The Great War For The Middle East

Our form of democracy is bribery, on the highest scale;

It makes no difference who Americans vote for- the two parties (property parties) are really one party representing four percent of the people – quotes from (late) Gore Vidal.

The planning for conquest of the Middle East started with the end of the Vietnam War in April 1975. America, under neo-conservative economic and political guidance, disengaged from Indochina for the engagement process in the Middle East. After some setbacks and time lags, the Great War for the Middle East has started with connivance from the Gulf Arab monarchies. For America and its proxy Israel, the biggest setbacks have come from China and Iran.

The Shah of Iran and his monarchy crumbled on that eventful day of February 1, 1979 when Khomeni returned to Tehran to be welcomed by a tumultuous crowd chanting “Islam, Islam, Khomeni, we will follow you”. Khomeini preached that revolt against injustice and tyranny was part of Shia Islam, and that Muslims should reject the influence of both liberal capitalism and communism with the slogan “Neither East, nor West – Islamic Republic!” Khomeni, portrayed by the US as evil, was lauded for his humility by Robert Fisk in his book “The Great War for Civilization and the Conquest of the Middle East.”

Shia Revival: How Conflict Within Islam will Shape the Future” was published in 2006 by Iranian born Vali Nasr, an American academic specializing in the Middle East and Islam. Vali Nasr is currently the Dean of the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Chapters 7 -9 (Iraq: The First Shia Arab State; The Rise of Iran and The Battle for the Middle East) make up the most interesting reading. Vali Nasr’s assessments are being substantiated by current developments in the Middle East.

What I’m writing is not anything based upon Vali Nasr’s book but substantiating his works based upon my recent three articles – P5+1 N-TALKS OUTCOME, NETAHYAHU VICTORY, SAUDI ARABIA AND IRAN and PETROCURRENCY WAR published on the websites WondersofPakistan, Countercurrents and OrientalReview, respectively in March 2015.

The American approach towards Iran is based on bribery – we will lift the UN sanctions and provide economic concessions. Both are unacceptable to Iran. Iran seeks to implement the Khomeni ideology – the revolt against injustice and tyranny that the west under the American tutelage is imposing upon Muslims under guidance of the neo-conservatives controlling the two party “democratic” property systems as one party representing four percent of the Americans. Americans are treating the Middle East as their property with help from Europeans and the Arab monarchies. The result is bound to be a massive failure but not without a war for the Middle East involving Iran, China and Russia.

What is most interesting is the American role. They may be following the British divide and rule policy or are trying to kill a few (not two) birds with one stone. Is the nature of talks with the Iranians to evaluate their military strengths or is it to withdraw the support for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies considering the extremist strategies which they’ve been sponsoring? CNN had reported on March 15, 2015 John Kerry stating that the US must eventually negotiate with Assad (of Syria) to remove him from power and bring the Syrian civil war to a close. Iran may agree but that would require replacing Assad with a president who’d support Iran, not otherwise. Iran has over the past five years succeeded in supporting Assad against a bunch of creepy thugs and it is difficult that they’d relent to US demands. Iranians are tough negotiators and have demonstrated this in their N-talks with Americans and the Europeans. After all, the most successful negotiators are those that give an inch and gain a mile.

The Great War for the Middle East started on March 26, 2015 as the Saudis started the bombing 99876campaign against the Iranian backed Yemeni Houthis. The campaign involved fighter jets from five GCC monarchies, Morocco, Sudan and Jordan with naval support from Pakistan and Egypt – the 10 member Sunni coalition. However, Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khwaja Asif stated that “Instead of aggravating the situation by participating in it, Pakistan should do what it can to prevent it ─ for the alliance and unity of the Muslim world.” Meanwhile the United States said that it would provide military and intelligence support to the offensive against Houthi militants in Yemen. Houthi leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi stated on al-Masirah TV, saying, “If any army try to invade our country, we will prove that Yemen will be a grave for those who invade us.” Iran and Iraq quickly denounced the attacks.

The coalition could also face backlashes from Shias in Pakistan, Bahrain and Kuwait which make up 20%, 55% and 25% of their populations respectively, resulting in civil wars.

The US and its allies, not discounting Israel, hope that both Shias and Sunnis will destroy themselves in this war and after a few years of massacre and bloodbath, the Middle East will finally be their prized property with its resources. It is their hope that China and Russia will both become involved. Russia has been alienated by the US in Ukraine. China’s yuan has become the Achilles Heel for the US dollar and as such the American administration has to ensure that the global petrocurrency should remain the dollar. I’d mentioned in my article Petrocurrency war that Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had told Hillary Clinton to only use force against China as a last resort. The US cannot and will not use direct force but it can and will engage China in a currency war. Where else to defeat it but in the Middle East?

The Gulf monarchies have sold their extremist ideologies to the Muslim countries, most notably Pakistan and Afghanistan which are the heartlands of injustice, oppression and tyranny against their people. In both these countries the political and justice systems have failed while the US continues to prop up the civilian governments with economic bribery while the military is engaged in fighting terrorism. Neither of the two countries seems to be willing to learn from their past follies of being vassal states. The Islamic State (IS) is also a terrorist organization purportedly supported by Saudi financing. They too have to be destroyed in the war and thus far both Iran and Iraq are proving to be a solid match for the thugs. On February 14, 2015 Iraqi forces supported by Kurdish fighters managed to push IS out of the town of Sulaiman Bek, south of Kirkuk. The IS are on the run in Iraq.

The dawn of a new Civilization will start with the end of the Great War for the Middle East – a civilization based on mankind’s desire for humanity, tolerance, justice, respect and peace based upon Divine teachings. How long will the war continue? Maybe as long as 5 years but for now, the war has the potential to engulf the Muslim world in a huge ball of fire but in the end it will be an Islamic revival, not Shia revival or Sunni domination or the prized property of any other system.

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