Russian FM: “There Cannot Be A Military Solution For Syria”

While a politically brokered end to the war in Syria seems more remote than ever, and most recent intelligence and reports indicate that a major political and military campaign against Syria is scheduled for August and September, Russia´s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, reiterated, that there cannot be a military solution for Syria and he called on Russia´s partners to use their influence to persuade the Doha coalition to take part in the long overdue international conference on Syria.

Sergei Lavrov and Qadri Jamil July 2013

During a joint press conference with the Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and the Minister for Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Qadri Jamil, in Moscow, Russia´s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated the need to find a political solution to the war in Syria. Sergei Lavrov stressed Russia´s position saying:

“We are deeply concerned over the situation in Syria, and we are convinced that there can’t be a military solution to it. We want this idea to reach everybody without exception”. 

Lavrov added, that Russia continues its communications with representatives of the Syrian government and all opposition groups in an effort to convince all parties that they should accept the Russian – U.S. American initiative, to hold an international conference on Syria, without conditions, so as to reach the full implementation of the Geneva Communique, issued on 30 June 2012.

Lavrov expressed his deep regret over the fact, that the majority of the opposition groups, including the Doha-Alliance, had not shown any readiness to take part in the conference. Lavrov was addressing the oppositions failure to work toward the holding of the Geneva 2  conference.

The Russian Foreign Minister implied, that the failure of the Doha Coalition to work toward a political solution was caused by the United States´Britain´s and France´failure at using their influence on Saudi and Qatari influence, saying:

“We firmly and urgently call upon our partners who have serious influence on the Doha Coalition to persuade them to adopt a right attitude and to drop the unconstructive stances they have taken”.

Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil addressed the press and held the West accountable for having the primary responsibility for the loss of life and material damages caused to the Syrian people. Jamil described the war on Syria as an unjustly imposed siege which effectively has become collective punishment for all Syrians. The attempted subversion has cost more than 93.000 lives and displaced hundreds of thousands since 2011.

Qadri Jamil stated, that Syria appreciates Russia´s position and push towards a more reasonable and realistic attitude for reaching a solution. Jamil pointed out, that Russia aims to find tangible methods of supporting Syria politically and economically, with economic cooperation being a priority.

Jamil said that attempts to subjugate Syria during the past two years using political and military means have failed, which is why economic means are being used to this end.

With regard to the political opposition in Syria, Jamil stressed the fact, that the Syrian opposition believes, that a political solution is the only possible way to resolve the crisis, and that the opposition fully supports the holding of the international conference on Syria.

While both Russia and Syria reiterate their readiness to take part in the long overdue international conference as soon as possible, the foreign-backed opposition has at several occasions reiterated, that it does not see any advantage in holding an international conference before it has the upper hand militarily. The USA, France, United Kingdom, Saudi-Arabia and Qatar, along with Libya and others, continue providing weapons and funds to the militants in Syria.

International analysts largely agree, that a political resolution to the “Syria crisis”, which has evolved into a de facto regional low-intensity war, is more far removed today than it was ever before.

A recent report in NSNBC international strongly indicates, that a major political and military campaign against Syria is being planned for August and September. Details about the war plans which have emerged suggest, that the insurgents will attempt to use chemical weapons on a large scale, so as to justify calls for a no-fly-zone, humanitarian corridors or buffer zones, and ultimately a foreign military intervention.

U.S. Special Forces in Jordan are, according to intelligence NSNBC has received, training insurgents for special operations in Syria. The training reportedly focuses on the insurgents cooperation with the U.S. air force during air raids against high-profile military and political targets.

Source: NSNBC

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