Muslim Brotherhood And Plan For Protection of Israel

It’s no secret, the events that shook the Middle East to protect Israel from the serious repercussions of the defeat of the U.S. project in Iraq. And everything that the Western alliance, led by Washington, in the context of that “Arab Spring” falls into this category.

The deal reached between the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo was unveiled by the Deputy Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, which only confirmed what observers had guessed by analyzing the statements of the leaders of the Islamist movement in many Arab and Muslim countries. Then came part of the same context the statements of the President of the National Syrian Council in Istanbul, Bourhan Ghalioun, which brought down the face by claiming that the opposition would seek, if it comes to power, to break ties with Iran and the movements of Lebanese and Palestinian resistance. Ghalioun rejected the armed struggle to liberate the occupied Golan, which has to be, he said, through negotiation. But more importantly: the leaders of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood have revealed their true intentions by saying that if they took power, they would send the Syrian army in Lebanon to fight Hezbollah. That is to say they would volunteer for the mission that Israel had failed to accomplish in 2006, despite the support of thirty Arab and Western countries.

These positions and movements of individuals claiming to represent “popular legitimacy” fit well within the US policies whose primary purpose is to protect the Jewish state. And it’s not a chance. This confirms what we write in this newsletter for more than seven months. Moreover, Western research centers are more likely to report it and the former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hubert Védrine, has clearly said at a conference in Beirut last week: “The United States supports the Muslim Brotherhood, “he said. This largely explains the distrust of Archbishop Bechara Rai Maronite Patriarch against the “Arab Spring”, which is likely to result in, he said, by a fragmentation of the Middle East in religious entities, which serve the interests of Israel, and poses serious threats to the presence of Christians and other religious minorities in this region.

The blank check for the arrival of the Islamists to power in Tunisia, Libya and now in Egypt, should convince those who still doubt the real intentions of the West, led by the United States.
The attempt to destroy the Syrian national state and breaking up the country is one of the main pieces of this puzzle that the West is trying to collect. That’s why he condones the crimes committed in Syria by the extremist armed groups, which he now appends the label of “deserters”, less repulsive in the eyes of Western public opinion that Salafis or Muslim extremists .

Dominated by the United States, unaware of the impact it may suffer, Europe rolls out red carpet to the Islamist movement, there is little regarded as a serious danger.

The trend in Syria

The development of events in Syria can not be separated from regional and international context. The authority has agreed to sign the protocol developed by the Arab League on the sending of observers, in full cooperation with Russia. Moreover, Russian diplomatic sources in Lebanon say that Russia does not release the Syrian regime, and this support is a strategic issue for Moscow. These assurances are contrary to predictions responsible for the pro-Western coalition of 14-Mar.

Faced with Russian support for Syria, it becomes difficult to overthrow the military regime, despite the preparations for this purpose in Turkey, Lebanon and, to a lesser extent, Jordan. By cons, pressure on Syria will continue, particularly as we approach the end of the US withdrawal from Iraq. The Americans want to cause trouble to divert public attention from this withdrawal and defeat of the atmosphere that surrounds it. In addition, disturbances in Syria are intended to replace the military attack against Iran that is becoming increasingly difficult in this climate of crisis and with the financial problems which agitate Europe and the United States.

The situation in Syria is expected to remain unstable, even if the plan has finally decided to sign the protocol of the Arab League, it would no doubt find other angles to maintain the pressure. However, the sanctions of the Arab League would have strengthened the patriotic sentiment among Syrians, the people with a lot of national pride. Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood was virtually eradicated in the country in 80 years, they have not had time to acquire a large popular base and they are forced to bear arms and to commit real massacres to mark their presence.

In parallel, the statements of the head of the Syrian National Council in Istanbul, Bourhan Ghalioun, against Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, have shocked much of the Syrian population. Rumors about a meeting that would have held in October in Washington between Obama administration officials, a representative of the CNS and an Israeli official began to circulate. According to these rumors, the representative of the NSC would have requested financial aid, diplomatic recognition from the international community and military intervention against his own country.

On the ground, the violence continues, and the demonstrations against and in favor of the plan. But it has managed to embarrass the Arab League in expressing its readiness to sign the protocol to send observers. The process should take a few days or weeks, while the developments throughout the region remain more or less uncontrollable and that the situation remains volatile in Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen.
The United States had quietly sought to open a dialogue with Iran but the Islamic Republic would have opposed an unqualified refusal to this request. By cons, Tehran would have asked to open a dialogue with Saudi Arabia, which also rejected the suggestion. This means that for now, the channels of negotiations stuck on the dual regional and international levels.

The internal situation in Syria is solid, while the plan to create a buffer zone on the border with Turkey is in trouble. Not to mention the fact that Russia has in turn put pressure on Turkey, which has also a fragile social fabric. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan Tayyeb up tone toward Syria as it seeks to hide its failure to act on the ground.

Statements and positions

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah Secretary General:

“This is a message to all those who conspire against the Resistance and capitalize on change. We would never consider giving up our weapons. Day after day, resistance is recruiting more fighters, the best form of combatants and weapons more heavily. The United States seeks to destroy Syria to compensate for their defeat in Iraq. The United States tried to pass themselves off as defenders of human rights and democracy in the Arab world. These hypocrites are known to have supported all dictatorships and have disowned immediately after their fall. It is the mark of Satan. The Syrian opposition is submitted to the United States and Israel. From the very beginning, we said clearly that we stand with the Syrian regime, a regime of resistance against Israel. Opposition wants to destroy Syria. The so-called Syrian National Council, formed in Istanbul, and its leader Bourhan Ghalioun try to present their credentials to the United States and Israel. The words of some that the weapons of resistance are the source of chaos, turmoil, or some security concerns in Lebanon, is a deception. Have you ever seen a security problem in Lebanon or a civil war during which missiles are fired Zelzal, Raad and Khaybar? Small arms are present in the hands of all Lebanese. If we want security on the inside, we must consider the problem of what types of weapons. “

Source: Shaahidun Blog

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  1. Gulam Mitha

    The old game of “divide and rule”. Now its between shias and sunnis, Arabs against Iranians, brother against brother, father against son. But what is wrong with these people that they’re so easily divided? The answer lies in history. The Arabs even before Islam were given to treachery. Each tribe seeks limitless power and each is limitlessly greedy. But again history has demonstrated that a leader arises amongst them who manages to unite these tribes and leads them to victory. That time, I beleive, is not far away.

    Russia and China do well to support Syria and Iran because after all its their survival that matters also against the modern hordes of western mongols.

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