The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting Of Rudolf Hess In England (III)

Part I, Part II

The unpleasant reality

In a secret meeting on August 14 1940 on the USS Augusta, Churchill asked Roosevelt to join the war, but the American President categorically refused to discuss this topic. In fact, no meaningful step had been taken by the USA that could have led to its entry in WW2, except that the American President had stepped up the preparation of the Army, which couldn’t affect the invasion of England, be it on mid-September 1940 as originally planned, or in the spring of 1941. Thus, the timetable of WW2 becomes loaded with circumstantial evidence that demonstrates the genuine mission that Hess carried in England. Roosevelt, whom had officially promised to never get involved in WW2 just a few months earlier changed his foreign policy overnight, like Doctor Jekyll turns into Mister Hyde, within days after Hess set a sore foot on Scottish soil.

  • June 14 – 34 days after Hess: All German and Italian assets in the United States are frozen.
  • June 16 – 36 days after Hess: All German and Italian consulates in the United States are ordered closed and their staffs are to leave the country by July 10.

What do you think could have triggered such a strong US reaction against Germany between May 10th and June 14th? Well, on May 21st (11 days after Hess), there also was the sinking of US merchantman SS Robin Moor by a German U-Boat, which might be the most underrated false flag in the Motherland of false flags, since the last thing Germany wanted was to start sinking the merchant boats of their main funders. As in every proven false flag operations, strange details surround this first sinking of a US ship in WW2: the merchant ship was left without a Navy escort; the U-Boat commander had the detailed list of the content aboard the Robin Moor; he had the boat evacuated before he torpedoed it; many witnesses and passengers were forbidden to talk about the incident. The event startled the whole country, and President Roosevelt announced an “unlimited national emergency.”

  • June 22 : Germany launches Operation Barberossa against the Soviet Union.
  • June 26: In response to the Japanese occupation of French Indochina, President Roosevelt orders the seizure of all Japanese assets in the United States.
  • August 1: The US announces an oil embargo against Japan, because of its occupation of Saigon in Vietnam.

And so on, and so on. The USA first were angry at Germany, then set a motion of sanctions and decisions that poked Japan until it bombarded Pearl Harbor just 7 months later. Even though the US entered WW2 on December 1941, it only fought Japan for 10 long months and let the Nazis achieve a maximum of destruction to the USSR, before both countries actually clashed in North Africa in November 1942. Curiously, that was just a few weeks after everyone had realized that the Red Army would destroy the 6th Army in Stalingrad, which was the beginning of the end of the Third Reich that only had 2 years left.

Historical hard facts bring speculation down to this: since nothing else happened in May 1941, was it the parachuting of Hess in England or the sinking of an evacuated merchantman ship that really triggered the sudden and radical turnaround of policy toward the war by the USA? If you choose the bizarre sinking of the Robin Moor, you also have to believe that this was a better reason to enter the war for Americans than the destruction of their closest European allies by Nazis that triggered next to nothing by the fall of 1940. How could anyone justify that there was such a sudden urgency to join the war in the Spring of 1941, now that Germany had left the West alone and turned toward the Soviet Union? Indeed, the Hess mission brings an undeniable moment of clarity about WW2.

Rather than a great mystery, the parachuting of Hess is much more an explanation about the historical reality that transpires in the most obvious way, thanks to the 180 degrees change of behavior by the US about its involvement in the war after the event. Because History was written by those who won the war, what it will fail to explain, or even mention, is that England and the USA had totally different reasons for the funding of Adolf’s diabolical plans. While England wanted Germany to crush every other minor colonial empire to consolidate its own, destroy the dangerous Soviet Union and also deport every European Jew to Palestine to create Israel to finally implement the 1917 Balfour resolution, the objectives of the American banks were definitely not the same as those of the Bank of England. As a matter of fact, one of them was diametrically opposed: they had financed Hitler to crush the British Colonial Empire, and completely take over the role of the hegemonic leaders of the New World Order. Reduced to a much simpler formula, Wall Street sought to replace the Rothschild. By invading England and especially the City of London, a tiny part of the capital that works as an independent state, Hitler would’ve destroyed the Rothschild empire. The City of London was the world’s financial power center and wealthiest square mile on the planet that hosts the Bank of England, the Lloyd’s of London, the London stock exchange, and every other British bank. Everything points to the fact that American bankers and industrials had armed Hitler to the teeth to give a deathblow straight in the heart of the British Empire financial system.

