Brand-New War for America

Gregory Tinsky (Russia)

Barack Obama submitted new plan of war on terrorism for the Congress consideration. This time it is to take place in Africa and the USAF are to fight not just some trifle Al-Qaida but Joseph Kony himself — Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander-in-chief.

43-year-old Joseph Kony, wanted by the international tribunal is considered to be the most terrifying criminal in Africa. He can hold public speeches for hours, read thoughts of his interlocutors, predict the future and to reincarnate into various people and even beasts. That’s why he’s invincible and would never be caught.

Ex-military aide of commander, former major of Ugandan army Kennneth Banha — who taught the LRA fighters (almost completely consisting of children, kidnapped from African villages) military science — believes the tribunal’s decision to accuse Kony to be unfair. In 1988 Joseph Kony proclaimed that while he was asleep, Holy Spirit of Alice Lakwena came to him and ordered to conquer Uganda, expel all the sinners from the country and rule the country due to the Ten Commandments. Prior to that spirit of Lakwena spoke to his uncle Severino and in 1968 it appeared to his cousin Alicia, who started the Acholi tribe rebellion in the Northern Uganda after this appearance.

Before 1986 each Uganda ruler —Apolo Milton Obote, Idi Amin Dada and General Tito Okello were originally from the north of the country, inhabited by the members of Acholi tribe. In 1986 Yoweri Museveni came to power. Acholi — which the army mostly engaged in looting and robbery in the South consisted from — sensed the threat and fled from the country. That’s when the Joseph’s Kony Resistance Army was born. Commander in Chief was born in Catholic family and he confesses this religion himself. Being a kid, he sang in the choir but as he puts it, his “fight” was determined by his will to serve Acholi people, rather than his religious beliefs. This seems to be the reason why he recruits children from this tribe against their will. We know from his public statements that he ordered to slaughter every last Acholi because they disobeyed the Holy Spirit of Lakwena orders, which he gives via Kony. New Acholi are to be born from the fighters of his Army and the kidnapped tribal girls, gifted to them as a reward for their courage and loyalty. Kony doesn’t try to avoid paying the debt to his motherland too: he has about 60 mistresses and more than 100 children.

A month ago international tribunal put him on APB, but he is not easy person to find indeed. Joseph Kony is one of the most mysterious persons in Africa. He doesn’t meet with journalists and with “aliens” in general. One of his pictures portrays him in a T-shirt saying “Born to be wild”. Acholiland is situated at the right bank of White Nile, behind the Karuma waterfalls. That’s where the Holy Spirit of Lakwena’ minister reigns. That’s where his coaches teach children military science. And here’s a story of how it’s done.

“Guerillas”, armed with the wooden carbines and machete attack the village and kidnap a group of girls. Part of them is beaten to death with these weapons, shouting: “Let me kill someone too”. A bit afterwards “soldiers” attack the “guerilla” compartment. They beat the enemy with the same kind of weapon and rescue the survived girls. All these bogeyman stories were told by the children, rescued from Joseph Kony camps by the regular troops. Murders and tortures make up some rotten kind of a “professional initiation” there. It is unclear what is to be done with these young monsters, who also became victims of the Resistance Army. How can they be brought back to normal life and whether it is possible at all? What should be done for their re-socialization? There are no answers to these questions. Almost an entire army of Joseph Kony — which has been terrorizing the North-East of Uganda for twenty years now — consists of the kidnapped children and teenagers. Insane life of theirs has made them fearless and ready for any atrocities.

During last twenty years almost 100.000 people died in these senseless slaughters and almost two million Acholi became refugees. Tens of thousands of children were kidnapped and turned into the wild beasts. Ugandan Army is incapable of doing anything in this guerilla war. Western public opinion often criticizes Ugandan military for murdering children. “And what are we supposed to do if they are killing people, burning villages and shooting at us?” — Chris Magezi (captain of Ugandan army) sarcastically comments on the situation. “Should we give them candies or something? These armed kiddies are our enemies. They have no fear and no other human feelings whatsoever; they are the perfect killing machines”.

According to the estimates of military experts, approximately 300.000 kids aged from 9 to 18 take part in the armed conflicts. They fight more than thirty wars in nearly 85 countries. There are 100.000 of them in Africa alone. Most part of them lives in Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo, Ruanda, Somali, Sudan and Uganda. Nearly 100.000 children fight wars in Asia: 70.000 in Burma (the only country in the world that officially recognizes drafting of children aged from 12 to 18), in Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Laos and Philippines. There are several thousands of young soldiers in the Middle East — mostly in Palestine, Iran, Iraq and Yemen. In Latin America there are approximately 14.000 of under-aged combatants — almost 11.000 of them in Columbia.

American plan for Uganda

Letter that U.S. President sent to Congress consists of a four-point plan for Uganda. Here are these points:

1. Protection of civil population
2.Capture of legendary Joseph Kony
3.Increase of the humanitarian aid for the territories where LRA activity had been spotted
4.Disarmament of the active guerilla groups

Barack Obama implies the economic and military aid for Uganda, which — as his Congress address states — is to be given by State Department, Department of Defense and an International Development Agency.

One doesn’t have to be an expert in strategic planning to understand that the plan is rather “feeble” and — putting it mildly — deprived of any specific details. Numerous American commentators have already pointed that out. So what caused U.S. President to turn to Congress, where Democrats no longer have a majority after being defeated at the midterm elections? Mind that GOP Congressmen represented — among the rest — by the so-called Tea Party members, rub their hands in anticipation to block any Democratic initiative. How Obama is going to fulfill his plan (if it would be miraculously accepted by the Congress somehow) at Ugandan territory — with the latter being not that friendly towards the USA itself and personally to its President?

As far back as in February this year government of this poor, yet proud country gave a decisive affront to the criticism of their policy, voiced by almost their compatriot. During the traditional National Prayer Breakfast in Washington Barack Obama condemned the to-be-voted-for Ugandan bill stipulating the repressions of the same-sex marriage advocates. However, Ugandan Minister of Ethics (!) James Nsaba Buturo responded to his reply, having considered it to be interfering with the internal affairs of his native country.

“Someone should tell President Obama that parliament is fulfilling its law-making duties for the good of Ugandan people. If we cannot advise U.S. Senate or U.S. Congress what to do, then why do they consider it possible pointing out what should be done in the best interests of the Ugandan nation? Our MPs have a constitutional duty to choose between what Ugandan people want and what do the others want, so I’m pretty that they’d choose the former”.

Ugandan legislative novel prohibits the protection of sexual minorities’ rights, public discussions on the matter of homosexuality and it imposes criminal penalty for people, renting the real estate property to homosexuals. Homosexuality itself has been penalized according the Uganda criminal code for a long time now.
We may put forth any versions regarding such weird decision of President Obama. This, perhaps, may be the distracting maneuver for the GOP majority in the House of Representatives, which Obama intends to use as a cover for his attempt to railroad the START Treaty ratification, which is of far more importance for America. Limitation of the nuclear arsenals ought to serve an actual beginning of the long-suffering reset of relationship between our countries.

We may endlessly guess about the incentives of the U.S. President. However, one thing is clear: in conditions when the USA are engaged in the warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, when deficit of American budget hit the record-breaking mark, while ratings of Obama and Democratic Party itself are decreasing day by day, such decision can hardly be called a sensible one — even considering the disgusting monstrosity of Joseph Kony himself and his entire Lord’s Resistance Army in general.

Source: Russian Interests

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