Trump: Time To Dream Big

“Well!  Whoever would ever have thought it?” These were apparently John Major’s first words to his new Cabinet as he sat down for the first time as British Prime Minister having , together with most of that Cabinet ousted democratically elected, three time Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher in an undemocratic, Conservative Party, palace coup.  This was not only a cowardly and underhand stab in the back for Mrs Thatcher but for British democracy itself as under normal circumstances, and the circumstances were normal, only the British electorate at the ballot box should have the right to oust a siting Prime Minister or government.  Indeed it had begun to look as if this was a fatal blow to the structure, not welded together by anything other than precedent and tradition, of the British democratic process itself.

That act can be seen as ushering in a new level in the drive towards global domination by what some call The New World Order and others, who don’t like that title’s conspiracy theory connotations, call globalism.  For the rest of this article I will use New World Order – NWO to refer to this phenomenon.

George Bush senior was already US president, The Berlin Wall had fallen and The USSR was on the verge of collapse.  In Britain things reverted to business as usual controlled by a small elite comprised of the old elite and the “ new globalists”  This push for global economic control would go into overdrive with the arrival of Tony Blair in 10 Downing Street and Bill Clinton in The White House.  On both sides of the Atlantic voters rejoiced as they thought they were getting a fresh, new alternative but, not for the last time over the coming years, it would take a little while for us all to realise just how wrong we all were.  The Glass Steagal Act was repealed. Prices that the public couldn’t escape such as utility bills began skyrocketing all over the western world and the western world began moving inexorably eastward as the EU and NATO began swallowing the newly liberated countries of central and eastern Europe. Yugoslavia was attacked from within and without and dismembered, accompanied by, for the first time, a coordinated uniform media propaganda campaign in order to inform us as to who the “bad guy” was and why such an act was necessary!  The next massive ramp up in this campaign came in the wake of 9-11!  Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded, then came the so called “Arab Spring”  Libya was invaded and its government overthrown,  Then Syria became the West’s next target.  When the West was finally prevented from attacking Syria outright in 2013 by Russia and China they turned in revenge on Ukraine overthrowing its government and installing a rabidly anti-Russian, racist replacement but failing in their ultimate goal; the control of Crimea and the Russian naval base in Sevastopol.  So the West proceeded to start up a civil war in that country.  All this time, the western public seemed unaware or unable or unwilling to counter this steam roller at home and abroad.  Seemingly acquiescent due to the same media campaigns that always vilified the target country’s rulers or leader and told us all that we had to intervene on the grounds of human rights and democracy promotion.  There were some antiwar protests over Iraq in 2003 but after that nothing.  The people of Greece voted against the austerity measures forced on them by The International Monetary Fund but the new, so called “extreme left” government turned out to be NWO stooges who betrayed their people and the ship sailed on.

Sailed on that is until 23rd June 2016. The Brexit vote in the UK brought about by an absurd political mistake on the part of David Cameron was the first real sign that people were beginning to show that they had had enough of being led by the nose by a semi anonymous ruling elite.  True, the majority to leave was not huge but it was big enough to be decisive and threw a historic spanner in the works of the NWO’s drive for ever further integration bound up with secret economic treaties and aims.

trump-speechThe news today however, 9th November in the year of grace 2016 from the United States is truly earth shattering.  I knew Donald Trump would win for at least a month but the size of this historic victory is astounding and too big to allow for falsifications.  At the risk of sounding banal; this election result by itself  HAS made America great again!  It shows, as did Brexit, that just maybe, democracy is not dead, well not completely anyway and that people are not as easy to manipulate as many elites and pessimistic anti-elites, anti-NWO minded souls seemed to think!

The entire American mainstream media and that of the entire western world was against him.    Most of the senior members of his own party were against him.  The CIA, The Pentagon, Hollywood, all the country’s leading banks and financial institutions were against him.  A whole host of media “celebrities” of all kinds were trotted out to cheer for Clinton.  Even the sitting President, against constitutional rules, came out and propagandized for the “designated candidate and against Trump.  Such a situation is utterly unprecedented in the history of the US.  However, the American people turned round and said NO by a decisive majority.  Trump’s election is truly historic.

