The Real “Moral Obscenity” In Syria’s Civil War Is How We Started It

Remarks following the US State Secreraty delivery on the Syrian issue on August 26, 2013:

Which is the greater moral obscenity?  The fact that more than three-hundred civilians have been killed by chemical weapons, or the undeniable fact that over 100,000 Syrians have been killed by various means (most of them civilians), in a premeditated plan to create civil war in another sovereign nation?   (SEE: The Obscenity of Humanitarian Warfare).   The American Sec. of State is invoking moral outrage to justify further escalation of our interference in Syrian national affairs, to the point of committing Western troops in an actual physical aggression against Syria and the Syrian people.

If there was a place in American government or international humanitarian institutions for “morality,” or “fairness,” or “justice,” then all of these august bodies would presently be overwhelmed with ongoing investigations of American war crimes and crimes against humanity, instead of vacuously, deceptively, deliberating military strikes upon the people, who dare to resist American aggression.  Cruise missile, or other airstrikes to cripple the defenses of the Assad government, can only lead to intensified suffering and death for the civilians of Syria, as secular terrorists battle “Islamist” terrorists for control of whatever is left, this mini-civil war promised to follow within Syria, after Western attacks successfully ignite region-wide civil war.

This is NOT a “religious civil war,” as the Western media have erroneously mislabeled the Syrian civil war, misleading its viewers into parroting their manufactured lies about “Islam” around the “water coolers” and gossipy “grape vines,” as the American sheep go about their day in oblivious ignorance.  The idea that this is a religious war is misinformation, manufactured by the palace of lies in Langley.   This is clearly an Imperial war of aggression, directed at every nation in the Middle East (then against the entire world), A WAR AGAINST CIVILIANS.

The brilliant deception is in convincing the people of the world that the US military is fighting against other militaries.  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  THE PENTAGON DOESN’T “FIGHT” AGAINST ANY FORCE THAT IS CAPABLE OF “FIGHTING BACK.”  National military defenses are systematically eliminated (“degraded” in Pentagon double-speak), so that the Western proxy forces can murder and terrorize the civilian populations who are under their protection, at will.  The US Defense Dept. (formerly the War Dept.) has waged wars primarily against civilians since WWII, “The Great War,” when American and British bombers openly committed genocide by fire-bombing German and Japanese cities.  The idea then, as now, is to so terrorize the civilian populations that they are forced into rising-up and bringing-down their own governments.  Military psywar specialists have learned how to “weaponize” entire populations against the governments which represent them.  They have refined the art of terror to the point where it is no longer necessary to obliterate entire cities to reap the rewards that are to be earned for the aggressors by the agitated mobs.

All Pentagon war plans revolve around this concept of terror war.  The terror war is launched through semi-peaceful means, meaning that the “fighting” actually begins through “other means,” meaning through political actions.  Disagreements between differing groups and factions within the populations are intensified, in order to capitalize on deep-seated local or national tensiions.

obama-war-on-terror1Over the years, the US State Dept. has developed a repertoire of political actions which are all intended to foment civil war, wherever the actions are acted-out.  In addition to this arsenal of destabilizing political actions, the Pentagon has established global communication and smuggling networks to be used in destabilization/terror operations against targeted nations.  Through State’s educational “aid,” the right individuals are identified and selected for political indoctrination into Western neo-liberal ideas.  Through training in Western political tactics and “apprenticeship” programs for selected “activists,” who are at the top of their indoctrination classes, native political foot-soldiers are created, who are then augmented by the latest developments in personal communications technology.  Portable Internet servers enable activists to hook-up to Pentagon-created global communications webs, which provide live feeds to universities and NGEs (non-governmental entities).  The worldwide Iridium Satellite network of 66 functioning satellites provides secure Pentagon-supplied sat-phone services.  New phones are available for several hundred dollars, equipped with an internal GPS, capable of instantly transmitting locations through GPS coordinates for physical targeting, to any phone number, with the push of a single button.  These units are also capable of generating wi-fi networks, anywhere.

In the beginning, activist/interns spend their time organizing like-minded locals into pliable political action groups, for the purpose of raising local awareness and generating opposition to the ruling government.  When sufficient numbers begin to coalesce, activism moves to action, moving in sync with secret provocateurs, who vandalize public property and generally accustom the people to the idea of violence on a minor scale.  When these actions generate anticipated reactions from local authorities, blood will be shed, necessary fuel for enraging the masses.  Through further small steps, the protests move to outright mob violence and police or army recriminations, one-step away from civil war.  All that is needed then, is enough rage and violence to move the mobs to take-up arms.  This is where Syria would now be, were it not for the constant influx of thousands of militant “jihadi wannabes,” who have been gathered together in Syria by the Saudi king and his princely minions of pure evil, like Prince Bandar, who is always serving in total submission to his American/British masters.  Through this leaked document (SEE:  The Original Syrian Media Report Revealing Bandar/Feltman Plan To Destroy the Middle East), Bandar has described the murderous conspiracy in minute detail for us.

Where is the “moral obscenity” in all of this?  The perversion of democracy, to deny certain “inalienable rights” to foreigners?  The intentional creations of civil wars in nations currently at peace?  The entrusting of American foreign policy to bloodthirsty Arab dictators?  Mr. Kerry, only a total liar, in the service of the most evil of Empires, could summon the level of hypocrisy, which you have displayed in this moment in the dark half-light of the pre-dawn of the most evil era in the bloody history of the human species…a species about to sweep itself into the “dustbin of history,” as the earth prepares to enter a post-apocalyptic era of healing, waiting for a better species to rise-up from the ashes of our self-immolation, to take our place as custodians of this sacred place in a dark corner of the universe.

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