Obama Administration Stoking Sunni Violence Against Alawites and Shi’as in Syria

One thing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry avoided telling the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during his plea for approval of the Syria war resolution is how the Central Intelligence Agency and militant Saudi intelligence-backed Al Qaeda elements are targeting Alawite and Shi’a communities in Syria.

Alawite-map1The Alawites, the minority religious group of which President Bashar al Assad and his closest advisers are members, are a sect of Shi’a Islam and are mainly concentrated in the cities of Tartus, Latakia, and Baniyas. Twelve percent of Syria is Alawite. Another Shi’a sect, the Imamis or Twelvers are concentrated around the Shi’a shrines in Damascus. They number around 250,000. The Ismaili Shi’as, also known as the Seveners, live mainly around Salamiya, Hamah, and Latakia. They number around 200,000. The Druze, who represent three percent of Syria’s population, the Christian community, which comprises ten percent, and a few thousand Yazidis, along with the Shi’as and Alawites, number thirty percent of Syria’s overall population. A CIA estimate of Syria’s population in the 1980s put the overall Sunni population as just over 60 percent. All Syria’s religious minorities are now subject to extermination by crazed Salafist terrorists imported into Syria by the CIA and Saudis from Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Chechnya, Dagestan, Tunisia, and Pakistan.

Kerry, CIA director John O. Brennan (whose loyalty to the Saudi Wahhabist and Salafist clique governing Riyadh is no secret), and Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud are pursuing the same course of action in Syria as has been committed in Libya and Iraq. In Libya, Berbers affiliated with Salafists in Cyrenaica were incited to commit heinous and gruesome acts of violence, including beheadings, of black Libyans and African guest workers from sub-Saharan and Saharan nations. In Iraq, the CIA and Saudis ensured that Sunnis, Shi’as, and Kurds were all armed to the teeth in order to kill one another. There has always been a saying in Israel that «when Arabs are killing Arabs, that is a good thing for Israel». Israeli Trade and Labor Minister Naftali Bennett recently echoed that sentiment when he stated, “I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life – and there’s no problem with that«. Bandar, who once served as a professional assassin for the House of Saud, has always felt the same way about Salafist Sunnis killing non-Sunnis and Christians.

In Syria, Bennett and Bandar, with the connivance of Brennan and Kerry, are witnessing the «perfect storm» of sectarian cleansing by Sunni radicals and they heartily approve of it.

As Saudi Arabia seeks to bring about a full-blown sectarian conflagration in Syria, their agents provocateurs and agents agitateurs are busy at work in neighboring Lebanon to prevent the formation of a new government by pressuring Sunnis not to work with the Shi’as Hezbollah party and Lebanese nationalist Christians. Bandar’s Salafist extremists, under the watchful and benevolent eyes of CIA and Mossad elements in Lebanon, have been busy at work setting off bombs in Hezbollah strongholds to trigger off sectarian fighting between Sunnis and Shi’as.

Lebanon’s Social Affairs caretaker minister Wael Abu Faour was called to Riyadh to hold talks with Saudi officials on the formation of a new government. The Saudi ambassador in Beirut also held talks with caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, whose government consists of ministers from Hezbollah. Saudi interference in the Lebanese political process is exactly the type of political interference in Lebanon that the United States has criticized Syria for conducting in the past. Faour represents the Druze Progressive Socialist Party of Druze leader Walid Jumblatt in the Cabinet. Jumblatt is worried that Lebanon will follow Syria «into the abyss» and that druze in both countries are likely targets for Salafist genocide. The Saudis are trying to ease Hezbollah out of the Lebanese government and would like to see Saad Hariri, the pro-Western former prime minister, succeed Mikati.

The black sign includes the words “Genocide for Alawites.” The long unkept beard with shaven upper lip (see two men on left) is a tell-tale Wahhabi/Salafi look.
The black sign includes the words “Genocide for Alawites.” The long unkept beard with shaven upper lip (see two men on left) is a tell-tale Wahhabi/Salafi look.

Reports from across Syria indicate that U.S.-trained and Saudi-financed «Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,» also known as «Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant» (which includes Lebanon and Turkey’s majority Alevi [Alawite kinfolk] Hatay province), are massacring Syrian Kurds, including women and children, as well as Syrian Alawites and Christians in large numbers… UN human rights investigators have also taken statements from witnesses who saw Syrian rebels use chemical weapons against civilians in various parts of Syria.

The Al Qaeda and Al Nusra Front Salafist forces being unleashed by Bandar and Brennan, also known as «El Haj Brennan» owing to his pilgrimage to the Kaaba in Mecca, are setting the stage for the worst sectarian genocide seen in the Middle East since the Christian Crusades.

The Obama administration and Brennan have radically changed how the American foreign policy and intelligence apparatuses have traditionally viewed Syria. In a 1985 Confidential CIA report on political stability in nations with authoritarian regimes, the government of Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father, was viewed by the CIA as managing to «keep a lid on internal turmoil». Assad’s ability to govern a «Syrian society – extensively organized and divided along ethnic, religious, and regional lines» was recognized as a stabilizing factor in a chronically unstable region. The elder Assad was recognized by the CIA for keeping «the marked political fissures in Syria from cracking wide open». As in Iraq, the Baath Party in Syria was seen by the CIA as a force for «social mobilization and control» but also secularism.

However, Obama has now permitted people with dubious agendas like Brennan, as well as «Responsibility to Protect» neophytes like national security adviser Susan Rice, her deputy Ben Rhodes, and UN ambassador Samantha Power, to radically alter how the United States treats countries like Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Sudan.

It is clear that the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia have carried out false flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria to justify Western military action against the country. One of the architects of using false flag terror attacks against the Syrian government is Graham Fuller, a former CIA middle East guru and close adviser to three CIA directors, William Casey, Robert Gates, and William Webster, and the ex-father-in-law and current CIA Chechen front business partner of Ruslan Tsarnaev, the uncle of Tamerlan and Dzkokhar Tsarnaev, the accused Boston Marathon bombers (Tamerlan was reportedly involved in anti-Russian jihadist activities in Dagestan and Chechnya on behalf of the CIA). A SECRET CIA memo from Fuller to Casey, dated February 23, 1984, calls for the CIA to encourage Lebanese Christian Phalange forces or right wing Christian officers in the Lebanese Army «to carry out terrorist attacks against the Syrian presence in Lebanon». This document proves that the CIA has used terrorism as an instrument of American foreign policy in the Middle East since the 1980s and there is no reason to believe that terrorist actions like the Syrian rebels’ false flag chemical attack on civilians does not continue to represent U.S. strategy in the region.

Obama’s planned military attack on Syria will open up a sectarian and ethnic bloodbath in Syria that will spill across Syria’s borders into Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey. Far from being a «limited action» the war resolution before Congress gives Obama six months of military action in Syria with a three month extension. Nine months of warfare is not «limited» in any definition of the term. What Obama is doing is completing a task laid out by some elements in the CIA in the 1980s: to rid the Middle East of pan-Arab Socialist Baathist and Baathist-like governments in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and South Yemen. The fall of Syria will complete the plan.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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