Against all we were taught in school, WW2 is in its essence a triangle of treasons between the great Anglo-Saxon allies in their quest of the world economical and political dominance, and their German proxy. Since history has a tendency to repeat itself, the war in Syria is a carbon-copy replica of WW2, with Daesh playing the Nazis, and the same Western coalition that had to put their boots on the ground when its proxy army began to fail against, once more, Russia.

Is this speculative? Any other version of history has to dismiss the meaning of hard facts that are available in every WW2 history book, but this version actually explains and links them all. Furthermore, stretch the logical analysis by asking yourself if the massive American funding of Germany was to help England in its quest for the world hegemony, or for self-benefit. Ask yourself why American bankers would let a European family control the Federal Reserve, the businesses of money-creation and the exploitation of the world’s resources. Ask yourself if Hitler wasn’t the perfect opportunity to submit the British Empire for those who sought the control of the world. Now look at the end game: the American plan sure worked, as the outcome would be confirmed in 1944 with the Bretton-Woods agreement, when the world decided that the US dollar would replace the English pound as the international reserve and trading currency. Rothschild hadn’t been completely eradicated as originally planned, but by conquering and liberating countries that were left with dozens of military bases, the US took over the New World Order. After a century and a half of a global Empire that stretched over 17,000,000 square miles or a third of the planet, England was suddenly reduced to an American vassal satellite in 1944. Remember how Roosevelt and Stalin were complicit in dividing the world at the Yalta Conference, while Churchill was left looking from the sidelines? Logical analysis and circumstantial evidence make this theory the most likely one about the Hess mission.

A very clear mission

The purpose of this trip finally makes perfect logical sense and to make believe that Hess never met Churchill or any other Rothschild representative in such an important moment is ludicrous. The Deputy Führer had parachuted to tell England what the American bankers expected from Germany, but also that Hitler was ready to betray his main funders at certain conditions. The Führer was betting on the British Empire in the long term and believed that Germany should share a piece of the Empire, yet another misjudgment of the future since he also had claimed that the Third Reich would last a 1000 years.Hess and HitlerChurchill agreed with Hess, since Germany attacked the Soviet Union the very next month. Had he refused, there was no need to parachute Goebbels in Boston, since the only other option for Germany was to invade England to fulfill its contract with its American funders, with the same hopes of sharing their version of the hegemony. Germany and England continued to clash in the next few months, but it was mostly war for profits. Destroy cities, sink ships in the middle of the ocean, blow up tanks in the desert, nothing that couldn’t be rebuilt or re-bought, and especially nothing of real strategic importance. And again, things only got serious between them after Stalingrad, the military turning point of WW2.

In a world as normal and truthful that most of us like to imagine, peace between Germany and England would’ve been discussed in a third country, through an official meeting between the two governments. However, reality also explains the otherwise unexplainable fact that Germany wanted to keep the mission a total secret. Because Hess landed on a remote farm in Scotland, the USA quickly realized that their first major proxy army, the Nazis, wasn’t working for them anymore and that if they hoped to lead the New World Order someday, they had to enter the war and get it themselves, fast.

It’s very clear why this mighty German dilemma, which was about to shape the world up to this day, couldn’t be discussed over a telephone line, nor written on a scroll that would carry a pigeon, and why every document about it was kept secret. Because it demonstrates how treasonous the leaders of these two moral defenders of human rights and democracy can be, even to each other. Revealing the documents would also expose their lies to keep everyone ignorant of the real history, because the unpleasant truth on the Hess mission basically changes our whole perception of the war, but even more, of our world.


When Hitler realized that everyone had found out about the mission, he panicked and he became the first one to declare that his old friend had gone mad and had escaped Germany. It took many years for Mrs Hess to see her husband again when she was allowed to visit him in Spandau for 30 minutes. When asked if her husband was crazy in a filmed interview, she replied: “By reading all the the letters he wrote to me over the years, I can tell you that if Rudolf is crazy, I am too.”

WW2 split the first and second parts of the original New World Order plan set in 1773 by Amshel Mayer Rothschild: the British Colonial Empire was replaced by the American Empire. Same plan of world domination, but the Rothschild family would now have to share it with a handful of Yankee Illuminatis.

When Rudolf Hess said that he had come to England to save humanity, might he have been talking about the lesser evil domination the British Empire and Germany would’ve kept over the world, compared to the totalitarian American Big Brother that is now our reality?

