Blond Beast and the Future of Terror

Norway tragedy of the last week would apparently make a tectonic shift in global social processes. It will significantly affect European politics and influence the ideological schemes of the Western world. As always, the mainstream trend describing Anders Behring Breivik as mentally insane solo terrorist and a ‘Christian fundamentalist’ clearly reveals the villainous plan of his masterminds to crack down any possibility to build respectful intercultural relations between Islamic and Christian communities.

There is no doubt that terrorism is being used by the global elites to create a manageable chaos. During the last decades there were no major terrorist attacks that would not enhance the rule of Western secret services, global oligarchy and competency of TNCs at the expense of civil rights and freedoms.

The most phantasmagoric example was 9/11. Once the propagandistic effect of the war against Al-Qaeda that resulted in occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and establishment of the US military infrastructure by Chinese and Russian borders in Central Asia has faded away, a body resembling bin Laden was buried in abyss. Ironically now al-Qaeda fighters are fulfilling NATO’s mission in Libya terrorizing local population in a hunt for Gaddafi. Another factor for ‘priority shift’ was the conclusion of a clandestine deal between Taliban and the US envoys on the conditions of the US military presence in Afghanistan (American non-interference in gradual take-over of power in Kabul by Taliban was guaranteed). We can only speculate on other clauses of the deal, but logically it should include the share of drug-trade-originated profits and the US blessing for Talib advance deeper to Central Asia. Objectively now the radical political forces in Central Asia and Arab countries subject to ‘green revolutions’ earlier this year are fully complying with the chaotization agenda of the global elites.

So for elite strategists ‘Islamic terrorism’ can no longer serve as an effective tool for achieving their global goals. This card is already played off. They needed to create another chimerical doctrine hostile to both their own project and boiling Islamic pot. A neo-fascist movement abundantly stuffed with Christian symbolism would be an ideal option to arrange a big show.

An artificial face-off of ‘neo-Crusaders’ and ‘Al-Qaeda’ (both on the service of global elites) is planned to be a sparkle to ignite a flame of global conflict. Provocation is the most efficient way to mobilize the limp Western world and to mire it into the war. Religious fanatics in ‘civilized’ countries have always been just puppets in hands of perfectly sober-minded politicians. A striking example to recall may be the blast of railway station in Bologna in 1980. It was disclosed afterwards that this terrorist attack that claimed more than 80 lives had been ordered by P2 Masonic lodge consisting of a number of right-wing Italian politicians. They were seeking (and achieved) resignation of the leftist government in Rome. This story was brilliantly described in David Yallop’s book ‘In God’s Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I’.

Anders Behring Breivik doesn’t conceal the fact that he is one of the founding members of PCCTS, a Masonic lodge allegedly recreated in London in 2002. They claim to be successors of the notorious Knights Templar, a Catholic military order that existed for nearly two centuries during Middle Ages performing bloody Crusades at the Holy Land. By the beginning of XIV century the secret initiation ceremony practiced by the Templar and their failures in Holy Land created mistrust and the order was banned by the King Phillip IV of France. Its members were declared heretics and executed.

Thorough reading of the so-called 2083 A European Declaration of Independence, especially the chapters dedicated to PCCTS, reveals utmost ignorance of its author in the nature and spirit of the Christian faith. Repeated references to ‘Free Masonry and similar Christian orders’ in the text of declaration are nonsense as freemasonry is obviously an occult anti-Christian organization. To avoid plunging into boring theological explanations of this simple fact, we’ll just cite Quaesitum est by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) which can be summarized by the statement,

“…the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.”

Spiritually Anders Breivik is a specimen of extreme degeneration of Western liberalism that betrayed and forgot its Christian roots long ago. This Nietzschean snake named Blond Beast is biting his own tail.

By the way, permanent curtsey towards Russians and Serbs in his folio is ridiculous. The same time Crusaders were devastating Jerusalem, another Order of Teutonic Knights assaulted Russian lands to ‘convert Russian schismatics into genuine faith’. They got rebuff and were defeated by Prince Alexander at the Battle of the Ice in 1242.

We shouldn’t be deceived by his critical remarks on Hitler. He would be a perfect SS commander. Hitler lost and that is the only source of his discontent. If we recall the story of Hitler’s rise to power, exactly his statements at the trial after the Beer Hall Putsch had brought him fame throughout Germany. Anders Breivik tries to perform the same trick.

Now let’s briefly look at much more important issues. Was he really a solo terrorist and why Norway?

The scene of car bomb explosion in Regjeringskvartalet, the executive government quarter of Oslo, July 22, 2011

The Russian terrorism experts say such enormous blast by professionally installed explosive device cannot be prepared by an amateur first-timer. A network of agents should ensure security gaps and cover-ups for successful operation. A number of Utoya massacre survivors claim the number of executors was more than one. As an indirect evidence of the properly planned coordinated attack we should take note on intensive NATO bombings of the Libyan civil infrastructure the same day. Have you noticed any news about it that day?

There is also an evident reason to commit such horrible crime in Norway, a largest European oil exporter. As the declining US dollar is a hostage of the global oil market, the oil producing countries are very tempted to use this leverage for gaining more political preferences from the fading super-power. Some of them start feeling too independent. In May Norway declared it would scale down its role in NATO-orchestrated air strikes on Libya. Early July this Nordic country concluded Arctic treaty with Russia resolving 44-years-long territorial dispute and paving the way for joint exploitation of Arctic resources. How do think, was global establishment happy to read this news? Hardly.

So we deliberately do not make conclusions. We gave the facts. We suggested the general line. So how can we cope with this provocative scenario of future false wars? You think. You act.

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  1. Most of this goes straight over my head Andre but after the Iraq war the word on the street said we would be attacked by Islamic terrorists for the rest of our natural lives. Having been an International haulage contractor in a previous life. I am aware of both the amount of traffic too and from the uk. And therefore the security issues. If we did have any problems with our dis affected Asian populace we would of known it by now.

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  3. neretva'43

    It is an interesting that you mentioned a former chief theologian of the Vatican. Cardinal Ratzinger. Now, he is the Pope.

    His contribution to “clash of civilization” is significant, I believe he was not chosen just because they liked him. After all, Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła was not chosen for Pope because they like Polish/Slavs, contrary to it. He/they are chosen to be gate-keeper, and dutied with certain task(s). Cardinal Ratzinger (ex Nazi) is gate-keeper of the “values” of the Christian Club – EU, and specifically certain “values”. Namely, Anglo-Romano-Germanic EU and its ruling oligarchy.

    Papal Address at University of Regensburg
    “Three Stages in the Program of De-Hellenization”

    As for the Anders Behring Breivik (he likes to use anglicized version: Andrew Brevik, which tell us something) he is the product of the present/past political “culture” that liberal capitalism and nation-state with its affiliated state religion is nurturing and maintaining. That is anything but infamous multiculturalism, in reality it is exclusivity, xenophobia and racism. All this Hannah Arendt has depicted excellently in “Origin of Totalitarianism”.

  4. Kate Dircksen

    How does a snake try to eat an animal that is larger than it is head?

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