«Independent Kosovo»: Pathological Criminal Case – Global Scope (I)

The Western power centers use the «Republic of Kosovo» as a testing ground for working out the ways to create a quasi-state that could be defined as an «abnormal criminal case of global scope».

The goal is reshaping South East Europe. The states below the «first echelon» are subject to the formula «back to slavery and barbarity». This is a model of authoritative outside governance entailing devastation of natural environment, extraction of resources and creation of disastrous economy and ‘stillborn» state structures along with extreme pauperization of population. And this is not all. Control over vast space presupposes no independent way of development for a national state along with the creation of destructive criminal potential. The accelerated criminalization of East Europe (including the Balkans) has already been initiated. The crime has achieved the scope that makes Jean-Francois Geiro, a well-known French criminologist; say an almost perfect laboratory of deviant states functions as part of new Europe’s criminal corps. (1)

The wave of crime and corruption has hit the Balkans. The «Republic of Kosovo» plays the role of mafia’s citadel that freely intensifies all kinds of dangerous criminal activities under the protection of US military bases. First of all drugs transit.

Mainly the drug flows come to Europe from Afghanistan and Asian states crossing the corridors in Turkey and the Balkans. 80% of traffic goes through the Balkans. The Northern heroin (Afghanistan – Turkey – Hungary – Romania) and Southern cocaine (Turkey – Greece – Macedonia – Albania – Italy) are the two major routes. Turkey has become a key foothold» of drug dealers. Even the small part of cargo captured by police is impressive: only in the second half of 2011 Turkey confiscated more drugs than all the 27 states of the European Union together. Albanian criminal groups are responsible for the major part of trafficking to the Balkans and Western Europe. They are closely connected to Italian, Montenegrin, Turkish and Kurdish drug cartels (the last ones control the vast network of drug traffic routes from Afghanistan), as well as Caucasian criminal gangs. (2)

«The Pristina Republic of Kosovo» carries out two criminal functions. It itself serves as a source of organized crime. The very existence of paramilitary subversive-terrorist formation called the Kosovo Liberation Army, thinly veiled as the so called Kosovo security force or Kosovo police, confirms the fact. On the other hand, the region has become an area of «crime dissemination» into Europe and other parts of the world.

The first criminal function of «Kosovo project» presupposes full control of the «Republic of Kosovo» quasi-state by former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) militants. They hold strategic positions, fully control «the state», social and political life; the civilian population is subject to institutionalized political, psychological and physical coercion.

According to Western special services the Kosovo national intelligence service K-SHIK is responsible for the terror against its own population, it carries out punitive actions against the political opponents of ruling clique. It’s the «boss of Kosovo project» who approves the activities. This fact is confirmed by Kadri Veseli, former head of the Kosovo Intelligence Service, a key political partner of «Kosovo Prime-Minister» Hashim Thaçi, who said the service was supported by many partners – 25 intelligence services, the US contribution was very significant.

The Kosovo national intelligence service launched a campaign of political terror after the Yugoslavia bombings by NATO in 1999 and deployment of international forces in Kosovo. Back then thousands of Serbs and Albanians, who were not loyal to the Kosovo Liberation Army, were killed. A US top official in Kosovo (he prefers anonymity) asserts the CIA sponsored the K-SHIK and that the special service was converted into an instrument crime and politics control in Kosovo. Florin Krasniqi, a former Kosovo Liberation Army militant, who then became a member of Kosovo parliament, says Veseli had direct contacts with US and British intelligence services and offered everything they wanted on a silver plate. Kadri Veseli received funds and all kinds of support and supplies from them. The USA and other NATO states still support the K-SHIK. Hashim Thaci still enjoys the support of Washington… (3)

The Kosovo criminal organizations are far from being a shadow govenment, quite to the contrary the dysfunction of the «Republic of Kosovo» state structures makes them the only real ruling power. The specific feature is that there is no merger of crime with clan and «state» system. It was an integral part of it from the very start. The crime is «militant»; its methods are very aggressive. It’s a phenomenon of international scale: the criminal cartels control the whole regions; their «industry» conquers more and more space in Europe and the USA becoming a nightmare of police. The Albanian mafia is the fifth organized structure in the world that distinguishes itself by «immense potential of growth». The language, traditions, and ties of blood make it a fertile ground impenetrable for police operatives. The family connections let the Albanian mafia create an unbreakable criminal chain: the clans members have their daughters married to the «comrade in arms» from Afghanistan and Turkey. They create a producer-consumer chain. This way the family criminal business prospers.