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  1. Philippe

    Thank your for your interesting article. I woulld like to ask a question and present another point, this time, about WWI.
    First, what about V. Souvarov thesis (see “The Icebreaker” and “The Cief Culprit”) that Stalin was about to invade Germany ? Does it not add another important element in this complex situation ?
    Second, french historian Pierre Hiillard in a brief interview (“Les vraies raisons de la Première Guerre Mondiale” [“The True Reasons about WWI”, available on Youtube) explains that Germany was allied with the Ottoman Empire since about 1895, built the Bagadbhan, started the construction of a pipeline and that, finally, engineer Otto Diesel invented the Diesel-Motor which gave a potentially huge advantage to the german fleet over Great Britain. According to P.Hillard, those were the two true reasons taht gave birth to WWI. England could not accept such a threat to its Empire.
    Do you have complementary informations and documents about this point of view.
    Hillard gives André Chéradame’s “Le Plan Pangermaniste Démasqué”, 1916. (Reprint Forgotten Books) as an important work.

    • Dear Philippe, thank you for your interest, questions and remarks. I would answer with a couple of hints. First, the author that you mentioned (Souvarov or Suvorov is not his real surname, he is Rezun) couldn’t be unbiased in his “ideas” because he fled to the west as a traitor and it was his primary goal to falsificate the history of the Soviet Union and discredit the image of historical Russia. That’s why all of his thesises are ‘fake news’ as it could be put nowadays. Second, Stalin didn’t have such plans. It could be proved with the dry facts of the economical and military potential of the Soviet Union back then. The country didn’t have any power to invade Germany.

  2. Des Carter

    Interesting, but your synopsis doesn’t cover all the angles eg the federal reserve was planned over a centuary ago, run by the Rothschilds……..

  3. 0use4msm

    Thank you for the interesting series of articles. I’m willing to go along with its basic premise, however it raises more questions than it answers (unavoidable, given the complex nature of geostrategic hubris). I’ll restrict my comment to my main one.

    German occupation of France and the Lowlands may have helped the British Empire to diminish colonial competition in Africa. But in Asia that wouldn’t have been the case: Japan had already made its imperial ambitions quite clear with the occupation of Korea and Manchuria. Britain would merely be swapping French and Dutch colonial competitors for Japan. And an imperial Japan, strengthened by the colonies lost to it by France and the Netherlands, would be a much bigger threat to the British Empire in Asia than the French and Dutch colonial presence there. For this part of the article’s premise to be plausible, there needs to be some evidence, however circumstantial, that Rothschild Britain could cut a deal with Japan as well. And even with an Anglo-Japanese deal in place, it is not evident how it would be more beneficial for the consolidation of the British Empire than the colonial status quo ante.

    Kind regards.

  4. Targysan

    Good Lord this is some speculative, revisionisr, claptrap

  5. David Chu

    “In a secret meeting on August 14 1940 on the USS Augusta, Churchill asked Roosevelt to join the war, but the American President categorically refused to discuss this topic. In fact, no meaningful step had been taken by the USA that could have led to its entry in WW2 . . .”

    This statement is totally incorrect.

    The Yankees (and the British) had started to build their long-range bombers specifically to be used as was used in the firebombing of German cities at the end of the WW2 . . . in the mid to late 1930’s.

    Their (Yankee) public pronouncement about neutrality was just for sheeple consumption. WW2 was planned by the Jews long before even WW1 happened. The iniquitous and evil Versailles Treaty, created right after WW1, was the instrument the Jews used to foment WW2.

    Adolf Hitler wanted peace with England, but England (and the USA) were already taken over by the Jews. Hitler was naive to believe that the British would listen to reason and hence his magnanimous gesture of goodwill at Dunkirk: over 300,000 British soldiers were allowed to escape back to England. If Hitler was even 1% as evil as he is portrayed today, he would have killed these cream of the crop British Tommies at Dunkirk.

    Poland was the bait that England and the Soviet Union used to cox National Socialist Germany to start WW2, but for two initially different cross-purposes.

  6. Total FAIL!

    Germany declared war on the US of A on December 8th, 1941 after the US had declared war on Japan (following a little known event called Pearl Harbor). Sorry Frog!

  7. “Their (Yankee) public pronouncement about neutrality was just for sheeple consumption. WW2 was planned by the Jews long before even WW1”

    So were they like, “We were going to call this shitstorm World War 1, but now that the Archduke got all shot, is everyone cool with calling it “WWII”?”

    Your hypothesis suffers from one problem: you are too stupid to even write a conceivable conspiracy theory, but your Semitic forefathers were clever enough to plan not one but two world wars 40 years in the future? FAIL

  8. leonedaman

    So many people know so little about war. Fail, the only thing you got right is your name.

