Minister Lavrov in Munich: ‘European Security sabotaged by the US’

Full video and fragments of the speech by the Russian FM Sergey Lavrov at the Munich Security Conference 2015:

“Recent development in Ukraine have corroborated our warnings. Remember Pres. Putin’s speech here in Munich in 2007.”

“At every stage of the Ukrainian crisis Washington has been taking steps that “only promoted further aggravation of the situation.”

“We cannot understand why in Afghanistan, Yemen and Mali the West is calling on the governments to hold talks with the opposition, in some cases even with extremists, whereas in regard to the Ukrainian crisis, the West is indulging Kiev in its military operation.”

“Russia is set to promote the peace process in Ukraine.We consistently stand against further warring, we advocate withdrawal of heavy weapons and initiating direct talks between Kiev and the militia in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.”

“There is no military solution to the Ukrainian crisis. This was proved last summer when the situation on the battlefield forced [Kiev] to sign the Minsk agreement. It is being proved now that another attempt to gain a military victory is withering away.”

“European security is based on the UN Charter and Helsinki Declaration principles, long sabotaged by the actions of the US and its allies.”

“We would like to understand if our partners share our point of view or if they prefer to continue the course of deepening the split in the pan-European space and contrasting fragments. Do they want to create an architectural security with Russia, without Russia, or against Russia?”


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    3. Lavrov is all class, a great diplomat. Kerry on the other hand a complete joke and if you want to go back further, Hillary Clinton the complete war criminal if ever there was one.

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