Part of income goes to the Kosovo Liberation Army (there is no whatsoever control exercised over the «black funds» of drug clans) that acts under the protection of US «Kosovo project» promoters.

The US needs Kosovo for deployment of military installations on its territory in order to control South East Europe where the routes to Middle East oil riches start. There are the following NATO or NATO used military facilities in the Balkans: Hungary (Taszar), Romania (Deveselu, the port of Constanza, Mihail Kogalniceanu air base ), Bulgaria (the Novo Selo Training Range, Aitos Logistics Center near Burgas, Bezmer Air Base near Yambola, Graf Ignatievo air force base), Bosnia and Herzegovina (installations near Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo, a small facility near Doboj), Croatia (Shepurin, Slun, Đakovo, Pula), Macedonia (Petrovec, a base near Kumanovo, Krivolak), Greece (Crete, and installations near Larissa) and finally Kosovo, (Bondstill and two installations near Montiff near Gnillane, a base near Vitina, artillery installation near Kaçanik, a base near Balovac near Podujeva). (4) According to Geiro the Kosovo Liberation Army is a punitive force that includes heads of mafia clans and is destined to oppress civilian population. It could never come to power without NATO and other Western power centers. (5)

The disguised Kosovo Liberation Army starts to intensify its activities to the degree of becoming a force capable of exploding the region again. For instance, in April 2012 a brutal murder took place in Macedonia, five Macedonians killed by Albanians. According to Macedonian special services a large Albanian paramilitary unit appeared near the Kosovo border, the uniform worn had the Kosovo Liberation Army insignia on it. Armed Albanian formations wearing the KLA emblems appeared in the vicinity of Macedonian cities Skopje and Tetovo. Bulgarian media outlet Novinite says the destabilization of Macedonia may spark an international conflict in Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey in half an hour. (6)

The merger of Albanian mafia involvement in drug trafficking along with international terrorists and radical Islamist groupings is a special case to talk about. Al Qaeda units were based in Kosovo and Metohija during the Kosovo conflict. Bashkim Gazidede, a former head of Albanian secret police unit, headed the organization’s Balkans branch. Muhammad Rabee al-Zawahiri, the brother of Ayman al-Zavahiri, the current Al Qaeda leader, was one of Kosovo Liberation Army commanders. (7) Now Kosovo has become a training center of Syrian militants. The Syrian «opposition» asked the Kosovo Liberation Army for help in April 2012. It promised the recognition of Kosovo by «new Damascus» in return. The terrorist KLA leaders and Islamic extremists from Bosnia and Herzegovina rendered «support» in training Syrian paramilitary groups. Dzevad Galiashevic, member of expert team for South East Europe in fight against terrorism, claims the training centers are still based in the previous KLA locations, including the territory of Macedonia. Abdussamed Bushatlic, a former Al-Mujahedeen militant, a Wahhabi movement leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was among those who were seen there. According to Galiashevic missionary and ideological activities are conducted in Macedonia, Kosovo is a place of military preparatory activities. All terrorist activities are done under the patronage of NATO- led Kosovo Force (KFOR). The training camps are located in Drenitsa (the hamlet of Likovats, Yablanitsa and Glodjana). There are new training facilities built for mujahedeen from Muslim countries. One of them is situated in Drenica, another in Metohija (the hamlet of Smonitsa near Djakovica. Zoran Stijovic, former Serbian State Security officer in the 1990s, says the training is conducted for two types of operations: subversive-terrorist activities and intelligence gathering. The instructors are not Albanians only, the export model of Syrian revolution is prepared with the help of CIA operatives, Albanian KLA terrorists and the extremists from Bosnia and Herzegovina. (8) On June 20 2012 the Syrian army started a battle for the second largest city Aleppo, there were 400 «rebels» liquidated. The identification of the dead showed Kosovo Albanians fought on the side of terrorists along with the mercenaries from other countries.

It seems to be unexplainable; while the Western intelligence services «beat the drums» and tell breath taking details about local and international scale «operations» of Albanian criminals’, the Western political circles and international bodies seem to ignore the activities that threaten the security of their own countries…

To be continued…

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Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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