Netanyahu, War Crimes and the Future of Palestinean State

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ridiculous claim that a Palestinian persuaded Adolf Hitler to exterminate the Jews of Europe was referred to as a Holocaust Blunder and roundly criticized in the New York Times editorial of 22 October and around the world. Mr Netanyahu has since retracted his statement. The retraction, however is couched in language so clearly nuanced as to make it not plausible. He said Hitler was responsible for the Final Solution to exterminate six million Jews……….“ , but added “It is equally absurd to ignore the role played by the mufti, Haj Amin al Husseini, a war criminal, for encouraging and urging Hitler.” I venture to suggest Netanyahu’s statement was not a blunder and his retraction a mere cover up. Both statements are a a stratagem to inflame Jewish passions against the disenfranchised Palestinian people through obfuscation of facts with the view to a maintained status in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Gideon Levy, a courageous Israeli journalist, put it this way, in an address to the National Press Club. First, the Israelis are taught to believe they are the “chosen people”and therefore have the right, in line with what former Prime Minister Golda Meir once said, “After the Holocaust, the Jews have the right to do whatever they want.”  Second, the pervasive sense of past victimization has so smothered Israeli public emotions that they can live in peace, oblivious to the brutal reality occurring in their own back yard. Finally, while history abounds with tales of brutal occupation, never has an occupying power presented itself as a victim, and as the only victim around. A Jewish mindset has thus developed to not recognize Palestinians as human beings worthy of equal treatment.

In this scenario, it is hard to see how a peaceful solution to the conflict can be achieved.

Children-play-outside-a-p-007President Obama,  in his Cairo speech, in the first days of his Presidency, extolled Islam’s great contributions to the world in the fields of the Sciences Art and Architecture, and its ethical values of Justice and Tolerance. He spoke emotionally about the plight of the Palestinians and pledged to “personally pursue” efforts to fulfill the aspirations of both sides of the conflict through the creation of two states, each living in peace and security. That pledge has not come to fruition despite his best efforts. Given the fierce pressures from the powerful Jewish lobby in the United States, the next President will face a dauntingly impossible task. Clearly, it now behooves the European Union, in concert with the United Nations and the broader international community,  to “grasp the nettle” and to help resolve this protracted and painful conundrum. Only then will the Israelis be able to enjoy the  security they always cherished and deserve and the Palestinians to move out of their wretched state to a life of dignity and hope.

The views expressed are fully of the author and do not necessarily reflect ones of ORIENTAL REVIEW Editorial.

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    SOLUTIONS will come when leaders and people REALISE that Adam and Eve are dead – and different RACES have been spawned – whose intellectual contours are DEFINED ONLY BY RELIGION OR ATHEISM OR AGNOSTICISM.(Rationality is a part of the last 2)

    FACT is that even the JORDANIANS AND SYRIANS,do NOT want Palestinians (THEIR BROTHERS) in their nation.The word PALESTINE,in 5 BC was a part of Syria,and NOT ISRAEL.

    It is because the world and the UN are NOT interested in a SOLUTION and do NOT have a solution and are incapable of a SOLUTION,AND SO THEY SPIN THIS “WE ARE 1 RACE,1 BROTHERHOOD,1 DNA WITH 1 GOD…”.

    Divisions into RACES AND SECTS is the SOLUTION,as each race has a right to seclude,evolve and THEN INTEGRATE.That is the path to evolution and salvation.Else,they get swamped with the majority,and are stunted and stifled.

    Hence,besides Justice,the Palestinians HAVE TO GET A NATION,NOT on principles of Justice or History – but because,they are a DIFFERENT RACE,and they have a RIGHT TO EVOLVE.The Jews of Israel have excelled in their NATION,as they have a SEPARATE NATION,for themselves.There is nothing SPECIAL in the land of Israel – as Oil,Gas and the Minerals of the Dead Sea,are scattered all over the world – but the JEWS could NOT have replicated their success,anywhere else.

    That is also Y Kashmir,deserves a separate nation – and then,the Indian Muslims (who are genetic brothers of Hindoos) and the Dalits and possibly the Shia minorities in GCC nations.They might DOOM their NEW NATIONS – but that is their EVOLUTIONARY RIGHT !

    Arabs existed from the time of Moses – BUT the fact is that their LINK to Abraham is VIA HAGAR – who was an Abyssinian SLAVE – who was mistreated and abused by Sarah – whom Abraham could NOT protect, and who was asked by Abraham to EXIT HIS house,with their child (Ishmael).Hence,from INCECPTION, the Jews treated the Arabs and Ishamelites,as INFERIOR – and glossing over this,is NOT UTOPIA – but intellectual suicide.Besides,Ishmael was also CHEATED by Isaac ! dindooohindoo

    The Hebrew Bible does NOT treat the injunction from Allah,to ask Abraham to exit Hagar,as the CAUSAL REASON,OF THE ACTION OF ABRAHAM.The Jewish scriptures treat it as the FIRST DIVINE CONDONATION of the discrimination of Hagar and her son,and their lineage – as a divine injunction,of the SEPARATION OF RACES AND 1 SUPERIOR RACE.

    This was ALSO affirmed many centuries later,by Jesus who stated that “He came to deliver the Law to the Chosen People” – and then when the CHOSEN PEOPLE ABUSED HIM – Jesus changed COURSE,probably to SLIGHT THE JEWS – and then things went out of control – and the REST IS HISTORY OR PAUL’s STORY.

    But we are all 1 – with 2 hands and feet,eyes,ears,the same red colour blood (the Bachhan Dialogue) ……..just like Baboons.SCIENCE has proven that humans and apes have a 99% common DNA,and Humans and Rats have a 98% common DNA – and what does that prove ?

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