and once taken, a man is like a robot, do not think.” “They brought the pills from overseas and Western specialists are involved in this plot against Russia.”

To state the obvious at this point, all of the previous examples of suicide-bomber training took place in countries targeted by the United States. That is no coincidence, since it was the CIA which perfected the original “Islamist” indoctrination program which is at the core of all these brainwashing programs.

The Mujahedeen Textbooks were the first source to provide the Wahabbi “Islamist” logic, the “logic trap,” to the boys of Afghanistan, but in the beginning, there was little need for suicide-bombers with the great abundance of thousands of men and boys in both Pakistan and Afghanistan who were ready to lay-down their lives for God’s Holy War.

Kadyrov made some important points with his warning. Riyad-us-Saliheen is a condensed version of the Hadith, the oral traditions of Islam; it is also the name of a suicide-bomber Wahabbi cult which plagued Chechnya in the past.

The religious literature is a 1900 verse teaching manual on Shariah Law, the second most popular Muslim book, after the Quran itself. Its popularity suggests that in remote regions it may sometimes be considered a substitute for the Quran, which has only 6236 verses. It may be the source of the flawed fundamentalism taught to jihadis. There has to be a super-condensed version of a Shariah book, which is the one that is memorized by students of the suicide acadamies. This could be it.

The Riyad-us-Saliheen Brigade was a small force of Chechen suicide bombers who were responsible for nearly all of the major terrorist bombings and suicide missions staged in Russia and the Caucasus since 1999, including the Beslan attack. It seems obvious that another “Islamist” death squad is truly operating in southern Russia, one capable of producing a ready “arsenal” of 20 or more reliable suicide-bombers at any given time. If Western intelligence agencies are behind it, then it bodes ill for Chechnya and Russia, and for the American “reset” as well. America’s “Islamist” policies are reckless in the extreme. Reactions to revelations about that Islamist policy could prove to be just as extreme.

Kadyrov claimed that captured members of this brigade had confessed that Western specialists had given them mind-control drugs, “pills from overseas,” which had the effect of making them like robots, who “do not think.” This is, once again, another revival of the charge that the CIA is in the wholesale business of mass-producing “Manchurian candidate,” terrorist/assassins trained to carry-out planned subversion and destabilization, only this time the reports are coming in from all over the world. Everywhere that you have the phenomenon of militant “Islamists” who stage Shariah-enforcing attacks, you also find reports of the use of special drugs that are being given to the soldiers to pump them up for war.

There are two streams of information which link the United States to the wave of suicide-bombing in Eurasia, the historical record of the creation of the International Islamist Front (otherwise known as “al-Qaeda”) and the clinical history of the American G.I. psychological reconditioning programs. Between these two resources, it can be proved beyond doubt that the US military has developed a very effective mind-control science program.

All of the testimony of the captured suicide-bombers which has been cited in the previous reports reveals the careful, slow preparation which has gone into their indoctrination or “recruitment” (most of them were kidnapped off the streets). This demonstrates the skill of the recruiters and the teachers in first identifying trainable candidates through some sort of psychological profiling and in their use of a sort of religious “logic trap” to ensnare the boys once their own meager belief systems had been compromised. If the boys can be deceived into believing that true Islam really does call all believers to wage war against people who are identified as the enemies of God (unbelievers), then the boys really have no means of self-defense against such operators.

The terrorist leaders have all had some type of formula for creating these “zombie killers” at will. They obviously have some hidden science or technique for turning otherwise normal children into suicidal killers with a cause to kill for, “jihad.” It is not simply a matter of persuasion which has turned countless innocent children into mass-murderers seemingly overnight. There is some secret method which has been made available to militant psywar operators, enabling them to suppress or erase childish thoughts and to replace them with the thoughts of psychopathic killers.

The big question has to be whether or not the bomber trainers of “al-Qaeda” were working with stolen Western science, or whether such training was given to the mujahedeen trainers in the beginning, meaning–Did the CIA teach Osama’s boys the perfected art of brainwashing? It is obvious to me that Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri and company had the American brainwashing formula. How long they have had it is the only uncertainty.

