Could Student Protests Break The Back Of Bangladesh’s Ruling Party?

Student-driven protests erupted in Bangladesh on Sunday after thousands of young people staged sit-ins and other demonstrations in protest of the government’s “affirmative action” policy to allocate 56% of civil service positions to the children of veterans from the 1971 war and what have been described as disadvantaged minority groups. The latter category is usually afforded certain privileges in many societies across the world, but the first-mentioned one isn’t, thus making it appear to some that the ruling Awami League is trying to create a privileged class of state beneficiaries as a vote bank for dividing and ruling the majority impoverished population. The students are concerned that they’ll have difficulty finding respectable employment in the remaining 44% of the civil society positions available if the majority are already taken by potentially unqualified individuals who simply satisfy one politically defined criterion.

The authorities’ violent reaction to the students runs the risk of energizing the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) that’s been the Awami League’s chief rival since independence and whose leader was recently found guilty of corruption charges in what she claims was a politically motivated show trial designed to prevent her from running in this December’s elections. BNP leader Khaleda Zia and Awami League head Shiekh Hasina have been competing with one another for decades already and both have ruled the country at different times, but their personal feud has far-reaching international dimensions because of the differences in their foreign policies. The BNP is closer to Saudi Arabia and China, while the Awami League is known for its friendship with India that some critics allege has become too close for comfort lately in threatening to turn the country into New Delhi’s client state.

Supporters of the ruling Bangladesh Awami League
Supporters of the ruling Bangladesh Awami League

In addition, the Awami League has been accused of creeping authoritarianism that some observers fear is radicalizing members of the opposition and making them susceptible to the type of extremist recruitment that could dangerously turn Bangladesh into “Bangla-Daesh”. Khaleda Zia’s imprisonment has prompted calls for the BNP to boycott the upcoming elections just like they did last time around and therefore deprive Sheika Hasina’s resultantly expected victory of any real legitimacy, though before that happens, the state’s violent response to the student unrest and the BNP’s lack of participation in the polls will probably draw extra attention to the country’s domestic situation. Any condemnation from leading international players might lead to the relative “diplomatic isolation” of the country and its further dependence on India, potentially turning fears about its junior status vis-à-vis this Great Power into a fait accompli.

The post presented is the partial transcript of the CONTEXT COUNTDOWN radio program on Sputnik News, aired on Friday Apr 13, 2018:

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    1. samir sardana

      The Grand Plan for Greater Bangla-desh !

      The beauty of Bangladesh,is that,unlike Pakistan,it does not have Afghanistan and Persia,as neighbours – so it is NOT a proxy battleground,for superpowers.

      Its borders with India are an ADVANTAGE,as the North East,is the weakest link in the Indian Military defense and economic deveiopment, and the North East Indians,DO NOT have Indian DNA.dindooohindoo

      PLA sponsored freedom struggles,in the North East,can be operated from Myanmar and Bangladesh, with complete deniability,and strategic ambiguity.

      With the Chinese Hydel dam on the Brahmaputra,Bangladesh can be flooded with power at less than 1 cent/kwh – and that will doom all manufacturing in North East India and the Export manufacturing of East India.

      This destruction will bring out the stark disparities between North East India and the Bangla race,across the border,in education, inflation,infra,health care etc. – and will start an insurgency in the North East – for secession from India.

      With the Hydro and Renewable Power from China and Dhaka,and raw materials imported via Chittagong – North East India as a SOVERIGN NATION ,will enjoy LDC status,for exports to the US/EU – besides bringing an inflow,of US/EU Tourists,via the Bangkok-Dhaka Leg and PRC.

      In addition,higher cost manufacturing,can migrate from Dhaka to North East India (as a soverign nation) and thus,qualify FOR LDC status (as the Bangla will lose the LDC status)

      A simple Statistic – if Made in Bangla items flood North East India – the cost of living in North East India will fall by 50%,and all farmers and residences in North East India,can be supplied free power,for at least 50 years,from the Hydel power in PRC,and Renewable and Gas power in Bangla.The writing is on the wall !

      The Impotent Indian Military CANNOT defend North East India and the Indian cannot develop North East India – as there is no Infra in the North East. Everything moves from Kolkata.It is time to liberate North East India – and it is also time for the Bangla race to populate the North East states

      The Indian BSF is a race of corrupt and impotent cowards – and the BDR can easily provide cover for Bangla and North East Freedom Fighters !

      The People of West Bengal have to see the writing on the wall.They have a port at the tip of the Bay of Bengal.It is time to secede from India.The People of West Bengal are not with Indian DNA

      What does the Hindoo shastra think of Easterners ?

      The Hindoo scriptures think of “Easterners”, as devil worshippers and the lowest of the low, and as “Easterners follow the practices of the Shudras”- as stated below

      The Mahabharata,Book 8:Karna Parva,Section 45

      The Pancalas observe the duties enjoined in the Vedas ……. the Easterners follow the practices of the Shudras;

      With the formation of Greater Bangladesh and the Soverign United States of North East,and a new race in Dhaka who were born a decade after 1971 – you will have a natural integration with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan !

      It is as inevitable as the Sunrise !

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