Desperate MSM Smears Won’t Stop Syria’s Effective Alt-Media Activists

The people in control of several Western publications have evidently been triggered by the astounding success that citizen journalists have had in debunking the Douma chemical weapons false flag narrative and have thus decided to lash out at them through defamatory innuendo and even in some cases alleging that they’re not even human beings but so-called “Russian bots”. This increasingly visible battle between the Mainstream Media and its alternative counterpart was simmering for some time already, and the former has already attempted on several occasions to sow the seeds of internecine discord within the latter, but now a new threshold – or rather, one can say, low – has been passed after the latest spree of articles that were released by the BBC, Huffington Post, and Sky News.

Some of the people targeted such as Vanessa Beeley are in-the-field journalists who collected evidence inside Syria itself disproving the Mainstream Media’s narrative falsehoods while others like Maram Susli (also known as Syrian Girl), are popular social media influencers with an impressive online reach. Paired together, the work that these two categories of activists have done totally shattered the conventional story about Syria by obtaining evidence like Vanessa does and then disseminating it as widely as possible like what Syrian Girl is known for, and in a modern-day iteration of David vs. Goliath, Alt-Media has actually defeated its much larger Mainstream Media foe. That said, the Establishment is far from vanquished, and it’s striking back with a vengeance through ad hominem attacks.

The tactics being used are to depersonalize these people as nothing more than computer programs and then imply some sort of international conspiracy by trying to connect them to the Russian government, an approach that’s actually a fascinating display of Freudianism in projecting their own methods onto these activists. Western governments are known to deploy so-called “sock puppets” and “bots” in waging information warfare, and it’s no secret that they coordinate campaigns with their Mainstream Media partners, which makes it all the more shameless for them to accuse their opponents of doing the same thing that they do out of the desperation that only such a stinging narrative defeat can bring. Average folks know that personal attacks are always the last resort of the losing side, so this media assault against the activists will probably backfire.

The post presented is the partial transcript of the CONTEXT COUNTDOWN radio program on Sputnik News, aired on Friday Apr 27, 2018:

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