International Row: Vekselberg’s Renova Group Finances the Clintons

The breathtaking and qualified investigative report, recently released by Jerome Corsi on the Clinton’s cash-sucking empire, have unleashed a wide public campaign to seriously audit and eventually close the controversial Clinton Foundation. Established back in 2001, it was designed to add some charity charm to banal capitalization of the still powerful brand of the former US President. According to the Daily Wire, only in 2009-2012 the CF officially (!) raised over $500 million while spending only $75 million on “programmatic grants” and over $400 million on employee salaries and “other expenses”. After having forced to disclose its list of contributors, many investigators exposed numerous facts of the conflict of interests during the period when Mrs. Clinton held the position of the US Secretary of State.

The cases of Marc Rich, the world’s most famous tax evader who was granted amnesty by Bill Clinton in the last minutes of his presidency by enabling the “HRC option”, the former Lebanese DPM and Hezbollah sympathizer Issam Fares making seven-figure donations to the CF, the Ukrainian billionaire, ex-president Kuchma’s son-in-law and major CF contributor Viktor Pinchuk who used to breach the US sanctions regime against Iran, are already properly reported worldwide. While the story of Mrs. Clinton’s lobbying affair with the Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg has also had a notable coverage in the US media, the plot was generally focused on a gibberish 2012 Clinton Global Initiative email controversy. The most detailed report “From Russia With Money” on Clinton’s cronyism in Russian favor was done by Peter Schweitzer, president of The Government Accountability Institute, this August. According to the latter, in 2010-2012 Mrs. Clinton advocated multibillion American technology investments into the Vekselberg-run Skolkovo Project (the Russian Silicon Valley), engaged e.g. in developing hypersonic cruise-missile engines, radar surveillance equipment, and vehicles capable of delivering airborne troops.

vekselberg-clintonMeanwhile a criminal case, opened in Russia early September against Viktor Vekselberg-owned Renova Group on accusations of multi-million bribery of several Russian regional officials, adds another dimension to this story. It was reported in the Russian media that during the searches made in Renova’s offices in Moscow, the investigators discovered full documentation related to donations made in 2015 and 2016 by the offshore entities controlled by Viktor Vekselberg, to the Clinton Foundation, and the amounts exceed by far the nominal volumes officially published at the CF website. As the candidate Hillary Clinton was then officially banned from receiving foreign contributions, the money proceeded from the Vekselberg-controlled Metcombank via a chain of private American accounts in Deutsche Bank Trust Company.

This issue highlights Mrs. Clinton’s continued promiscuity in accepting sponsorship. The irony is that she is taking criminal Russian money while officially declaring Russia as a corrupt country. This is going on against the background of the mounting scandals involving the Clinton Foundation which is qualified by the American press solely as a wide-scale criminal conspiracy and a shadow fund for swindlers. New revealing facts of “Renova connections” would most likely cost candidate Clinton a lot during the final weeks of her campaign.

Source: Clinton Foundation Watch

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