The Grand Global Circus: 2016 US Presidential Elections

Politics is the art of looking for trouble,
finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly
and applying the wrong remedies—Groucho Marx

When I was young I remember how excited many of us children would be to visit the circus when it came to town. For us the best part was the opening, the clown or the joker. We’d have bundles of laughs with their slapstick humour and pranks. Sometimes the clown would be a male and sometimes a female but that did not matter. It was the entertainment. After the laughter came the juggler with either 6 or 8 or 10 balls going from one to the other hand. Not one would drop. Incredible! Sometimes instead of the balls, it’d be rings of fire. Awesome! Breathtaking! There’d be few more circus acts that used to follow but nothing quite like the clown’s or the juggler’s entertainment.

Several decades have passed since I last visited a circus and now that I’m a grown-up, the circus is here on the global stage in the year 2016. I’m referring to the US Presidential elections in November, the last act of the circus whose outcome is known. However what is most interesting has been the clown and the juggler acts for this grown-up child. These two players have kept the world fully entertained.

The clown: Donald Trump. His verbiages and sarcasms are laughing matter and one wonders when they’ll change in the next few minutes because they’re so entertaining. Even when he does not speak, his silent facial expressions captured by the media are equally entertaining. At best he is honest.

The juggler: Hillary Clinton. Her very few verbiages and sarcasms are missing and she is a serious entertainer, unlike the clown. She even came with an assistant Bernie Sanders. The juggling is no laughing matter because it is a very serious act.

None of the Republicans even care to support their clown. They all want Hillary to be the successor to the incumbent Obama. She did a fantastic job in Libya as Obama’s Secretary of State, bombing the country to shambles and leaving a legacy of disarray and mayhem.

In one of my previous article “Beyond the Nuclear Deal: A Civil War in the Middle East“, I’d written that the two US political parties hiding under the garbs of “democracy” are both right wingers (conservatives, liberals, neocons, fascists, capitalists etc.) pursuing the same geopolitical agenda in the Middle East. On one hand the Republicans are pursuing a belligerent agenda while the Democrats are pursuing a diplomatic agenda. The goal for both parties is exactly the same, that being global hegemony and survival as an empire. This ideology is shared among their right wing NATO partners and all are beating on the war drums while at the same time working hypocritically for peace. It is lamentable that Muslims and their leaders fail to understand the obvious.

Tehran Times of 5 August 2016  reported Ali Akbar Velayti (close confidante of Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei) stating that “There is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats in terms of their stance on our country and as we see the Democrats also create obstacles to the JCPOA agreement (of 14 July 2015) with Iran.” Khamenei asserted that “We do not violate the deal, but if the other party violates it, if they tear the agreement up, we will light it on fire,” He was referring specifically towards US belligerence with Iranian missile program and most recently after US Republican Congressman Peter Roskam’s bill of 9 July got passed blocking sale of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts without any significant Democratic opposition. Roskam cited that Iran would use the aircrafts for military purposes.  Both US political parties are sowing the seeds of the great Shia-Sunni civil war.

the-circus-2The final act will be played out between the clown and the juggler and the winner will be declared by the media on 8 November. In the meantime, pollsters will be handing out questionnaires to the circus participants for their feedback and reporters will go around with questions as to who has been the best performer.

Now let’s get serious. I’m one of the circus participants, a Muslim. I’ve hated Trump because of his anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant verbiages and sarcasms so on the poll card I’m going to give him very low marks and when the reporter comes to me with his microphone, I’ll just say, without any thoughts, that I’m going to vote for Hillary, a pro-Muslim, pro-immigrant Presidential candidate.

Khizr Khan whose son died for America some few years ago did not come on his own to the DNC; he was invited because as a Muslim he’d be in a better position to convince his compatriots. Many things are known about him-some rumors, some facts- but one is that, as an attorney, he also used to work for Hogan, Hartson and Lovells law firm within Washington DC which has direct ties to the Clinton Foundation. Khizr came to the DNC to convince Muslims (and immigrants) that Hillary is the hope for them. Not Trump. At least Trump is honest to state that “the elections are rigged in favor of the ‘Devil Hillary Clinton’?”. There is no doubt that the elections will be staged in favor of Clinton.

Very few Americans can see through Clinton’s design which will be revealed after she moves in to occupy the White House and forms her cabinet. One sure sign of an impending civil war will be the neo-cons in the cabinet. Victoria Nuland is Hillary’s protégé at the State department. Will she or her husband Robert Kagan, one of the co-founders of PNAC (Project for the New American Century) be selected Secretary of State in the cabinet? There are the other influential neo-con Kagans namely Fredrick Kagan (brother of Robert Kagan) or his wife Kimberly Kagan who founded the Institute for the Study of War- a hawkish Washington group favoring an aggressive American foreign policy. Clinton also has a Muslim protégé – Huma Abedin (fluent in Arabic as she had lived in Saudi Arabia with her Indian mother and Pakistani father) appointed as Clinton’s deputy chief of staff and vice chairwoman for 2016 campaign for president. Khizr will have good company in the state department.

On Election Day all the Muslims and the immigrants will vote for Hillary as the first woman President who will follow the first black president into the White House. The US does not tolerate gender, religious, color, ethnic or race discrimination. But what will Hillary do for Muslims in return that Trump would never have been able to do? You guessed it – start a Shia-Sunni civil war. For her it’ll be a simple matter, exactly what she did in Libya. John Kerry has prepared the groundwork for her with the Iran card to get the war started on a yet unknown pretext.

The civil war in the Middle East will not only be about Israel’s security but also an American imperative as a global empire and for the control of the vast energy resources under the desert sands.

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