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri was an accomplished surgeon in Cairo, meaning that he also had some training in clinical psychology. World renowned anti-psychiatry experts, otherwise known as “Scientologists,” insist that Zawahiri had a degree in psychology. They also point-out that “Abu Mohamed al Amriki,” a.k.a. (Ali) Mohamed the American had a degree in psychology from the University of Alexandria, but that information originated on a DOD website. Together, the two terrorist leaders and organizers could have administered a pilfered mind-control program, but they absolutely could not have developed a reliable working brainwashing program on their own, even if they could have somehow duplicated some of the mind-control drugs (Zawahiri’s father was a pharmacology professor at Cairo).

There is only one organization in the entire free world with the available money, the technical means and the millions of test subjects required and the expertise in “Islamist” indoctrination, to scientifically compile an information base for constructing a mind-control research program, and that is the Pentagon. The unpleasant and potentially harmful nature of some of the experimental procedures which needed to be tested on millions of subjects ensured that only an army could develop such a program.

The first military link between the US Army and “al-Qaeda” was provided by Ali Mohamed, the trained psychologist. He was also a Major in the Egyptian Special Forces, in the very same squad which assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981, the murder taking place while Ali was at Ft. Bragg taking Special Forces training. They were all members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, along with al-Zawahiri. The mujahedeen later trained by Ali were the ones who were later sent into Bosnia and Croatia on behalf of Pres. Clinton, ferried into the former Yugoslavia by American contractors, as well as in US Army C-130s (SEE: The Tuzla Airlift).
“Ali the American” was an American Special Forces soldier after that, still later, he worked undercover for the CIA and the FBI on undisclosed missions. He is the man who took the US Army counter-insurgency training manuals and converted them into Arabic for “al-Qaeda.” He used the manuals to impart to the militants the same Special Forces training which he had received at Ft. Bragg. It is certain that Ali the Special Forces psychologist took the SERE Special Forces psychological training programs (which are used to enhance American Delta Forces and Green Berets), so why couldn’t he have passed all of this along to Zawahiri as well?

According to a former Delta commando veteran of multiple CIA/military covert combat missions in Central America, whom I have been in communication with, before his missions the soldiers were subjected to mind-control programming after receiving injections of hypnotic drugs, as well as some type of stimulants, along with electroshock treatments. This is the same methods which were developed by CIA researcher Dr. George Estabrooks in Canada, as well as others, to erase thoughts and reprogram minds. This former Marine recounts one such mission where he was ordered to remove a Panamanian officer’s head to send to Noriega. His timeline for this operation does coincide with a pre-war commando mission into Panama, code-named either Panama 2, or the covert operation ordered by Elliot Abrams, Panama 3. Whatever the case, the practice of beheading opponents was first popularized in Central America, the proving ground for Contra-type terrorism and that is surely no different from the “Islamists” who have terrorized America’s opponents in Africa and Asia since then.

All of this extensive American mind-control research grew out of a World War II psychological reconditioning program for helping shell-shocked soldiers to overcome traumatic battlefield psychological disabilities. The tremendous success that the Army psychiatrists were having treating psychosomatic disabilities, using drugs, hypnosis, even electro-shock, encouraged them to expand the program beyond the treatment of just battle fatigue, into a psychological reconditioning program to eliminate fakery and disciplinary problems, which were considered by the military brass to be issues of cowardice and unpatriotism. The extreme nature of some of the methods used (induced insulin coma, prolonged narcotic sleep, hypnosis and electroshock) amount to doctor-administered torture as a tool of military discipline. The same methods were employed at Guantanamo and Bagram Air Base in interrogations, where they have rightly been described as torture.

There is plentiful proof of this massive US Army mind-control research program, which ran from the middle of WWII until sometime after the Korean War contained in the Army’s own historical documents, “Neuropsychiatry in World War Two.

Under these conditions, shock therapy (mostly electroshock) was used freely for disturbed or agitated psychoses and depressions; subshock insulin treatment was employed in the more severe psychoneurotic reactions with encouraging results; psychotherapy under sedation called narcosynthesis, which had gained great popularity overseas in the treatment of combat neuroses, was resorted to in patients with residual symptoms of psychoneuroses incurred in combat and in cases of conversion hysteria.