  9. Todd Millions

    Cairns sent a memo to V. Ribbentrop 6(?) weeks before Barbarossa-after Donavon’s return from his Balkan tour ,asking what was to be the response to Roosevelt’s extension of US navy ‘protection’ of “Neutral Shipping”? He pointed out in this memo(apparently) that- It amounted to a declaration of war without any involvement of Congress. I recall no mention of the Robin Cook incident in this. Nor did I ever come across report that any reply was received too it. However Hitler was apparently sent a copy.
    I expect Admiral Cairns would have being aware of the overt US Navy help in tracking down the Bismarck. Hardly subtle enough to be secret.

  10. Well Part III is most interesting, and would explain so much of the Rothschilds having so much Zionist occupation over the US. For instance, the DISC was being run by British Zionist Canadian named Louis Bloomfield, who was also FBI Div 5 and PERMINDEX leader. Having a Zionist Royalist heading high level US security appears all about not having another FDR situation. It appears this was the root of much US subversion.

    We also know the FDR “Four Freedoms” plan was about stopping all English Colonial methods everywhere on the planet at the end of WWII. Since the US got sucked into WWII, that would be in the US interests. FDR had become the Stalin friend and the enemy of Churchill and the Empire of England. FDR would back NY banking and not “City of London” banking.

    Joe Kennedy was very much an FDR man and appeared to be rooting for Germany to take over England, for which he had to be replaced as US Ambassador to England. FDR soon get poisoned and English lapdog Truman takes over and backs England and starts the costly “cold war” with Russia. Then, JFK and RFK are chips off the old block and do not like Colonial system games or those like games via the CIA.

    JFK and RFK were going to limit Zionist control over the US via the registration as “Foreign Agent” rules. The US Note was going to undo the Fed Res., the US was going to exit Vietnam, and France let Algeria go free and socialist. English domination over India fell in 1947, and likewise control over Palestine fell in 1948..

    In the 50s and 60s, Zionist control of the Mafia extended to NY via Meyer Lanski and to Chicago via Hyman Larner. The Mil/Ind network became Zionist with LBJ backing General Dynamics TFX and Henry Crown (Henry Krinsky). Jack Ruby get connected with LBJ and spying on Nixon’s House UnAmerican Activities Commitee. Ruby is Chicago mob and CIA connected, along with LBJ Zionist connected.

    It seems the US was taken over from within via Imperialism.

  11. Philippe

    Some important facts that may sustain the hypothesis that Wall Street wanted to sudue and susubsitute itself to the London City :
    1. Rotschild tries to conquer the american financial market and take ccontrol of the american national bank in the XIX century. But they mainly fail at first.
    2. But it succeeds in 1013 with the creation of the FED, a body of private banks.
    3. Until 1914, the gold standard dominates but start to decline after.
    4. 1945 : Bretton Woods the gold standard is substituted by the dollar.
    5. 1965-1968 : the USA free itself from the obligation to maintain at least a minmum of 25% as gold reserve for money circulation.
    6. 1971 : President Nixon decides that the dollar is no more convertible in gold. Gold standard is therfore subsituted with the dollar-standard.
    It may very weel suit the idea that the USA was therfore quite interested in entering and winning WW2. Let’s not forget that the USA resolved the 1929 crisis (by the way, engeneered by the FED) with rearmament thus beginning its military-industrial complex.
    A good introductory reading for lay readers is : M.S. MIKE “PLANET ROTHSCHILD. THE FORBIDEN HISTORY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER” (2 VOL.). You will find many other facts that sustain such a thesis.

  12. I think you are making it all too complicated
    Everything in life can be filtered down to 2 basic emotions shared among all humans;
    jealousy and greed.

    Also one must factor in the murderous/greedy/vile nature of the caucasian vis a vis the melanated.
    The japanese also share this nature when confronted with coloured people.

    I have written this scenario on another forum well before I read these Hess articles.

    Hess came to Britain with an offer of sharing the world….…
    I can hear the conversation happening; “common chaps lets stop this fighting and we can share the world”. An invitation for Britain to join the german/japanese.

    The proposal was to share, europe/parts of russia/africa/India/east asia/parts of china, among the established great people of the world; British/Germans with the Japanese anchoring the east.

    Of course India had been wrung dry and left with 300m dhoti wearing impoverished, now a burden for Britain. With slavery abolished africa was now inhabited with loincloth wearing impoverished tribal people who were also a burden.

    But the germans would have had a solution for these problems, they had developed industrial solutions for people who are not wanted. Given the technological/mechanical advantages held over people of Africa and India these areas could have been wiped clean in a matter of months.
    See North/South America as templates, there could have even been a Papul Bull authorizing these actions.

