Who is in charge of Ukraine today?

The dominant condescending and appeasing tone towards the new Ukrainian authorities in the West clearly contradicts to its democratic and humanitarian values, it persistently promotes in the world. Any attentive unbiased observer of the situation in this post-Soviet state and the Western policies in the region cannot help but feel a sense of déjà vu when watching transatlantic public declarations in support of “the legitimate Ukrainian government”, brought to the power and still controlled by the radical ultranationalists representing a scarce minority of the population of Ukraine. Indeed, the raise of Hitler in Germany in the early 1930s was carried out using almost identical political technologies and social instruments as in today’s Ukraine. The careful study of the current developments and diplomatic maneuvers around Ukraine would shed a new light on the origins of the Nazi movement in Germany in the last century as well.


Ukrainian neo-Nazi organizations were the driving force behind the coup d’etat committed in Kiev in late February. The ultranationalist Pravy (Right) Sector, led by Dmitro Yarosh, the self-styled Ukrainian Fuhrer, is the most publicized of them. Yarosh is backed by a number of the neo-fascist paramilitary organizations that make up the “self-defense of Maidan” and sport neo-Nazi symbols (a modified swastika and Celtic cross). They pay homage to the legacy of the war-time Banderite Organization of Ukrainian NationalistsUkrainian Insurgent Army and the Galician division of the SS, blasphemously enduing them with “sacred” meaning.

FREEDOM_06The Svoboda (“Freedom”) Party is the political front for the Ukrainian neo-Nazi movement. It has been the beneficiary of almost half the political appointments made by the “provisional government” in Kiev, and its leader, Oleg Tyahnybok, is one of the three who rose to fame as the “leaders of the Euromaidan movement.” The party won more than 2.5 million votes in the last election (looking at Western Ukraine separately, a large percentage of the registered voters there are already part of this party’s electoral base). According to the party’s program, Tyahnybok’s followers plan to introduce a mandatory “Nationality” category in Ukrainian passports, in order to facilitate the identification of Muscovites and Jews, to extend the right to own firearms to everyone (except the mentally ill), and to insert a provision in the Constitution of Ukraine proclaiming that the current government is the rightful heir to the Ukrainian state that was established by the legal act of June 30, 1941, which stated,

“The new Ukrainian power will work closely with the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which under the leadership of Adolf Hitler is creating a new order in Europe and assisting the Ukrainian nation to rid itself of its occupiers from Moscow…”

Another point in the Svoboda program is also worth of note – the determination to return Ukraine to the status of a nuclear power and to acquire a “tactical nuclear-missile arsenal.” Can you imagine an independent Ukraine with nuclear weapons and Dmitro Yarosh as its president?

Battle tactics

As the German Nazis did in the 1920s and 1930s, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis seized power in the wake of mass riots accompanied by killings. The insurgents characterized even the sluggish response by the legitimate authorities as the “suppression of freedom and terrorism at the hands of Communist Jews.” Attempts of civil resistance against the coup were labeled as “intrigues contrived by the agents of Moscow.” The putschist propaganda, taking advantage of “freedom of speech,” wailed to the whole world about the “suppression of peaceful protests”. And when these howls of protest were not enough, “mysterious snipers” began to assassinate people in downtown Kiev. This is exactly how Hitler and his supporters came to power in Germany.  The new regime in Kiev is now idolizing anyone who was seizing administrative buildings with ashow of weapons, beating the political opponents, torturing official, law-enforcement officers and journalists in public. The junta in Kiev and its henchmen are attempting to use force to suppress any popular protests in the southeastern regions, as they tried to do in Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine) on March 13.

The Ukrainian fascists’ massive torchlight processions were borrowed directly from the Nazi playbook and include chanted slogans such as “Ukraine above all,”“Glory to the nation – death to its enemies,” and so on. The black and red Banderite flag that was raised before the Supreme Rada of Ukraine in Kiev is a direct allusion to the black and red flag of Nazi Germany.

The false pathos of a “national revolution” is being forcibly impressed upon the consciousness of the citizens of Ukraine, who have been mesmerized into zombie-like submission by the events on Independence Square. This charade culminated in Kiev in the early morning of Feb.22, 2014 – when the ink was still wet on the agreement to normalize the political crisis, an ambitious, loaded gambit that was “guaranteed” by the foreign ministers of Germany, France, and Poland, plus a representative of the European Union.


The cult of the “Heavenly Hundred” of Independence Square is a direct borrowing from the cult of the “Martyrs’ Movement” in Nazi Germany, although not even Hitler and his cronies during the Beer Hall Putsch hired snipers to shoot at their own. The establishment of absolute control over the media, the repression of political opponents, and the creation of a nationalist psychosis in the country is now being carried out by a regime of Ukrainian nationalsts under the slogan “Do Not Betray the Heavenly Hundred!”The neo-Nazi propagandists declare any departure from the totalitarian methods used to battle dissenters to be a betrayal of the “Martyrs’ Movement.”

The dream of constructing a state that would unify the German nation always held center stage in the mythology of Nazism.  And eradicating the Russian language from all realms of life is a high priority for the new regime. The infamous desire for integration into Europe is being cast as a sacred act in the mythology of the new regime, as though it represented an escape to Europe from the “barbaric Asian” hordes from Moscow.  There is a deadly irony in the fact that the very word “maidan” is of Asian origin and entered the Ukrainian language as a vestige of the influence left on the culture of Rus’ Minor by the Tartar-Mongol hordes.

