Skripal’s Pets Were Sacrificed to Cover the Investigation’s Mistakes

The scandal with the poisoning of the former GRU agent Sergei Skripal is gaining momentum. Meanwhile, absolutely innocent creatures suffered because of the diplomatic war waged by the UK on Russia.
Remember that two dead guinea pigs and a black Persian cat in a critical condition were found in the ex-spy’s home. Then the cat was taken to the Porton Down chemical weapons lab (not to a veterinary clinic which would be more expected). In the laboratory, chemists made a weird diagnosis, which they described as a “distressed state”. The cat was euthanized. Its body, as well as those of the two guinea pigs, were immediately incinerated which was confirmed by the British government.

Shortly after the Russian Embassy in London posed the question on what happened to the animals that Sergey Skripal kept in his Salisbury house, the British side, first in an unnamed leak and then as a DEFRA comment, said that “when a vet was able to access the property, two guinea pigs had sadly died. A cat was also found in a distressed state and a decision was taken by a veterinary surgeon to euthanize the animal to alleviate its suffering”.

This is, however, the sort of answer that brings about still more questions. Regarding the dead guinea pigs and the malnourished cat, it is said unofficially that they were taken to the Porton Down facility and incinerated there. But it remains unclear if their remains were ever tested for toxic substances, which would constitute useful evidence, and if not, why such a decision was made.

The fact that the animals were locked inside the house for several days suggests that the police did not access the alleged crime scene, which would be very unusual for such a high profile investigation. Such treatment of pets is also hardly consistent with UK laws on animal cruelty and comes as a blatant disregard for Mr. Skripal’s rights as the owner and companion of the animals.

Overall, it is difficult to avoid the impression that the animals have been disposed of as an inconvenient piece of evidence. It is also to be noted that, according to Mr. Skripal’s niece Viktoria, there were 2 cats, not one, in the house – and the whereabouts of the second one is still unknown.

Skripal's black cat
Skripal’s black cat

Nevertheless, the way how the UK police treat animals is absolutely awful and unacceptable. Moreover, even their bodies could cast some light on this case. Instead, we have even more questions than before.
Firstly, why were the pets sealed in the house with no food and water? How is it possible to imagine such a mockery and careless attitude towards animals? British officials must be held accountable for their decision to leave the pets inside the sealed-up house without any nutrition. In fact, their actions can be classified as animal abuse, which resulted in their death.

Secondly, no matter how cynical this may sound, any living organism remained at the place where the potential poisoning occurred could indirectly help the investigation process. You don’t even need to be an expert in chemistry to understand it. The use of such a potent substance as Novichok agent might have affected the pets as well. Unfortunately, we will never know this as their bodies were eliminated. No one even asked for their owners’ permission for that.

It seems like the British side is trying to cover up the tracks and destroy all the evidence. In Hollywood movies, criminals act like this when a detective tells them their version is not valid. Draw your own conclusions.

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    2. Allan Howard

      Don’t worry, I can assure you 150% that the pets are OK and reunited with the Skripals. I’ll elaborate another time, except to say that it was all staged. Believe me, in the real world the forensic and chemical weapons experts would have arrived at the house in a matter of hours once it had been established that the Skripals (and DS Nick Bailey) had been contaminated and poisoned with a nerve agent. Any other scenario is inconceivable (just as it is inconceivable that the two of them became incapacitated in exactly the same moment).

    3. Allan Howard

      The following are a couple of posts I posted on Craig Murray’s website overnight:

      It just occured to me to do a search to ascertain when the media first reported that Sergei Scripal’s house had been sealed up, so I put the following into a search-engine (duckduckgo): >Sergei Skripal’s house sealed up<. and ALL the results came up with story about the pets on April 6th! So if that WAS thr first time it was being reported (that the house had been sealed up…… as part of the investigation!), then hats off to the scriptwriters to think to throw it in in an emotive story – albeit a fairy-story – about the pets, They obviously realised that they had to leave it for as long as possible before mentioning it – and mention it just in passing when they eventually DID – otherwise it was likely to occur to more than a few people that it doesn't make sense that the investigaters would think to seal the house up as part of the investigation.

      Anyway, one of the results that came up when I did the search was a wikipedia article about the 'Poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal', so I thought I'd have a quick look to see what it had to say in relation to the pets, and this is what it said:

      On 17 March 2018, The Sun reported that the Skripals' vet had contacted the police on 4 March regarding the Skripals' pet cat and two guinea pigs and said the "cat and the guinea pigs were removed from the house and taken away to be assessed."[39] On 5 April 2018, British authorities said that inside Sergey Skripal's house, which had been sealed by the police, two guinea pigs were found dead by vets, when they were allowed in, along with a cat in a distressed state.[40] The guinea pigs were reported to have died of thirst; the cat was taken for testing to the Porton Down chemical weapons facility, where all three bodies were incinerated.


      Alice In Wonderland has got nothing on this! Only THIS is farce on steroids!!

      And take note of the pictures in the article in the Sun (and the caption to the second one in particular), and what it says – ie what someone close to the Skripals is quoted as saying:

      A source close to the family said: “Nobody has seen the poor pets since the poisoning…..”.

      The picture is of Yulia holding the cat (presumably in the back garden), and if no-one had seen the cats “since the poisoning”, it of course implies that the cat was NOT an indoor cat, and was free to go out when it wanted, and that there was more-than-likely a catflap. Yes, I realise that maybe he/they always got the cat in before he/they went out AND locked the catflap as such, but Sergei’s house was in a cul-de-sac, and so relatively safe in terms of traffic. No doubt some of the neighbours would know one way or the other. But the main point is that the Sun ran the story on March 17th, and Sergei Skripals vet contacted the police about his pets “on day one”. All of which implies that the scriptwriters………….. no, sorry, my brain just imploded! Manana.

      PS I just noticed when I came to post it here, that I said "cats". It's been a long night!

      I knew the pets were OK, and I hope the above reassures you.

    4. Allan Howard

      And here are a couple of articles (that I happened to come across in the past few hours whilst ‘investigating’ the matter further) which contradict the line about the police having sealed the house up “as part of the investigation”, one published on March 8th and the other on March 11th, and no doubt there are others:

    5. Allan Howard

      In the wikipedia piece that I quoted it begins: On 17 March 2018, The Sun reported that the Skripals’ vet had contacted the police on 4 March…..

      THAT is incorrect, and the writer of the piece misconstrued what it said in the Sun article. Sergei Skripal was only named the next day, on the 5th, and THAT is when his vet phoned the police and offered his assistance.

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