They Are Supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria

The Syrian national state and its armed forces are continuing to fiercely resist the global war targeting them. And while they are deploying all efforts and capabilities to provide the requirements of economic steadfastness and overcome the consequences of the terrorism and armed rebellion carried out in some provinces, they are waging a strategic campaign to annihilate the strongholds of the terrorists, tens of thousands of whom were introduced during the last few months, through the Turkish and Lebanese border in particular.

Firstly, the course of the military operations reflects the success of the Syrian Arab army to control the situation, after it thwarted Erdogan’s plan to establish a bugger zone and pushed towards the emergence of information confirming that the armed men’s presence in some neighborhoods of Aleppo has retreated. Indeed, the Syrian army was able to control most of the city’s neighborhoods, while normalcy was restored to Homs and Deir az-Zor. In the meantime, the Syrian armed forces are implementing a wide-scale assault in Damascus, its surrounding and Rif, in order to destroy the dens of terrorism and impose the state’s authority, while military and security reports estimate that the next few weeks will witness the Syrian state’s regaining of its full control over all the provinces and border regions. Nonetheless, some fleeing groups among the terrorist remnants and some sleeper cells might maintain their presence, thus keeping the threat of seeing terrorist attacks and sabotage operations alive, during a stage for which the Syrian state is already preparing. Nonetheless, for the time being, the priority is to settle the situation in general and revive the economic wheel, in order to restore normalcy throughout Syria.

Secondly, the actual fighting power on the ground is that of Al-Qaeda, its various factions and the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood organization. As for the groups that are outside this gathering, they are scattered and merely constitute local organizations and gatherings which include criminals, thieves and bandits. According to the information, the operations room in Turkey, led by officers from the American intelligence services with the participation of Qatari, Saudi, Lebanese and Libyan security groups, is the one giving orders and providing the fighting groups inside Syrian with information and plans, but also organizing the arms, ammunition and explosives smuggling operations and giving orders to the sabotage cells throughout Syria to carry out explosions and assassinations.

Thirdly, Western hypocrisy in regard to terrorism and the network of Al-Qaeda organization is being confirmed by what is happening in Syria. Indeed, had the standards set by the Americans since September 11 been applied, international conferences would have been held to support the Syrian state in the face of Al-Qaeda and the terrorist groups that are active on Syrian soil, and what would have been required throughout the world would be the provision of weapons and assistance to the Syrian authorities and the Syrian army, in order to hasten the elimination of the terrorists and takfiris who constituted the main nerve of the armed rebellion dubbed by the American and Western media outlets “the armed opposition in Syria.”

The claims of the Americans and Europeans in regard to Al-Qaeda and terrorism have once again collapsed, through the use of the tafiri factions the cells of Bandar’s Al-Qaeda to deplete the Syrian state. Anything else is a mere lie, since in fact, there is nothing called the Free Army in the American reports and statements, as this name is being used by Al-Qaeda and the extremist groups adopting its ideology and culture, along with the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Syria. The Syrian people are thus facing a multinational terrorist mixture that is undermining their right to live, as well as their sovereignty and national dignity, at a time when the Syrian state and army are engaged in the confrontation on all levels with a resistance and national liberation will and a determination to defeat the backward international alliance that is led by the United States and is using Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to form groups of mercenaries and professional murders and criminals.

Source: Voltaire Network

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