Las Vegas: Presidential Assassination By Proxy?

There are too many lingering uncertainties and doubts about the official narrative to believe that this was just a senseless act of violence, and it increasingly looks to have been a deliberate provocation against the President’s base in stepping up the “War on Trump” via proxy.

As the clichéd saying goes, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, and the truth is apparently following this motto to a tee. There are way too many doubts about the official narrative, and too many contradictory testimonies and video accounts by eye-witnesses, to believe that Stephen Paddock all of a sudden just went nuts, was able to smuggle a cache of weapons into what is presumably a high-security hotel, disable fire alarms and install his own cameras in the hallways, and then go on a killing spree. Nobody’s denying that over 50 people were massacred in what can – and should – only be described as a terrorist attack, and that at least ten times as many were injured, but just that the official narrative doesn’t add up.

The point of this piece isn’t to provide a specific interpretive framework for understanding the order of events that may or may not have transpired and their specificities, but to look at what happened more generally and analyze what it means in terms of the “deep state’s” (permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracy) “War on Trump”. The first thing that needs to be recognized is that this terrorist attack deliberately targeted Trump supporters. A country music festival is just as likely to have Republicans (Trump’s base) in attendance as a rap concert is to have Democrats (Obama’s base), and it can generally be assumed that if a similar act of terror took place against a majority-African American rap concert that it would be presented as attack on all of Obama’s Democrats. Applying this same standard, the Massacre in Sin City was an attack on all of Trump’s Republicans.

There are many competing theories floating around about why Paddock decided to do this, and whether or not he was under the influence of radical Islam or “Antifa”, both of which could be just as ideologically responsible for what happened, but at this point it’s too early and irresponsible for the author to speculate in print about the veracity of these claims. Nevertheless, despite whatever ideology may or may not have driven him – and disregarding the influence of pharmaceuticals in potentially warping his brain to the point where he could coldly plan and ultimately commit such a large-scale act of violence – it shouldn’t ever be overlooked that this was indeed an attack against Trump’s base, with the innocent civilians serving as stand-ins for the President himself.

Accepting that Paddock must have had some sort of assistance from someone else at some place or another in order to have been able to at the very least smuggle his large cache of weapons into his hotel room, disable the fire alarms, and set up cameras in the hallway unnoticed, and recognizing that the preplanned nature of this attack was likely designed in order to kill as many Trump supporters as possible who were attending what is a stereotypically Republican-majority event (a country music concert), then it can’t be discounted that this event is the latest escalation in the “War on Trump”, whether it was carried out with “deep state” complicity or not. In fact, one can argue that this was a presidential assassination by proxy designed to send Trump a message.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a coordinated one carried out with the knowledge or facilitation of Trump’s “deep state” enemies, as it could very well have just been a “lone wolf” with one or two hotel insiders, but nevertheless, it’s impossible to view these killings as anything less than an indirect attack on the President himself via the simulacrum of a mass-shooting against his supporters. Nobody can know for certain what Paddock or his presumed backers (whoever they may be, whether “deep state”-affiliated or otherwise) wanted to specifically accomplish by this horrendous terrorist attack, and whether it was carried out with the intent of furthering the possibility of a “race war” along the lines of what the author prognosticated in an earlier interview given to Iranian media last month, but whatever might have been the true motive behind it, the optics unmistakably suggest that it was a presidential assassination by proxy.

To come full circle in returning to what was said at the beginning of this article, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, and while this will likely apply to the truth of what really happened, it probably won’t be relevant when it comes to further such incidences elsewhere in the country or beyond which could be expected to form the next and more violent stage of the “War on Trump”.

Las Vegas shooting map

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  1. They were wondering how Paddock could have brought so many guns/rifles into the hotel. Someone mentioned that they were probably brought in from the roof. The Saudi’s had use of a helipad on the roof of the hotel. Could have a lot to do with it, and also with why Saudi’s have been suddenly arrest enmasse. Was there possibly an assassination plot in order? Was the King of Saudi Arabia in the hotel at the time?

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