The process referred to in these reports as “narcosynthesis” is the process of hypnotism used on heavily drugged subjects, to alter their thoughts. After first undergoing heavy electroshock to produce a state of amnesia within their minds, new thoughts were implanted by hypnotic suggestion within the anesthetized young boys (about the same ages as Asia’s suicide-bombers).

The following is are two film clips from John Huston’s 1946 documentary about the reconditioning program, called “Let There Be Light.” It shows two of the narcosynthesis treatments being given to shell-shocked soldiers; the first one was suffering from complete amnesia, the second man was suffering from uncontrollable stuttering. This documentary, made by the Army, was banned by the US Army until 1981. It demonstrates the process of narcohypnosis, using the drug sodium amytal. The soldiers in the videos are shown being put through the hypnosis process, once the drug has begun to take effect. Both clips are very moving. You can tell by the clip on the stutterer, that the drug broke-down barriers and provided an emotional release:

Let There Be Light, 1946

Let There Be Light, 1946

The drug used was sodium amytal, commonly called amo-barbital today. It is often referred to as a ‘”truth drug,” when used in the process of “narco-analysis” by the world’s police departments. When administered in low dosages, amo-barbital produces a state of “somnambulism” [ie, sleepwalking] in the subjects. In this mental state, the subjects are highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. It is logical to assume that there are drugs available today which are even more powerful than intravenous sodium amytal.

Further military research which was performed by the office of military intelligence (CIA) later, after the war time testing era had ended, demonstrated that this technology was so effective that it conferred on the technicians using it the capability to program individuals to overcome their deep-seated fear of firearms, as well as their natural resistance to killing other humans, which required the suspension of moral judgement and their own personal religious beliefs (SEE: CIA Document Scan On Creating Mind-Controlled Assassins).

Such a behavioral reconditioning program, with the capacity to overcome the human will, would be perfect for incorporating into a suicide-bomber training program, if it were first stripped all of its therapeutic elements, leaving only the reprogramming procedures to be joined with the doctrine of militant Islam.

This is the process that would have been familiar to commando psyop specialist Ali Mohamed. Ali’s handing of this process to al-Zawahiri would have given the “al-Qaeda number two” leader the means to begin a suicide-bomber academy, as long as he could acquire the required narcotics, which should have been no problem to an international drug/gun-running organization. Such military-grade brainwashing drugs were probably available in the former Soviet Union.

After leaving the Sudan, al-Zawahiri went clandestinely to visit the former Soviet Caucasian republics. A Russian patrol arrested him in Dagestan in Dec. 1996. He stuck to his cover story and was released in May 1997 without ever being identified by the Russians.

After Dagestan, he left for Bosnia, where he gained an international reputation by running America’s militant importation program there, along with his brother.

The legitimization of the use of torture methods, at first disguised as legitimate medical treatment, has given the US Govt. fifty years or more to fully integrate this methodology into basic military training programs. Aspects of the psychological program have become tools in the hands of Army trainers, improving the capabilities of drill instructors to break the wills of their young recruits and to weed-out those who could not be so easily broken, and to enhance the physical and psychological capabilities of its elite soldiers.
Behind closed doors and in the hands of more advanced trainers, grown men have had portions of their own minds erased, as they were transformed into fearless killing machines with the wills of the most psychopathic killers, willing to follow any orders, even those which violate their deepest personal beliefs. My father was one of those guys they tried to fforce into their molds they called, “Real Men,” during the Korean War. He was one of the boys whose minds could be destroyed, but their wills could not be easily broken. The damage they did to my father and to thousands of others just like him was just more “collateral damage” on the road to constructing the perfect killing machine.

The Army’s own records provide the evidence of just how far the Army would go in its attempts to create those physically and psychologically enhanced abilities in its forces, even in its covert forces. From the preceding evidence, it seems apparent to me just who to blame for the global network of suicide-academies.

ORIENTAL REVIEW thanks Peter Chamberlin for his kind submission.

Source: There Are No Sunglasses

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