“For the Revolution from Tunisia to Siberia!”

Though the globalization and the current financial and economic crisis look true-to life it is not ruled out that they were created artificially and that everything which is going on now is not without a purpose (no matter how indecent it is considered to speak about “global conspiracy” in a decent society).

The current situation in the world is an intermediate stage of the project, the representatives of global elite started almost 50 years ago in order to create the global technotronic network society.

Back in 1996, almost 25 years after the globalization project was launched (around 1969-1971) and 15 years before the current financial economic crisis, which is now tearing the world into pieces, the editors of a trustworthy German weekly “Spiegel” H.P. Martin and H. Schumann published a study, in which they illustrated with the help of numerous empirical the negative sides of the “global restructuring”, which did not fit the rosy picture which flew out of the economic models. In other words, even back then the old economic paradigm produced false results and in the critical moments it cried for replacement.

The trends, defined in the study by Martin and Schumann, have fully developed in the modern globalized world.

Except for the first and the most important observation made by the German authors who said that the globalization leads to the change of the social system in compliance with “Pareto distribution”. On speaking with the fathers of globalization Spiegel’s editors stated that the current trend is not a coincidental but targeted and expected result.

The term “Pareto distribution” used in sociology and economics implies the situation when the changes accumulated in the system lead to the redistribution of resources between its components in a certain geometrical progression for example 20:80. Applied to the society this terms means the following – no matter how rich/poor the society gets, how its population grows or declines – 20 % of members always own 80% of the common wealth. The same applies to the distribution of power, passionarity, capacity and everything which relates to self-organization.

Knowing this it becomes clear why the public discussion of the globalization as a “20:80” project was tabooed. The unification of world into the single financial-economic system on the one hand has turned it into a closed system leaving no free niches for losers. Outsiders do not have any free areas they can move to and to start the life from scratch.

On the other hand, in a “big economic game” the open principle has been preserved: the sources of its energy remained external (and at least on the current stage) inexhaustible. The final prize for the winners is total monopolization of all segments they control in social and economic life and laying hand on all the wealth on the planet. Of course, it is not reasonable to declare such things openly to those, who can stay without resources due to such a global swindle.

Those, who were pushed by the global swindle to the “backyards of the existence”, are described simply as “almost the whole human race”. Among the data, which leaked from the last year session of the Bilderberg club, was a statement that “according to their estimations’ the number of successful people in the world is about 150 million (with family members it is 250-280 millions), which is 4% of almost 7-billion population of Earth. What about the rest? They are automatically regarded as “defeated”, “spare”, “redundant” and are subject if not to direct reduction but at least to being pushed to the level of social degradation. The entire geographic regions are destined for desolation, and the institute of statehood as such is threatened, as it becomes unnecessary in the world, divided into the spheres of influence of global financial groups (GFG) and transnational companies (TNC).

The last session of the Bilderberg, which was held on June 9-12, 2011, in Saint Moritz in Switzerland besides the topics announced earlier (the Fukushima disaster, the shutdown of the nuclear plants in Germany, the Arab revolutions, cyberspace problems), also focused at the “liquidation of Europe”(as it was claimed by the General Director of Deutsche Bank J. Akkerman) and artificial prolongation of the global financial crisis in order to weaken the national economies and to create the transnational management system…

Indeed, Europe was in focus of the roaring spring of 2011. Europe’s main “fault” in terms of the global project, is an “extremely” high level of living of its 400-million population, protected by serious social guarantees. These social guarantees are financed from the profits TNC and GFG, (registered in Europe) made on the exports of technologies and saving money on cheap labor force in China and South Eastern Asia.

There are several sectors for the attacks in order to demolish the European stronghold: 1) financial-economic sector (undermining European countries’ economies), 2) political sector (the break up of the European Union), 3) social sector (the launch of the “manageable chaos” by exporting revolutions, migration of Muslim refugees and drug addiction).

The first sector does not imply only undermining of the Euro. The default should not concern only European countries. Default is the direct consequence of the financial crisis, which started four years ago, and to some extend it concerns all participants of the currency pyramid, created by the owners of such irresponsible private enterprise as the Federal Reserve System. At the same time, the producer of the main monetary chips on the planet has also reached the level when it can declare its non-creditworthiness. The collapse of the FRS which burden will lay on the shoulders of the US population, will be the logical ending of the 40 years-long global swindle, which was profitable for its organizers and burglarious for the rest.

Greeceand other European outsiders have become “the scapegoats” only because they failed to withstand the competition when they lost their domestic resources in this global “casino” (“Pareto distribution”). It also turned out that political solidarity of the EU confederation does not ensure the integrity of the EU.

It is an “everyman for himself” situation when everyone prefers to die alone. If on the early stage of problems in Greece one could hear statements about the “domino effect” and that Greece’s withdrawal from the EU, would be a catastrophe, by the end of June the collapse of the single European economy became a short-term forecast and direct demands to expel the bankrupts from the European confederation were voiced.

The economy, which is sliding into poverty and leads to the disintegration of the EU, on the one hand and the scaling down of social programs and the wealth divide in European countries on the other hand create the first wave of the chaos, which is hanging over Europe.

The worsening of the global climate due to man-triggered disaster in the Atlantic, the oil crisis, caused by the “managed crisis” in the Arab world, the nuclear disaster in Japan, which undermined trust in nuclear energy and made hydrocarbon issues even tenser, the crowds of immigrants from North Africa – all these factors together mean a serious economic burden for European nations. As for the biological sabotage aimed at undermining the European agriculture its has an unprecedented character. Whatever virulent strain of E Coli Bacteria is, it cannot develop into the epidemics and lead to numerous victims among the population. But it can cause panic, undermine the demand for agricultural products and lead to the devastation of the entire sector of the economy. This is what is really happening now.

Here is the second wave of the chaos Europeans are facing. The worse the economy is, the greater the number of people who are discontent with the scaling down of social programs, the higher people’s readiness to walk out with the slogans of social protests. So far there have been precedents only in Greece and Spain. But you know – it never rains but it pours. The mechanism of the revolution similar to the revolutions in the Arab world has been launched under the slogans “For real democracy!”, “For the revolution from Tunisia to Siberia!”

No doubts that the fuel of the revolutions will flame once the situation reaches a dangerous critical point and the young people and the Afro-Arab lumpen proletariat imported to Europe will contribute to the spreading of the fire all over the continent.

Here we have managed chaos, the reduction of population on Earth to the targeted hundreds of millions and the conditions to legalize the appropriation of national wealth. The summer and autumn of 2011 won’t be boring for Europe.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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