Libyan ‘Inspiration’

Last week the US Senator John McCain while on visit in Libya astonished us with the following statement:

“We believe very strongly that the people of Libya today are inspiring the people in Tehran, in Damascus, and even in Beijing and Moscow…”

We can speak neither for Tehran and Damascus nor for Beijing. But in Moscow his words inspired… Homeric laughter.



The case is that Senator McCain, who sheerly bumped his presidential campaign in 2008, plays the role of a gawky in the US politics, a person who used to make public such ideas that official authorities would not dare to. “Occasionally my sense of humor is ill-considered or ill-timed, and that can be a problem,” he conceded once in 2002. Perhaps exactly this illness caused him and then US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) to nominate Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 praising his “extraordinary commitment … to the universal values of democracy, individual liberty, and civil rights”. Unfortunately Saakashvili’s “commitment to peace” had waned by August 2008 when he unleashed a horrible aggression against South Ossetia.

So according to John McCain, Russian citizens should take as a model the Libyan rebels, who destroyed their country in 8 months with zealous NATO assistance. Few days ago Professor Michel Chossudovsky has published a thorough review on what Libya had achieved and what has been destroyed:

Whatever one’s views regarding Moamar Gadaffi, the post-colonial Libyan government played a key role in eliminating poverty and developing the country’s health and educational infrastructure. According to Italian Journalist Yvonne de Vito, “Differently from other countries that went through a revolution – Libya is considered to be the Switzerland of the African continent and is very rich and schools are free for the people. Hospitals are free for the people. And the conditions for women are much better than in other Arab countries.” (Russia Today, August 25, 2011)

Public Health Care in Libya prior to NATO’s “Humanitarian Intervention” was the best in Africa. “Health care is [was] available to all citizens free of charge by the public sector. The country boasts the highest literacy and educational enrolment rates in North Africa. The Government is [was] substantially increasing the development budget for health services…. (WHO Libya Country Brief )

The adult literacy rate was of the order of 89%, (2009), (94% for males and 83% for females). 99.9% of youth are literate. Gross primary school enrolment ratio was 97% for boys and 97% for girls. For tertiary enrolment (postsecondary, college and university), the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) was of the order of 54% in 2002: 52 for males, 57 for females (UNESCO 2009 figures, Libya Country Report). In secondary and tertiary education, girls outnumbered boys by 10%.” (World Bank Libya Country Brief).

Libya was one of the few countries in the developing World which maintained a system of price controls over essential food staples.

Libya`s frozen overseas financial assets are estimated to be of the order of $150 billion, with NATO countries holding more than $100 billion.

Prior to the war, Libya had no debts. In fact quite the opposite. It was a creditor nation investing in neighboring African countries.

Just look at these photos. They would say more than thousands of words:


«Tripoli, the capital of the country, impresses a visitor. That is a large, modern city. Despite global economic crisis, many spots in Tripoli are under construction. A lot of high rise hotels and business centers are being built. The architecture is mostly European except for some ancient quarters and mosques».


«Libyans live better than Egyptians because of the oil export profits shared among just 6 million citizens. An average Libyan earns US$ 1000 to 1500 per month. Additionally he receives around US$ 1000 as an annual aid from Gaddafi. Every Libyan family owns car, moreover the state refunds a good part of its original price».




«The working hours in Libya end at 2pm. Then the Libyans enjoy some kind of siesta. They sleep few hours and have off-time until next morning. Once I suggested my Libyan partner an appointment for 4pm to settle an urgent issue but he responded he cannot meet me. He would sleep at that time…»



Most probably they already have some problems with the sleep. And now they would work 24 hours per day to scratch along. The global TNCs prefer sturdy personnel. You can read more about the schemes of modern enslavement in a book by John Perkins ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Here are some other facts on Libyan ‘sufferings’ under Gaddafi:

  • GDP per capita – US$ 14,192.
  • Unemployment dole – US$ 730.
  • Salary of a nurse – US$ 1 000.
  • Payment for any newborn – US$ 7 000.
  • Bride couple received US$64 000 to buy an apartment.
  • One-time aid to launch a business – US$20 000.
  • Education and medicine free of charge.
  • Education and training abroad – state-refunded 100%.
  • Residential rent – 0.
  • Supermarket networks with symbolic prices on basic food basket for large families.
  • Forgery of medicaments – capital punishment.
  • Alcoholic beverages prohibited.
  • Interests on the customer credits for new apartments and cars – 0%.
  • Realtor services prohibited.
  • 50% state refund for the new car purchase (65% for militia personnel).
  • Price of gasoline: – US$0.14 per liter.


A building Libyan officials described as a civil engineering office lies flattened after being bombed overnight by NATO in Tripoli, August 20, 2011. REUTERS/Paul Hackett

Do you see the difference?

Do you understand why there are no more victorious reports from the rebel side in Libya? Because the legitimate Libyan government has regained public support and organized a series of powerful backlashes in Sirt, Beni Walid and other cities. Last week green Jamahiriya flags have been noted on several buildings in Benghazi and Tripoli. There were even reports (not confirmed independently though) that a special Gaddafi’s task force for several hours was retaining a building in Tripoli where CIA station is located and set up a green flag on its roof top. Those are the signs of resistance. Those are the signs that the Libyan people would not surrender to a handful of rebels although supported by the squads of private armies and Al-Qaeda guerrilla fighters.

So who are you inspiring by Libyan pattern, Mr. McCain?


ORIENTAL REVIEW thanks Dmitry BELYAEV for quality facts-finding on his blog (in Russian).

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  1. Gulam Mitha

    I stated that in the beginning—April 2011–that the NATO countries have launched an internal dissension through their Libyan puppets, those that are traitors to the country and who’re part of the greed structure. They promised Libyans freedom which is and was and always will be a lie which all Muslims beleive, most unfortunately so. All the NATO countries interests lie in usurping the Libyan wealth just as their interest was in Iraq. They lie about freedom and democracy which they themselves don’t have. They’ve not only destroyed Muslim countries but their own countries also. What is the state of the US and EU economies? They’re in shambles.

    The rights of ordinary Americans and Europeans have been usurped and their wealths transferred high above. They’ve been lied and cheated so do we need to blame NATO for what they’re doing to Libya? No. They’re doing it to their own people. And what about Russia and China? Both are part of the game.

  2. @Gulam
    Unfortunately there is a strong basis for such statement, Gulam :( Russia and China were unable to prevent the massacre. Our veto would not prevent it (everyone remembers Serbia-1999 case), but we would look honestly in the eyes of our Libyan brothers. That was obviously a deliberate decision taking into account neo-Imperial slogan ‘Carthago delenda est’ (Carthage must be destroyed) was proclaimed and maicious NATO machine could not be stopped. Perhaps they (Russian and Chinese elites) still believe they will be tendered with some crumbs of Libyan pie…
    With the drastic shift the Russian politics since Sept.24, such shameful non-veto would never repeat. I hope…

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