The Defeated and the Opportunity of the Russian and Chinese Ladder

The statements of UN Envoy Mr. Kofi Anan clarified the content of the transformation affecting the American assessment of the situation in Syria and the general headlines of the new plan that was drawn up following the qualitative and decisive failure which affected the colonial project to destroy the Syrian strength and dismantle this resisting state which constitutes the backbone of the independence and liberation system in the region.

Firstly, the American recognition of the collapse of the wager over the amendment of the Russian and Chinese positions – which are blocking the way before any attack on Syria via a Security Council resolution – forces Washington to stop its attempts and to push Moscow and Beijing toward placing the ladders needed by the American leaders and their European affiliates to climb down the tree of escalation against Syria. The Chinese officials confirmed their determination to use the veto again to prevent the issuance of any resolution by the Americans and the French in particular at the Security Council, in order to provide a cover for an attack on Syria. The American officials and the Gulf rulers used all sort of pressures and enticements, but to no avail. These desperate attempts revealed the intellectual and political impotence and stupidity in dealing with the rising superpower which knows very well that the relinquishing of the alliance with the Arab Syria or the Islamic Iran would allow the United States to control the sources of energy and their strategic passageways which are needed by Chinese economy. On the Russian level, this mental disability affected the Western capitals, the Gulf and Turkey when they claimed that the Russian position might become more lenient following the election of President Vladimir Putin.

A pro-Assad demonstrator in Damascus holds thankful poster after Russia and China vetoed anti-Syrian resolution in the UN

Indeed the Russian leaders headed by the elected president insisted on issuing quasi daily assurances about their stable position towards the situation in Syria, and their determination to use the veto to deter the pressures and threats targeting both Syria and Iran.

President Putin even put forward a principle worthy of admiration and appreciation in the ranks of all the oppressed populations, by saying that from now on, Russia will base its foreign policy on the defense of all the people resisting colonial hegemony, which is exactly where Syria stands.

Secondly, in the context of the recognition of the failure, consecutive American statements were issued about the difficulty to wage war on Syria due to the strength of its army, the cohesion of its state and the popularity enjoyed by President Bashar al-Assad in the most difficult circumstances. For their part, the Western experts who read into the outcome of the referendum over the new constitution recognized that this constitution truly conveyed a will to ensure democratic change and that the results confirmed the fact that more than two thirds of the Syrian people supported the country’s commander and leader.

At this level, the statements of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to the governmental France 2 channel were very expressive, as he assured “it seems I will receive him again” while talking about his relations with President Bashar al-Assad.

Syrian Grand Mufti Ahmed Hassun (C) and other religious figures meet with UN-Arab League envoy for Syria, Kofi Annan, in Damascus

Thirdly, the colonial plan’s move to the stage of negotiations via Kofi Annan is a proclamation of failure but also features further hypocrisy and conspiracies at the level of what Annan is carrying to infiltrate the strong Syrian fort through what he claims to be the imposition of a ceasefire and the staging of comprehensive dialogue. Ban Ki-Moon’s envoy, who is participating in the conspiracy on Syria, will be received in Damascus with great courtesy, calm and steadfastness in the context of the discussions and the presentation of the various viewpoints while looking into the details, files and documents such as the ones put forward before the Secretary General’s Assistant and featuring a list of the schools and hospitals that were destroyed and burned down by nowadays’ “revolutionaries”.

The principles of the Syrian national state are known and the resisting state which is supported by its people masters the art of negotiations as it is acknowledged by the enemies before the friends. The next few weeks will witness numerous visits to Damascus and many Western, Gulf and Turkish meetings with Russian and Chinese envoys such as the one expected to be held with Minister Lavrov in Cairo.

In the meantime, the national state will continue pursuing the remnants of the defeated gangs and continue to tighten its grip around its territory to prevent the smuggling of funds and weapons to the murders and the criminals and the infiltration of terrorists into the country.

Source: Champress 

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  1. Gulam Mitha

    The American conspiracy to acheive global hegemony is jeopardizing the global security. Ban Ki Moon who should represent peace as in the UN charter is serving the interests of one master. This is contrary to UN policy of peace. The Arabs, who’re weak to the hilt, also are serving the interests of one master—the same as Ban Ki Moon’s. It is therefore admirable that the Russians and the Chinese—two powerful forces–are working towards the peace and stability that the world desperately needs before a major war breaks out, one that would cause unprecedented destruction.

    President Putin’s policy basing Russia’s foriegn policy on the defense of all people’s resisting colonial hegemony will be received warmly by all peace loving people.

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