Information battles on Ukraine hit the UN Security Council

Since early August the information war of the West against Russia has entered a new phase. The UN humanitarian institutions have eventually recognized that the dramatic plight of people in Ukraine is a result of regional armed conflict in the east of the country. On August 5th Russia called a United Nations Security Council meeting to hear the report on Ukraine by John Ging, Director, Coordination and Response Division, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Some figures made public testified to the fact that the situation is terrible and the country is nearing collapse…

For the first time a United Nations official admitted that at least 1,367 deaths and 4,087 injuries to civilians and combatants were recorded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Human Rights Monitoring Mission since the start of conflict in mid-April. 3.9 million people living in the conflict zone were facing imminent security risks. In Donetsk and Luhansk, home to 1.5 million people, the water supply had been reduced to a few hours per day (currently the portable water supply is completely cut in both cities – OR).

It was also admitted for the first time that the numbers of internally displaced persons increased considerably with 58,000 fleeing since July and about a thousand more were being added to this figure daily. 168 677 Ukrainians have crossed the Russian border. Nearly 60,000 people had applied for refugee status there and 115,952 had applied for other forms of legal stay. Still, many others had not registered or applied officially for assistance.

All these admissions were made unwillingly accompanied by many reservations. John Gang adduced the figure 168 677, but the very same day the European head of the United Nations agency for refugees said about 730,000 Ukrainians had left the country for Russia this year. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) European director Vincent Cochetel said that this figure excluded people who would normally have crossed the border for trade or tourism purposes. So, it looks like Mr. Gang misinformed the United Nations Security Council reducing the number of victims by more than three times!

But even with figures reduced it was the first time the United Nations ever reported on the long-time suffering of civilian population in Ukraine. Suffice it to remember the remarks by US State Department spokeswoman said that Ukrainians  «could be to go visit their grandmother and come back.».

The very fact that the report was made at a United Nations Security Council meeting is a big win for Russian diplomacy which made the United Nations raise the issue of war victims.

628x471It was an achievement indeed. It is confirmed by the bitter reaction of Russia’s Western partners who lost their temper (a rare occasion) on August 5. One more thing is important enough to be mentioned here. The reasons offered by the countries of the West to explain the deterioration of the humanitarian situation evidently don’t hold water. There is neither rhythm nor reason there. They are not ready to see the real state of things and admit the truth.

For instance the representative of France said, «The number of internally displaced persons is increasing, as pointed out by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Why is that the case? It is because people are fleeing the fighting precipitated by the separatists, who have refused to accept the hand extended by President Poroshenko. It is because people are fleeing separatist attacks in the areas they control — attacks that are becoming deadlier every day».  The representative of the United States said, «As a result of the ongoing violence in eastern Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians have had to flee their homes. Many have been subjected to harassment, arbitrary detention and killing at the hands of Russian-supported separatists. The general environment of insecurity and instability has contributed to a growing number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) inside Ukraine and in those seeking refuge outside of Ukraine».

The Western representatives wage their information war behaving like bold but arrogant schoolchildren mixing things up while explaining why they did not prepare for the lesson. Do they really lack wits? Do they really have no gumption to invent anything better than the story about the people being terrorized by «Russia-supported terrorists» fleeing Ukraine…to Russia!»

Here is another example of Western what the «aces» of information battles have to offer.

The representative of Great Britain said, «In those areas that remain under separatist control, civilians are increasingly vulnerable. The United Nations reports that separatists have deliberately targeted critical public utilities, including water, electricity and sewage plants. They have replaced the rule of law with what the United Nations describes as the rule of violence, thereby creating an atmosphere of fear, intimidation and harassment». The representative of Australia says ditto. With anger he told the Council that, «Reports of armed groups deliberately targeting civilian facilities such as electricity and water plants, roads and bridges are alarming. Such attacks on facilities that are necessary in order to sustain the well-being — indeed, the lives — of civilians must cease. Civilian infrastructure must be protected and respected».

Only an idiot could come up with exactly this explanation: according to all these versions the self-defense forces destroy themselves purposefully to lose the support of local population, to doom the outcome of the battle and make sure that they have no chance to survive.

Representative of Ukraine Oleksandr Pavlichenko introduced the council to the position of Ukraine. He made no bones about it while saying, «As my delegation has stated previously, there is no humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, as continually portrayed by our Russian colleagues».  That’s the way it is, we have said so and will continue to cling to the same position.

All told, one thing is clear: the people who use the issue of Ukraine for waging information war against Russia use rude, arrogant and extremely unscrupulous and cruel methods. This is evident and they cannot change themselves and do it any other way. So the concerned civil societies should put pressure on their governments toreplace them.

s1Alexander Mezyaev is a Russian lawyer, Chief of the Department of the Constitutional and International Law of the Public Management University of Tatarstan. He lives in Kazan, Russia.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation (reprinted with abridgements and slight editorial corrections)


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