Islamic Scholar on Syria, Crimea and the End of Times

This interview by the famous Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein to a Serbian portal was given a few days after Russian Air-Space Forces launched the counter-terrorist campaign in Syria. Sheikh Imran, who currently lives in Malaysia, is the prominent preacher of peaceful and harmonic co-existance of the Christians & Muslims and an ardient critic of the militant bogus Islamist, as he calls the adepts of the Wahhabi cult and other Islamic deviations.

In this outstanding (although not very much “politically correct”) interview, Sheikh Imran relates on why the Syrian war has much wider historical significance than a mere regional conflict, what is the essense of the Ukrainian crisis whose demiurges have suffered strategic defeat the day when Crimea rejoined Russia, exposes the genuine cause of the “refugee exodus” to Europe and shares his stabbing insight into the real agent behind the looming WWIII.

Below is the text of the interview with minor cuts:

  • What can you tell us about the events in Syria and what do you see as the most probable development?

From the perspective of Islamic eschatology, Syria is in the very heart of the End of History. There are three main actors of the End of History. The most important of them is the return of Jesus, the Son of Mariam, the Messiah. Another figure is the False Messiah. Christians call him Anti-Christ, while Prophet Mohammad (s.a.a.w) called him Masih ad-Dajjal. And the third important figure is the Imam al-Mahdi, or Prince. All three will be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi will already be there. Dajjal will come to attack him. And at the time when Dajjal will be ready for confrontation with Mahdi, the Messiah returns.

What happens in Syria is of paramount importance to the Christians and Muslims because these are the two civilizations which believe that False Messiah would come.

The Arab Spring is a cover project of Israel to take control of the entire Middle East. Those fools doing their bogus jihad are taking weapons and money to fight Israel’s wars. Israel needed to take control of Libya not only because Qaddafi challenged its monetary dominion (gold) but because Israel needs to expand its territory in order to fulfill the Biblical frontiers of the Holy Land from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates. In order to occupy Egypt they need to invade it from the East and from the West. That’s why they needed Libya. You can bomb Egypt from the East and West, from Mediterranean Sea and you have Sudan and Ethiopia to assist you from the South. So Egypt is surrounded. Egypt’s goose is cooked now thanks to this bogus jihad!

Same thing was happening to Syria. It was a planned armed insurrection, not a spontaneous uprising! Planned armed insurrection, funded and armed by them to take over a country! You are taking over a country and you are doing it a dirty way. They [the West – OR] say they are Christians. I say not, they are not Christians, but barbarians! When I want to find a Christian I will come to an Orthodox Christian. Paying mercenaries, providing them with arms and telling you are not a part of it? This is what they did and still doing in Syria. They did it with Al-Nusra, with FSA, and their last baby is IS. It is a CIA jihad.

As Russia vetoed resolution on No-Fly Zone in Syria, Assad has survived so far. Syrian government has been standing in front of the oppressor (Israel). If you are following a religious way of life, you have to be standing with the oppressed. The Ottoman Empire was an oppressor. Those who fought against the Ottoman Empire in Kosovo were the oppressed. If you are a Muslim, whose side you are taking, the oppressor or the oppressed? In Syria they have a government which has stood up against the oppressor. Now you launch jihad against a government which is against the oppressor! Why didn’t you launch jihad against Saudi Arabia where the government with glove on hand is supporting the oppressor? Why didn’t you do it in Jordan, where the government is the client state of the oppressor? You’ve done it in Libya and you are doing it in Syria on behalf of the oppressor to get rid of a government which stands up against the oppressor!

And now we have reached a moment in history when a Christian people have stood up to support the government of Syria and to save Syria from becoming another Libya and we are proud, very proud of Christian Russia! We will see the confrontation between the oppressor and the champions between the oppressed.

  • What are the implications of the events in Ukraine and Crimea rejoining Russia?
Hagia Sophia cathedral in Constantinople (537-1453 AD), visual reconstruction.
Hagia Sophia cathedral in Constantinople (537-1453 AD), visual reconstruction.

I must direct attention to the prophecy of Prophet Mohammad (s.a.a.w). He prophesied the End-Time conquest of Constantinople. This conquest comes after a Great War of Armageddon (Malhama in Islamic tradition). It is still not come. And the conquer of Constantinople takes place after that. So Sultan Mehmed II’s conquest of Constantinople in 1453 is not the fulfillment of the prophecy. The Turkish people, Bosnians, Albanians, people from Kosovo, Macedonia are brainwashed. The conquest of Constantinople has only one military importance. It would free the Bosporus and the Straits of Dardanelle for the Russian Navy. At this time it is a NATO-controlled waterway. Why Navy is so important? Perhaps past nuclear war we will have no more aircraft, and then the wars will be fought at the land and the sea. If this is the reason, Crimea acquires unparalleled importance.