Religious policy

The ultranationalist position of the schismatic “Patriarchate of Kiev” and the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic (Uniate) Church has become the religious basis of the supporters of Independence Square and the Ukrainian insurgents who have seized power.  But that Uniate Church has a loaded Banderite-Nazi past. The religious and ideological role of the “Patriarchate of Kiev” in the new regime’s frame of referenceis similar to the position that was allocated to Ludwig Müller’s German Evangelical Church by the leaders of the Third Reich.  And just as the Nazis set out to create a unified, national Lutheran Church of the Reich, today’s Ukrainian Nazis promote a program that includes the demand for a unified, national “local” Ukrainian church.

Neo-Nazi “laws”

The first deeply symbolic act of the new Ukrainian regime was to abolish the law on regional languages, which to some degree guaranteed the basic rights of the ethnically Russian and Russian-speaking majority of Ukraine’s population at the local level. However, Oleksandr Turchynov, the so-called “president of Ukraine” was encouraged not to sign this act. A short break was seen as advantageous for the regime in its fight against the Russians.  The new law on languages is now being drafted by the commission chaired by the Russophobe and neo-Nazi Volodymyr Yavorivsky, with the help of the lunatic Iryna Farion.  According to one of the committee members, the authors of the new “law” were eager to introduce a “language police” within the country, but, facing European grudge, decided to temporarily delete any reference to the Russian language from the text. (Russian is the primary language spoken in Ukraine.)

The first tentative steps taken by the clique in Kiev have also included a ban on the broadcasting of Russian TV channels and the tacit approval of the destruction of monuments, which the Ukrainian fascists believe are a reminder of the fact that Ukraine and Russia are one. The leader of the Svoboda Party, which has a broad presence in the “provisional government,” has already announced the need to ban public communication in Russian and has offered to make de-Russification one of the nation’s goals, equating it with decriminalization. All of which is the insurgents’ first attempt to test drive their own Ukrainian version of Nazi Germany’s sinister Nuremberg Laws.

The administration of violence and oppression

Olexander Turchinov at a session of "Supreme Rada".
Olexander Turchinov at a session of “Supreme Rada”.

On March 13, 2014, Ukraine’s national legislative body Supreme Rada (currently unconstitutional), still at the gunpoint of “self-defense of Maidan,” adopted a resolution on the creation of a “National Guard” of 60,000 stormtroopers, whose jobs will include the protection of “public order” (modeled on the German “new order” over its occupied territories) and the suppression of “disturbances” (popular protests) during a state of emergency, as well as assistance to defend the borders (from Russia, naturally), and participation in military operations in the event of war. The“self-defense of Maidan” and Right Sector will make up the backbone of these armed forces.

Just like the German stormtroopers, these battalion, mostly originated from L’vov (Western Ukraine) will be retaliatory and frontline units – analogous to the Waffen SS. In their era, the Nazis quickly got rid of the Wehrmacht generals who dared to oppose the creation and arming of an“Army of the Party.” Using the same game plan, acting “prime minister” Arseny Yatsenyuk did not hesitate to fire three Ukrainian deputy ministers of defense who dared to oppose the lunatic plan to arm Right Sector.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian Security Service, and prosecutor’s office will soon no longer exist in Ukraine. They have been assigned a single, primary goal – to identify skeptics and dissenters and punish them. Anonymous hotlines are being advertised everywhere, urging vigilant citizens to “snitch” about any “separatists” they may know, telephones are being tapped, email is being hacked, and intimidation with the threat of criminal prosecution and a summons to the Ukrainian Security Service is evident. Undercover agents do not bother to conceal their actions when photographing anyone who shows up for anti-fascist protests. A lustration committee has been created to rid the state bureaucracy of “unreliable elements.” After a blanket amnesty for all the “heroes of Maidan,” up to and including murderers, a wave of new criminal cases were opened against “separatists,”“federalists,” and those who took part in the “seizure” of administrative buildings in the Southeast, etc. A system of unlimited surveillance and persecution is being established at breakneck speed in Ukraine. This system, which is now consolidating all the punitive government agencies, is a Ukrainian version of the German Gestapo.

Those who disagree with the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine are being so massively persecuted that the country could soon witness another Kristallnacht like the one orchestrated by Nazi stormtroopers in November 1938 throughout Germany.

Should the Russians sit around and wait for this? Currently those who have been summoned for questioning and then thrown into the torture chambers run by the Ukrainian Security Service number in the dozens.  Later, there will be hundreds, thousands…

Yet there is no sign that the accomplices of Kievan neo-Nazis sitting in Washington and Brussels regret about their failed strategy of ousting Russia from the Ukrainian affairs. They baselessly believe that the neo-Nazi beast they fed in Ukraine is still leashed…

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  3. We were warned in the 1990’s when the West attacked Yugoslavia, aiding and abetting Croatian Nazis and Muslim jihadis (Bosnia and Kosovo) but few in the West noticed. I remember being shocked and frightened then as it violated everything I believed in the moral and ethical principles behind the founding of America. I realized that the America that I believed in was passing away. I was surprised but should not have been surprised to see the US behind fascists/nazi types in Ukraine. The US has been consistent in its use of those types at least since the 1990’s in the Balkans, Middle East (Egypt, Syria, Libya), Chechnya, and now Ukraine.

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