Analysts say that in the Brexit vote and the US election the voter group that really made the difference were working class voters.  There were several moments in my life starting at secondary school and on into my late twenties when I had prolonged contact with the English working class.  Mainly in and around London but also in the north east and north west of England.  These people in general live for today instinctively and have a pretty good dose of common sense (so prized by the ancient Greeks) unlike the “chattering classes” and it is no surprise to me at all that they, on mass, have seen through the propaganda manipulations that have managed to ensnare those who we are led to believe have more “education”.  I should add that I had some contact with the French working class when I first started living there and my impression was that they were deeply corrupted by the ego based ideology of communism where common sense cannot be found.   This was in 1990 though and the world has changed greatly since then.   Communism, for different reasons was never attractive to the American and British working class even in bygone days when they were huge statistically speaking and when communism seemed, unstoppably, to be on the road to world hegemony.

What will this massive, popular, intuitive rebellion against the NWO bring to the world?

Some commentators have issued similar warnings as this by Marcus Papadopoulos:  “The people who regard Donald Trump as some sort of saviour are, undoubtedly, the same people who thought the same of Boris Johnson.”   Sure, it could be that the whole thing is an act to fool us yet again and that Trump will continue exactly the same policies as his predecessor (or as Clinton’s) once in the White House just as his predecessor continued exactly the same policies as his predecessor when he entered The White House eight years before. We were fooled into thinking that Obama represented a real alternative to the Bush years.  Such warnings basically say that Trump could well be yet another NWO stooge.  Personally, while acknowledging that this is a possibility, I think it is the least likely of all the reasons why the change all sane people are praying for may not come about.  My certainty he would become president increased when I saw a video compilation of interview excerpts dating back to 1980 concerning the subject of him possibly standing for president.  I could feel the destiny in it and if I read it right he will be one of the most important presidents in history.  It also confirmed something I always noticed.  Like him or not, he remains consistent.  This is the 100% opposite of NWO politicians such as Boris Johnson or Angela Merkel who can make total “U turns” in declared policy without so much as batting an eyelid when it is demanded of them and carry on talking to their electorate as if nothing has happened.

flickr-protestFar, far more likely is that he is genuinely anti-NWO and really intends to “drain the swamp” but will meet with such resistance and sabotage in every form imaginable from simple refusal to obey orders and procrastination to assassination attempts, terrorist acts or even on up to starting World War Three before he gets to set up in the Oval Office.  It should not be forgotten that the NWO has been relentlessly tightening its grip on every aspect of the US power structure, including the mass media and Hollywood, since George Bush Senior became president and over the last ten or so years have got “their people” in the corridors of power and in all the MSN in Europe too and now, if they suddenly face the possibility of losing it all, they are not going to let that happen quietly.  As I write, demonstrations,  apparently organized and funded by Georges Soros, one of the most sinister and powerful NWO rulers, are taking place in many American towns and cities.  If Trump is genuine, people such as Soros, The Rockefellers, the entire Neo-con clan to name but a few, are now absolutely seething, maybe panicking but certainly plotting how to get their world domination plans back on track and they will stop at nothing.  It could be a very unusual and maybe long two months to the 20th of January 2017.

In his victory speech Trump talked about dreaming big so let’s dream big now about just exactly how far this could go.