Crimea backed to Russia only two weeks after bogus color revolution in Kiev.  Now Russia is able to project its nuclear power over the Black Sea region. The geostrategic implications of this fact are enormous. This is the greatest loss the Zionists have ever suffered since their movement was established in Basel in 1897.

  • What can you tell us about the migration process, its causes and objectives?

The exodus of refugees from the Middle East is caused by the armed insurrection in Syria and spreading poverty due to the bogus international monetary system. They run because of fear. There are some economic migrants, but most are fleeing because of fear of Daesh/ISIS, which is brutally sending the messages of terror into the hearts of the people. Obama & Hollande were bombing Daesh day and night for the whole year, but they survived and went stronger, it intensified its terror and psychological warfare. Sensible and intelligent people in Europe who are not brainwashed by CNN and Co would welcome Russia’s intervention to stop this terror. If Russia succeeds, the Germans would find out that those who fled home, wish to be back home. Germans would not have the need to keep 1 million refugees forever. German government is beyond understanding but the German people understands that if Russians are successful, that would solve Germany’s and Europe’s problem. So I expect sensible and intelligent people not only welcome, but hope and pray for the success of Russian intervention in Syria.

  • Do you think nuclear war is inevitable or it can be avoided if Russia’s intervention ends successfully?

Neither Russia nor NATO want a nuclear war. They will try to avoid any clash that would lead to it. But there are those who do want nuclear war. Why? Because nuclear war would eliminate these two nuclear powers. It would also devastate Western civilization. Once nuclear war starts, there is nothing that can stop it. It will be launched through a false flag operation, like 9/11. Attack on the Russian troops and blame the Americans, or attack on NATO to blame the Russians. They are masters of that, masters of the art of deception. The remaining part of the world will be manageable for Israel and the Pax Judaica would replace the Pax Americana. And at that moment a man will stand up in Jerusalem and say I’m the Messiah. But we, Christians and Muslims will know that he is not the Messiah, but a False Messiah

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  2. I’m afraid Sheikh Imran needs to study a bit of Bible and Shia theology over the Doomsday scenario.

    Many Christian and evangelic clerics believe that the Anti-Christ would be Jewish. Islamic Hadith says Dajjal would appear in a town Lydda (Lod in Israel where Israel’s major military base is located).

    Imam Mehdi will appear in Iran, while Jesus (as) will appear in Makkah. Jesus will travel to Syria where he would fight Anti-Christ and kill him. After that Jesus would establish an Islamic state under which Muslims, Christians and Jews would live in peace. There is no mention of Jesus’ rule in Islamic scriptures. It could last for months, or years.

  3. @Rehmat
    The main fault of today’s “jihadists” is the lack of respect towards elders…

  4. The following is constructive expansion on a talk by Sheikh Imran Hosein. Understanding these comments from a viewer gives deeper insight for the educated person.

    Beloved Sheikh Imran Hosein and Morris, thank you for another wonderful enlightening lecture. For your efforts may the almighty always keep both of your under his protection and bestow upon you both good health and happiness. As you speak NATO has positioning it’s ships into the Black Sea paving the way for war Russia. As my Christian brothers and sisters know, in the Bible it is stated that in the end times the world will be ruled by fear, hence we see the false flags being carried out systematically around the world. In regards to the Russia government not exposing the false flags we must understand that Russia must act professionally and accordingly on the international stage but if we listen carefully to the stance of the Russian government it does give clues in it’s statements and outs the leaders responsible for the false flags and terrorism around the world.

    Let us be under no illusion that the approval for Erdogan to down the Russian jet over Syria was given by the US and NATO and the decision was made at the recent G20 meeting in Turkey to derail the Vienna talks for peace in Syria. The West cannot have peace in Syria because it goes against the Greater Israel expansion plan agreements. The West hoped to engage Russia into a regional conflict so it is diverted away from Syria just like it was diverted in WW1 with the promise of Constantinople only for the Brits and French to double cross Russia and stab it in the back with the Western instigated Zionist Bolshevik uprising. Russia has learn’t it’s historical lesson well and would not fall for the Western ploy to go to war with Turkey. It is disgraceful that Erdogan is so blind that he cannot see the same. President Vladimir Putins piercing words of the Erdogan’s betrayal of Russia were not for the international community or Erdogan’s ears, they were for the hearts of the Turkish people.

