Terror Acts in US: Who Gains? (II)

Part I

Friendly fire to scare foes

Anton Chekhov, a great Russian writer, has once said «If in Act I you have a pistol hanging on the wall, then it must fire in the last act». If a country, like the United States churns out a number of contingency laws, then one day a contingency will really occur.

The more US state debt grows, the more currency collapse becomes real and the chances the country would become an authoritarian state go up. If the collapse happens, it will result in unpopular shock measures to cut public expenses, bring down consumption and reduce imports to restore, at least partially, the national industry. As experts predict, the fiscal cliff will eliminate a million of working places, a number of welfare programs, the living standards will go down. The Patriot Act of 2001 was a laying stone of a legal foundation for future dictatorial rule…

depthomelandsecThe September 11, 2001 events gave birth to the Department of Home Security, employing over 200 thousand, to coordinate the efforts of the Central Intelligence Agency, The Federal Bureau of Investigation. Tax Services and other federal agencies. It can operate outside the United States and follow the steps of anyone listed as a terrorist inside and outside the United States. The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act was enacted in 1994. The purpose is to enhance the ability of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to conduct electronic surveillance by requiring that telecommunications carriers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment modify and design their equipment, facilities, and services to ensure that they have built-in surveillance capabilities, allowing federal agencies to monitor all telephone, broadband internet, and VoIP traffic in real-time. 2007. From 2004 to 2007 there was a 62 percent growth in the number of wiretaps performed under CALEA – and more than 3,000 percent growth in interception of internet data such as email. The fact draws attention to the fact that since the US economic default and the collapse of dollar became a reality the US legal activity aimed at enhancing «security» has intensified. In 2011 President Obama signed the Executive Order – National Defense Resources Preparedness. Along with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012 it gives the military a right to investigate the cases and interrogate terrorist suspects, as well as keep citizens behind bars without trial. In case of mass unrest, the Federal Emergency Management Agency under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has built 800 «concentration camps» and prepared 500,000 plastic coffins. On March 16 President Obama signed an executive order (EO) stating that the President and his specifically designated secretaries now have the authority to commandeer all domestic U.S. resources including food and water. The EO also states that the President and his Secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy, and infrastructure inside the United States as well as forcibly induct/draft American citizens into the military. The EO also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill «labor requirements» for the purposes of national defense.

Not only that, but the authority claimed inside the EO does not only apply to National Emergencies and times of war. It also applies in peacetime. The protests against economic policies have become regarded as terrorists too. The new wave of terrorist acts is a good pretext to justify toughening measures. One can see hue and cry already being raised. Posting Boston terrorist act pictures with blood flows and horrible wounds is destined to add to the general picture.

«If I can’t have you, no one will»!

Under the burden of debt, the United States will have to leave behind the imperialist ambitions, costly «democracy support» and military adventures behind, but it does not mean that Pax Americana will stop to engender and aggravate contradictions to damage the political rivals. Recently the desire of the United States to reconsider the institution of state sovereignty under the pretext of fight against international terrorism has undeservedly got out of focus. It was paid much attention to by US officials after the September 11. It was also joined by «new world order» advocates. Jacque Attali, a member of Bilderberg club, used the United Nations podium to call for making the notions of state sovereignty and non-interference into internal affairs a thing of the past. Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Karlsson, a member of UN Global Sustainability Panel, came out with a proposal to make an amendment to the United Nations Charter, which would envision «comprehensive international response to conflict situations around the world». The United States and other Western states were supposed to be the decision makers. International terrorism has a special role to play here. The US and Western allies supported terror structures, which have established control over huge territories, funds and now possess substantial military potential. They have become a global actor independent from any national government or international organization. Freely moving from one country to another, the terrorist groups create conditions for the US to destroy national states and meet American geopolitical interests. As AL Qaeda and other terrorist groups are becoming more powerful, the United States is losing interest in traditional Middle East and Muslim states. In December 2012 I published an article on the inevitability of United States undermining the political stability of Persian Gulf monarchies.

Now the process in under way. For instance, Qatar is used to fraction the Arab world. Egyptian influential Al-Ahram Al-Arabi openly states Qatar acts upon US orders, including support for the intervention in Libya, involvement in special operations against Syria, the destabilization of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Sudan, as well as instigating tensions during the Arab Spring. Al-Jazeera is the main instrument of spreading around the Qatar’s influence in the Arab world, serving the Washington’s interests. This very channel has become the voice of terrorists, it had transmitted the Bin Laden addresses for many years. Such «independent behavior» could hardly take place without Washington’s say so. Al Udeid Air Base is a military base west of Doha, Qatar, also known as Abu Nakhlah Airport, houses foreign coalition personnel and assets. It is host to a forward headquarters of United States Central Command, headquarters of United States Air Forces Central, No. 83 Expeditionary Air Group RAF, and the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing of the USAF. The US energy interests give clue to understanding why it conducts subversive activities against its traditional allies. America’s ambitious plans to become the world chief energy producer thanks to shale technology have been a failure. According to the US Energy Department, the natural gas production figures have been constantly overestimated. The US gas companies need large investments to support the production, a tall order in the indebted country. The only thing left is to instigate chaos on the soil of competitors, becoming an oasis of stability in volatile world. Then the money flows will come from Europe and China.

Mali is a good example. After the war in Libya ended, the Tuareg nomads captured the territories, rich in uranium, extracted by France and China those days. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 delivers a blow against Russia, China and Europe. The country has become the world largest drugs producer, the United States has actually legalized the Taliban. The radical Islamic organization was given birth to by Americans to fight the Soviet Union. It’s coming to power after the US pull out is inevitable.

The neighboring states are already taking preventive measures. China has located the rapid reaction formations along the border. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) has taken a decision to establish a powerful air force presence there.

us_afghanistanWithdrawing from Afghanistan, the United States are leaving behind a huge «dark zone» of uncontrolled chaos and a plethora of problems and conflicts. It would take many years to manage. Especially taking into account that terrorism went through drastic changes in 2011, it became pervasive and invulnerable. Coming to power in many countries, the Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the Muslim Brothers will get access to the podiums of multiple international organizations, including the United Nations Security Council, as presidents and ministers. The US long time effort to make terror join the world politics is successfully accomplished.

Those who really stand behind the US terror acts will never be known. There is a chance it was organized by «agents of globalism» and US sparring partners from Al Qaeda and the Taliban, who have transformed from bandits on the run into respectable heads of states thanks to their ties with the United States. The investigators always start their analysis trying to see who gains from what happened. The international terrorists have come up with the best present for their curators one could hope for.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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