Dutch Professor apologizing for MH17 tragedy media coverage in the Netherlands

ORIENTAL REVIEW publishes an Open Letter to President Putin by  Dutch Professor Cees J. Hamelink on the furious 3-weeks-long international media campaign blaming Russia in the tragedy of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine on July 17, 2014. Today when the perpetrators are clearly determined (a Ukrainian air wing supported by air-defence on the ground, as it was recently acknowledged by the mainstream ruling party-affiliated press in Malaysia), the governments of Netherlands, UK and Ukraine are trying to conceal the results of investigation. So now it is critically important not to let them silence the issue. We should demand a transparent investigation and bring the perpetrators (Western-backed criminal regime in Kiev) to justice.

The text was originally published at the web-site of Dutch NGO “Reverse”.

Dear Mr. President Putin,

Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many people here in the Netherlands for our Government and our Media. The facts concerning MH17 are twisted to defame you and your country.

We are powerless onlookers, as we witness how the Western Nations, led by the United States, accuse Russia of crimes they commit themselves more than anybody else. We reject the double standards that are used for Russia and the West. In our societies, sufficient evidence is required for a conviction. The way you and your Nation are convicted for ‘crimes’ without evidence, is ruthless and despicable.

You have saved us from a conflict in Syria that could have escalated into a World War. The mass killing of innocent Syrian civilians through gassing by ‘Al-Qaeda’ terrorists, trained and armed by the US and paid for by Saudi Arabia, was blamed on Assad. In doing so, the West hoped public opinion would turn against Assad, paving the way for an attack on Syria.

Not long after this, Western forces have built up, trained and armed an ‘opposition’ in the Ukraine, to prepare a coup against the legitimate Government in Kiev. The putschists taking over were quickly recognized by Western Governments. They were provided with loans from our tax money to prop their new Government up.

The people of the Crimea did not agree with this and showed this with peaceful demonstrations. Anonymous snipers and violence by Ukrainian troops turned these demonstrations into demands for independence from Kiev. Whether you support these separatist movements is immaterial, considering the blatant Imperialism of the West. Russia is wrongly accused, without evidence or investigation, of delivering the weapons systems that allegedly brought down #MH17. For this reason Western Governments claim they have a right to economically pressure Russia.

We, citizens of the West, who see the lies and machinations of our Governments, wish to offer you our apologies for what is done in our name.

It’s unfortunately true, that our media have lost all independence and are just mouthpieces for the Powers that Be. Because of this, Western people tend to have a warped view of reality and are unable to hold their politicians to account.

Our hopes are focused on your wisdom. We want Peace. We see that Western Governments do not serve the people but are working towards a New World Order. The destruction of sovereign nations and the killing of millions of innocent people is, seemingly, a price worth paying for them, to achieve this goal.

We, the people of the Netherlands, want Peace and Justice, also for and with Russia.

We hope to make clear that the Dutch Government speaks for itself only. We pray our efforts will help to diffuse the rising tensions between our Nations.

Professor Cees Hamelink


cees_hamelink-113x150Dr. Cees J. Hamelink is Emeritus Professor of International Communication at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently Professor for Management of Information and Knowledge at the University of Aruba, Professor of Human Rights and Public Health at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, and Honorary Professor of the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. He is also the editor-in-chief of the International Communication Gazette and Honorary president of the International Association for Media and Communication Research. He is author of 17 monographs on communication and culture.

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  1. Wilson John Haire

    Only the Ukraine had a lot to gain with the downing of the airliner. They are a bunch of fascists who look to WW2 and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union with nostalgia.

  2. Red Storm

    did the dutch media cover this letter?

  3. Yup … another ‘new world order’ conspiracy fruitcake. Poor students in Aruba. Putin … with friends like this one, you really don’t need any enemies.

  4. So far it is not covered in the Netherlands. What is clear to me is that his referral to “great many people” is not true. Personally I agree about what he writes about Syria. The rest is typical for what is said by those who have always taken the russian stance. Most of them are grounded in marxist ideology.

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  6. Informed Dutchman

    The Dutch media havn’t spelled a single word about this letter.

  7. It is a hoax. The professor has been informed and denies ever having seen this letter. Moreover, the Russian translation appears to diverse seriously from the original Dutch letter.

  8. maartenw

    Red Storm: no they didn’t. In my view this is a misinterpretation at best and a scam at worst. The original post appeared on http://ommekeer-nederland.nl/brief-met-excuses-aan-president-putin/

    The letter is signed by “several dutch citizens” who otherwise remain anonymous but I’ll bet that it’s just the two men who admin that fringe opinion website. There is also a PDF which has a link to a video of a presentation of Prof. Hamelink just below the last word of the PDF, which is “sincerely” which to the speedy reader may look as if it is signed by Cees Hamelink. To be frank, I would be very cross if I was prof Hamelink.

    Prof Hamelink is highly critical of news spinning in times of crisis, and I bet he would not be happy that his name is being linked to what very much smacks like propaganda in the guise of freedom of expression and has little to do with the truth behind the MH17 tragedy, which no doubt will never be fully revealed. I think orientalreview.su should check its sources better.

  9. It is ironic,that prof. Hamelink, who has been critical of the media in crisis situations, now himself is used as a propaganda-tool…

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