    Going from friend, brother and ally of Syria, Erdogan the Tyrant of Turkey turned Traitor for the same assurance given to Israel that Northern Syria would go to Turkey, Southern Syria to Israel with the US and NATO in between. All those plans were stopped in their tracks the moment Russia accepted Syria’s invitation under international law for help and assistance against internationally supported terrorism and terrorists. The US and NATO have provided all the means for international terrorists to infiltrate Syria via Turkey. The whole terrorism support apparatus has been set up by the West with America and it’s NATO, Turkish, Israeli, Saudi and UAE allies providing ISIS with an airforce over Syria and miraculous weapons falling out of Syria’s skies, Hollywood style videos, social media and media avenues to get their message across and recruit, use of the Western banking system for financial transactions, assistance with minting ISIS coins, ISIS Oil pipelines routes via Turkey with ISIS oil going to NATO countries and medical healthcare provided courtesy of The Zionist State. ISIS’s terrorism is lucrative business for the US and it’s Axis of Evil. Foreign fighters from America, Europe and all over the world have been given passage to travel to Turkey for a ISIS summer camp holiday and then allowed to return home and we are then given the hypocritical narrative of home grown terrorism when these terrorists are being facilitated by the West.

    Turkey is not dealing with the Syrian situation, Turkey shamefully is the cause of the Syrian situation and responsible for terrorism in Syria and the reason for Syria’s downfall. Prior to the illegal American war of Iraq Christians, Muslims, Sunnis, Shia’s and all minorities lived together for hundreds of years in maybe not a perfect but a stable Middle East. President Bashar Al Assad’s Syrian Arab Army of Orthodox Christians, Sunni and Shia Muslims is testament of the Arab unity irrespective of religion but all that changed not because of religious conflict but because of America’s bloodstained toxic footprint landing in the Middle East to create religious conflict and war via terrorism to destroy the Arab world.

    The two faced hypocrisy of Obama, EU leaders and NATOs lip service over airspace sovereignty is sickening. Turkey consistently violates Greece’s airspace yet the West remains silent. Turkey’s 2012 violation of Syrian airspace was perfectly planned as an instigation for the destruction of Syria. America and NATO violate Turkish space regularly but what is even more surprisingly unsettling is that Israel violates Turkish airspace constantly yet Turkey doesn’t shoot down an Israeli jet who it supposedly views as a hostile enemy. No matter how much the Western US/NATO narrative wants to spin it’s lies it has in same breath deceived Turkey and sacrificed it for this coming thanksgiving and Christmas. The simple facts remain that Erdogan downed a Russia bomber jet in Syrian territory and it was Turkish ISIS affiliated Turkmen that unlawfully and inhumanely murdered the Russian pilots parachuting to safety.

    President Vladimir Putin has once again presented that he is the only true leader the world has today by not falling for the Western ruse to start a war between Russia and Turkey. Sorry to disappoint war monger’s but Russia will never go to war with Turkey for Russia’s spiritual soul is in Turkey. Russia WILL however exercise it’s sovereign right and has sanctioned Turkey for it’s warcrime and Erdogan the Sultan that Turkey never will have should be under no doubt about it.

    Vladimir Putin understands what many cannot see. The Just and Moral Alliance formed between Orthodox Christian Russia and Muslim Syria will reach far and wide and will free not only Syria but many other countries in the region. Erdogan’s recent rigged elections to cement power over the Turkish people will prove futile. As you have mentioned so many times dear Sheikh Imran Hosein in your eschatological overview, we now see the cause of Turkish civil war has begun and it will be the Turkish people that will call out to Russia to save them from Erdogan and the Zionists occupying Turkey and on that day via Crimea and beloved Greece, Muslims and Orthodox Christians of the Just and Moral Alliance will make their way towards Turkey to set it free and it will be the Muslim Turkish people who will return the blessed Hagia Sophia with respect and apologise to the Orthodox Christian world and return the name Constantinople to the world. Not a matter of if, just a matter of when.

    The Zionists are really running scared of the truth being exposed. Not only are they allowing the channels of those of us exposing the truth to be impersonated by fake profiles they are blocking and shadow blocking (where only the original poster can see the comments when he/she are signed in) comments too. So many of mine and other users comments have been deleted. I would ask that friends subscribe to my channel or add my to their friends circle so they can recognise me and my comments from the fake. I posted this comment within 30 mins of Sheikh Imran Hosein uploading it and got a lot responses and YouTube deleted it. I had to repost last night and it’s at the bottom of the page so it can’t be seen. Thank you for the heads up about my DP image too. I am so lucky to have friends like you looking out for me. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and new year. Thank you once again. Sherezade x

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  6. @Editorial

    I’m confused. Who showed their intolerance towards Christians and Jews during WWI and WWII – Muslim jihadis or Christian jihadis?

    Muslim ‘jihadis’ might take another 100 years to match Christian ‘jihadis’ – killing over 100 million Christians, Jews, Romas and Muslims.

    Just try to study Judeo-Christian barbaric history from some objective source, please!

  7. Seyed ali

    May God unite orthodox chirisians and Muslims in one umbrella to free turky from Zion stooges Etherkan

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