End of Great American Myth

Human beingsare bestowed by nature with the faculties of intellect and wisdom so that they would not get lost in the sea of lies and aberrations.  The imminent aspiration of people to know the truth has become kind of a remote control mine  which has exploded and put an end to the great myth about the United States being the leader of world civilization progress and the key human rights protector.

In reality the United States of America is a nation which has inherited slavery and plunder that the native Indians were subject to by European pioneers. It has never really been a democratic society. The US Constitution was written against the background of the genocide against Indians and racial segregation of  Blacks, which was formally  abolished only in 1964. In reality it exists today.

In 2006 The Harvard University published the Gary Orfield and Chungmei Lee’s report called Racial Transformation and the Changing Nature of Segregation, which stated that the situation has worsened to what it was like by the end of 1960s. According to him, the progress the US had achieved in the cities is brought to nought now.

Today the major part of  Asian, Africans and Latinos make it through only thanks to being part of diasporas, their average income is much lower than the one of white Americans. Those who really call the shots in the USA are financial oligarchs with predominantly supported by WASPs, who enjoy advantages in comparison with multimillion minorities.

The United States is the world mystification leader. Its real policy is a far cry from the stories it spreads around about itself. At that, the US propaganda efforts have produced results. The majority of Americans believed their country is the best, while the West Europeans prayed for the US pinning their hopes it would defend them from “red threat”.

an-american-tragedy-canoeist-cdMany American intellectuals knew the truth about the illusions and candidly disclosed what kind of inhuman system ruled their country.  The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser and The Iron Heel by Jack London and many other books were  real examples of eye  opening investigative literature, but their impact on public opinion had its limits.  The advent of information and Internet made “the Myth” fade away, it started to melt like an iceberg under the sun. As its secrets come into open, the Empire is delivered  smashing blows.  2001 was a turning point. After the New York twin towers tragedy, many publications emerged saying the Americans were deceived and other wars would follow the one started in Afghanistan.  A serious crack appeared in the American myth changing the world information space.

Few believe that the United States is the bastion of hope for the world. A serious shift has taken place to change the public opinion.  According to various polls, one third – 40 percent of respondents support Bradley Manning  who made classified state communications come into the open thanks to WikiLeaks.  By and large, the same number of Americans support the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

It means at least, a third of Americans don’t believe in formally promulgated values. The US society faces an ideological split. No doubt there will be new leakers and whistleblowers, a lot of dirty linen is still to surface. The State Department and the Capitol Hill’s reaction is a surprise. There has been not a trace of remorse in the US officials’ statements concerning the all-pervading surveillance by special services raising questions about democracy. It has encompassed the US citizens as well as a lot of people in other countries. But the punishment for whistleblowers and the hunt for those who are at large testify to the fact that the US is intent to have no mercy for anyone who dares to speak out.

Today,  jittery US politicians and top officials rush to demand punishment for Edward Snowden. Moscow is pressed to give him away so that he could be dealt with. After he was granted temporary asylum in Russia, open, and sometimes inarticulate, threats started to come from Washington, which are a sign of  infantilism in case of some US politicians, or, perhaps, they are unable to fully realize the international reality. The list of threats included the boycott of the upcoming 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, like if the absence of US team would be a catastrophe for the athletic world.  Other threats include the Magnitsky Act and freezing Russian officials foreign accounts. Moscow is fighting corruption and would only be grateful for such sanctions.

The US double standards concerning human rights is not a new thing. It shouldn’t be even talked about but it gives rise to a suspicion: what if the US political elite sees itself as the only one in this world while others nobody else but trained  Liliputians acting upon orders? This way of thinking may lead into a mistake seeing the Moscow’s calm and reasonable response as weakness.

Willy-nilly it’s the collapse of Rome what comes to mind. Christians were perused for refusing to worship the idols of Empire. The Roman powers that be were blind and stubborn in their belief that by making people live in aberration one can rule endlessly. It was no go.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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  1. Jesualdo Correia

    No doubt Rome is the “nearest “example which comes to mind, with some fundamental differences, such as the implosion factor, which was not specifically the case by that time.

    No matter how critical we can be toward this modus horribilis of production, to use the Marxist jargon, which capitalist America became, there were before and there still exists now values which cannot be discard out of hand. Positive values which, with all the contradictions we may see, were part of the Founding Father`s agenda, which reflected the most update world view of that time. There are many other values inherited from the best of the Anglo-Saxon communal heritage, developed and adapted in many sociall practices which Tocqueville described so well. Of course the very nature of this colonization was made on the basis of genocide, a systematical one, almost of the same kind which took place in South America, here with plunder and cruelty as the Leitmotive.

    America is facing a major challenge which is that of not having developed a nation in the core meaning of the word, this project was dissolved in its status nascendi by the disruptive drive of its own contradictions as a system, as a establishment manipulated and conducted more and more by a capitalist rationale which places business uber alles at the very heart of its vital raison d’etat.
    A nation, a civilization is the result of a core set of values, which embraces a plethora of common feelings, from that of the inaugural myths, the folk-lore, common traumas, territorial appartenance, a deep rooted set of ethos-manifestations and last but least, a deep sense of respect for nature and the lyrics manifested in various forms thereof through the richness of its arts. This array of aspects are those which will stand up when the debacle begins to occur, and which constitutes the real notion of a nation, let alone a civilization.

  2. Juan Gonzales

    It is no joke that there is more democracy in Cuba than was ever in Britain or USA.


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