Hammering out Cold War 2.0: actors and victims

ORIENTAL REVIEW publishes the full report made by Professor Vladimir Kozin from the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies at the European security conference held in Athens (Greece) on Oct 30-31, 2014.

The report was dedicated to the current and emerging military and political challenges the European continent is facing, most of them a result of unbalanced policy the US and NATO are imposing on their European partners. Professor Kozin made the general review of pending issues on disarmament, nuclear deterrence and strategic stability. He blamed Washington of expanding its military infrastructure closer to the Russian borders and leading international arms control regime into a dead lock.

Professor Kozin’s presentation provides abundant argumentation supporting the assertion that the United States and its NATO allies are launching a new Cold War, much less predictable and more menacing for the international security and stability comparing to the Soviet-Western face-off of the last century. It threatens to freeze the disarmament process, provokes the implementation of the most cynical media manipulation techniques and fosters aggressive ultra-nationalism and fanaticism. The fundamental liberal principles – the priority of human rights and dignity as well as basic economic and business freedoms introduced by WTO are unscrupulously sacrificed in favor of the restrictive and sanctioning regimes against a nation declared hostile. Even direct economic losses of the European companies which would reach, according to some experts, a fantastic figure of 1 trillion USD as a result of anti-Russian sanctions, still do not make the EU bureaucracy more rational and prudent in complying with the political demands from the overseas.

kozin report
Click to download Prof.Kozin’s report in PDF.

The Ukrainian crisis, its roots and players were thoroughly analyzed and presented in the report. Professor Kozin emphasized that the Ukrainian disaster, caused by irresponsible Washington and Brussels’ policy to forcefully involve Ukraine into the Western sphere of control, would eventually lead to dangerous dissemination of neo-Nazi, ultranationalist, fascist and extremist ideas and elements within European societies. He also draw the audience’ attention to latest data concerning the course of investigation of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 catastrophe over Ukraine this summer.

List of topics covered in the report:

What are the major “old” threats and challenges to the European security?

Who is responsible for unleashing the Cold War 2.0?

What are the new challenges and threats in the arms control?

Other security challenges in Europe:

– Hostile accusations and war-flagging rhetoric;

– Economic and financial sanctions;

– Color Revolutions & Hybrid Wars.

What are the ways from the impasse of the Cold War 2.0?

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