Conquest By Assimilation

Our passive-aggressive foreign policy ensures that we do not create too much resistance to our plans, by forcing ourselves openly upon other weaker nations.  We tend to sort of back through their doors, sort of sidling-in, in a crab-like sideways motion.  The “internship” programs run by the State Dept., as a primary instrument of subversion, are perfect examples of this process in action, here and  here.

Use political and religious agitation to bring-about a military situation, a justification for armed intervention.  The two-pronged assault-in-progress emanates from the US State Dept. and all of its cultivated assets, to be fine-tuned by the Pentagon with its near infinite technological capabilities.  Outside of these two government arms you have the intelligence services, operating on their own and in conjunction with Defense and State.  It is a machine for generating violence, and it can be targeted at any nation over time.  The secret to defeating it is in uncovering the infection, or infestation, early on.  The longer it takes for a targeted population to figure it out, the longer it will take to create resistance to it.

The genius of this Hegelian foreign policy approach is that the conspiracy is hidden behind the absurdity of its own premise.  It is absurd to think that the United States government would propagate terrorism and mass agitation of foreign populations, in order to create adversaries to be fought, but all available evidence points in this direction.  It is ludicrous to suggest that the US government is the world’s primary sponsor of state terrorism in a never-ending war to eliminate that same terror, even though it is true.  They have fabricated a “perpetual motion” machine of terror, churning-out new terrorists ad infinitum, justifying intervention after intervention—all being brought about in nations which were previously existing in states of relative peace.

What is the actual difference between being a “state sponsor” of terrorism and being the primary motivator of terrorists?  If it is a question of who is guilty of the greater sin, the terrorist financier or the terrorist motivator (the inspiration for revenge attacks), the answer will be found within the minds of the jihadis, themselves.  What motivates the suicide bomber to complete a martyrdom operation, his burning hatred for his enemy or the love of money?  Remove the source of his hatred and militant is just another “working stiff,” though a much more radicalized one.  If the Pentagon and White House had any intention of ever ending the war of terror, then they would surely change their ways.

What reasons could they possibly have had for adopting this hypocritical foreign policy? What could have compelled them to create such an affront to morality?  When the point is made by quoting a famous terrorist, that “the purpose of terror is terror,” the reason to create a state of perpetual warfare is the war itself.  To the chaotic minds of the “World-Eaters,” chaos is an end in itself.   Out of chaos arises all opportunities, to the psychopathic mind.  The chaos of the terror war is opening doors of fear, allowing the penetration of American military and intelligence agents, who become free to cultivate networks of new local assets.  From these networks of assets trainees are recruited for specialist training in social agitation techniques and technology.

The arbiters of the American takeover can be found in the US State Dept., where they are training “interns” from specific foreign interests, who will staff the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) generated by State.  Corporate donations and corporate-sponsored foundation grants fund the operations that enable Govt. to penetrate and eventually dominate the resource-rich nations, such as those in Central Asia that are in Corporate America’s sights.  Such an operation clearly documents the merger between government and Corporate America which has taken place.  Corporate governance justifies any hostile actions by the eventual price tag, especially wars for profits.  If personal and corporate profits can be magnified exponentially by supporting the fraud of the war on terror, then where is the downside?

Since American power has been concentrated primarily into a great economic force, and technological investment has focused on developing a clear military edge over the rest of the world combined, economic interests are defended by the tip of the spear.  Our extreme military edge is being used to defend our economic interests and to implement long-range economic plans.  This explains why America would follow a seemingly contradictory foreign policy which generates terrorism for the military to fight.  In this way, penetration is achieved, in addition to submission to superior American firepower.  In this atmosphere, negotiations will tend to favor the guy with the power to force submission on any issue.  If the national military and police forces are made dependent upon American equipment and systems operators, then they cannot mount a cohesive defense against any hostile American moves.

The enormous scope of the ambitious project to transform the world in the American image is its greatest weakness.  The more that the great transforming social experiment is used throughout the world, the greater its familiarity becomes.  The average man is exposed on a daily basis to more and more news reports of the “tip of the spear” being stuck into some poor destabilized nation, mostly those with Muslim populations.  The more often that the common man hears State Dept. spokesmen fomenting trouble in these already troubled countries, the more likely it becomes that they will understand just how far our government is willing to go to get its way in the world.  The “American dream” is clearly an illusion when we take actions everyday to crush freedom in dozens of other countries.  Reporting on the great American horror should become easier with every passing day.

I have been researching and writing for several years about this angle of a self-validating, process of generating terrorism, in order to justify the military eradication of that terrorism.  Trying to report on this insane phenomenon is an endless exercise in futility.  The utter impossibility of convincing patriotic Americans that their government is involved in such apparently insane, criminal activity is the “ace in the hole,” which might just make this a perfect plan, at least from the corporate perspective.  The whole mess is just too incredible to believe.

Source: There Are No Sunglasses

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