NATO Land Operation in Libya Carried Out at Full Pelt

A source from Libya reports that early morning August 23, 2011 a commando unit from British Special Air Service (SAS) was disclosed and eliminated in Tripoli. Their local guide was captured and will be prosecuted shortly.

An anti-subversive team of the Libyan 32nd Special Force Brigade responsible for clearing Tripoli off subversive elements, has detained a local citizen found alive on the scene of the combat against a foreign commando unit. According to his confessions, he was guiding a 17-strong SAS group headed by a white Anglo-Saxon officer. The other members of the group were Arabs. He was asked to lead them to the centre of Tripoli avoiding army and police check-points. He was paid 300 bucks for this mission.’

‘This subversive group was ambushed and lost several men. The corpses were taken by survivors who have retreated to an unknown location.’

‘The trial over the captured guide will be organized once the situation in Tripoli is stabilized. It will be open for foreign media,’ – confirmed the governmental source.

We have already mentioned that the ‘problem of dead NATO commandos’ will represent a serious challenge for anti-Gaddafi coalition. As a confirmation came the news that yesterday a US military transport aircraft was loaded by an unknown cargo at one of the NATO bases in Italy. The aircraft was subject to strict security regime, the local airbase personnel was not allowed to get close to the board and take part in loading operations which were performed exclusively by US and British military contractors. Our military experts believe that the destination of the cargo should be Afghanistan where a massive onslaught by Taliban will take place in coming days to justify ‘huge losses’ in NATO special forces’ manpower.

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