It wasn’t until the end of a day absorbing the fact that he had actually won that I realised, with some horror, just how deeply I had become used to the idea of a looming third world war which would probably be nuclear.  I had just slowly but surely, day after day, over the last three years become accustomed to that nightmare.  As I went to bed I saw that this nightmare had considerably receded due to Trump’s victory.  Had Clinton won, I was down the visa center the very next day and on the first plane back to Russia because if I’m going to die or contribute to the struggle in any way then it must be, before God, on the side of righteousness and that is not, unfortunately, the side the rulers of my home country have chosen to take. It is the west that is entirely responsible for the current tensions with Russia.  If Russia is guilty of anything it is not having resisted the creeping but relentlessly approaching attack, earlier and more forcefully.  Yes; it really is that black and white!  It really is that simple!  It seems that the ruling elites behind Clinton were-are actually preparing for a nuclear war with Russia.  If Trump is true to his word and he finds the way to pass to action (massive purging of the CIA and much of the Pentagon will be needed) he will simply stop the drive to WW3 just as Putin and his ministers have found the way to avoid or postpone it over the last three years without giving in on vital issues such as Crimea or Syria falling to ISIS.  What greater dream could any conscious person have than the possibility to avoid what would be by far the most destructive war in history.

We should not forget that the default setting of human beings, as with all other gregarious organisms on this planet is to build basic common good, to cooperate with each other and make their lives easier, more comfortable and more prosperous than the day before or the year before.  Left to their own devices this is what people always do.  There are quarrels for sure and bickering but massively destructive wars are very rare or non existent in nature of which we are a part.  It therefore becomes clear that if recent human history has been constantly blighted by ever more destructive, massive conflicts, this is being manipulated by something or someone.  Everyone can see that Russia and the western world have every interest in cooperating with each other and no rational reason to fight each other.   The NWO order plans to dismember Russia into smaller compliant states having her natural resources controlled by their small pool of multinational corporations.  Then it plans to move on to China and do the same.  For that it needs to have western public behind that drive hence the press is enlisted to tell the NWO subjects what to think!  Once they get control of Russia and China, then they turn on their own citizens and proceed to the micro-chipped enslavement of humanity.  Many commentators believe that if they are thwarted in these endevours, they would prefer to destroy the planet rather than face defeat.  Ridiculous?  Wild scare mongering?  I hope so but the rapid developments in international affairs over the last five years don’t allow me to dismiss out of hand such extreme interpretations, unfortunately.

trump-putin-1Let us remember that whenever quizzed by the hostile MSM Trump repeatedly asked; why can’t we have a world where Russia, China and the USA all get along and cooperate.  Many, so many, have posed the same question on social media, alternative media and at home, in pubs, restaurants, parks, sports clubs and wherever.  Donald Trump could make this come about and only him because IT IS THE WEST and ABOVE ALL The USA, not Russia, China, Iran or Easter Island or anywhere else which is seeking world domination and maybe leading us to Armageddon.  Russia and China have been asking for and waiting for nothing other than mutually advantageous cooperation for the last twenty five years or so.   Whether Donald Trump actually manages to bring such peace and cooperation to fruition or whether he fails or is checkmated by the foe, whether he turns out to be a fraud, (like so many before him) who will betray those who voted for him and the rest of us outside the US who have to put our trust in him or whether some other event will prevent him from fulfilling his plans and dreams or indeed propel him towards fulfilling them, we cannot yet know but only a short amount of time will tell.

For now, as I stated above, I choose trust my intuition, to take Donald Trump at face value and wish him every possible success as the forty fifth President of The United States of America.   May God be with him and all who work with him because he and they will certainly need divine inspiration and guidance!  The stakes for mankind have never been higher!  In the meantime; however this plays out, The New World Order globalist agenda, as well as its control of the media and the falsehood of its current totalitarian control false dogmas; “political correctness” in the west and “Islamic fundamentalism” in the Muslim world are more exposed and understood by “we the people” for what they really are than at any time in history and that can only before the common good!

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  1. Donald Trump foreign policy will be the same or even worse than under Obama and Bill Clinton presidency as far as the Muslim and 3rd world is concerned.

    One has just to look at the warmongers and Israel-Firsts in his family and his appointees so far to guess what the world would be facing during the next four years.

    On November 6, 2016, David Peyman, senior adviser on Jewish interests for the Trump-Pence campaign, penned an article at the Times of Israel, entitled, Donald Trump, America’s First Jewish President….

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