    Think about it a complete triumph for the caucasians with no melanated people left on any lands!!!
    Americans would have gone along with it for sure.

    But I think this would have been too much for the British stomach, churchill opted for trials whilst stalin wanted them all shot. The ground realities of germans not being able to defeat the russians added to the British doubts.

    Americans were forced into getting involved and their opportunities just evolved in time…..
    there was no way they were going to let the communist take all the cake.
    Knowing they could step into the colonial shoes was a bonus, similar to the exploitation of the opportunities presented to the americans by 911

    As for some jewish person planning all this, I dont think so.
    I hate banksters/sh#tty of london and the creatures on balls st as much as anyone, but they are all as brainless as the rest of the 99.99999999% that cannot plan beyond the end of their noses.
    But they never miss an opportunity to be greedy or jealous.

  13. Philippe

    We still have to explain the perverse human will to destroy mainly as in wars, but also in so many other ways.
    It is well know that even animals -even the predatory ones- not have such a will to destroy.
    But clearly, today, to solve conflicts through wars is simply senseless.

  14. Richard Rolwing

    Two words–“Lend Lease”…(Or is this “old reliable” action between Roosevelt and Churchill supposedly signaling FDR’s future intentions/sympathies a naive concept long disproven by now…)

  15. Richard F Rolwing

    Two words: “Lend Lease”–Didn’t that signal FDR’s present sympathies and future intentions as far as getting into the war? (I suppose it’s false flag time for that one….)

  16. US gigantic military aid to … Soviet Russia saved the USSR. Without it, it seems doubtful the USSR may have survived.

  17. Daniel B

    Germany did not have a choice in Spring of 1941 to invade Russia vs invading Britian. Their odds of succeeding in Sea Lion at that point were literally 0.

  18. It is clear Soviet Russia wanted to invade Western Europe since 1918 : Bolchevik Revolution in Germany, Austria, Italy, invasion of Poland. And from :september 1939 : Poland again, Finland, Latvia, Lituania, Eastern Romania and in march 1941 putsch in Yugoslavia. Not bad !

  19. leonedaman

    The US aid to USSR never was more than 4 or 5% of their supplies and didn’t concern the most important items such as the T-34. It’s mostly conscience clearing propaganda.

  20. petergrafstrm

    The Us did want the war from the beginning so I doubt that these things determined whether or not the US would send troops in addition to all the war material they sent.
    The US as Truman stated while vice pres acted to balance both sides so they would kill as many as possible of each other until exhaustion from war and indebtedness would set in.
    However the authors speculation about an underlining rivalry between the US and the UK is not farfetched. There was beginning during WW1 and continuing to the time of Hess flight war plans being made from both sides. First before WW1 British politicians were openly debating an attack against the US via Halifax with six million men. The US made preparations for such an eventuality. Expecting 8 million attackers. As the plans evolved they later became titled War Plan Red. Britain being the red and the US the blue side.

    Bell, Christopher M. (November 1997). “Thinking the Unthinkable: British and American Naval Strategies for an Anglo-American War, 1918-1931”. The International History Review. 19 (4): 789–808 by Carl Osgood and Steven P. Meyer
    “America’s fear of an Anglo-Japanese alliance led Canada to worry about a U.S. attack—and in the end, devise a scheme for a ‘pre-emptive invasion’ of its southern neighbor.”
    FRANK JACOBS 05 September, 2018 by Webster G. Tarpley
    ” This essay will concentrate on four important episodes of London’s anti-American operations conducted especially in the Asia-Pacific area under the aegis of the Anglo-American Special Relationship:
    1) The Anglo-American rivalry for world naval domination from 1916 to about 1938, which brought the United
    States to the brink of war with London in 1920-21 and again in 1927-28, with the virtual certainty that war with London would mean war with London’s ally, Japan.
    2) World War II in the Pacific , during which the British attempted to maximize U.S. losses in the struggle against Japan by depriving Gen. Douglas MacArthur of logistical support and forcing a retreat to the Brisbane line while Japan occupied northern and central Australia. By then sponsoring a strategy of bloody frontal assault against a series of wellconsolidated Japanese strong points , the British hoped to prolong the Pacific war until as late as 1955, decimating American forces in a manner comparable to France ‘s horrendous
    losses in World War I. “

  21. most plausible theory i have heard to date.

  22. I hardly know where to begin, since most of the comments here – with a few sensible and notable exceptions – are alarming in their ignorance, which at best may be due to a genuine lack of knowledge, and at worst disingenuous and deliberately misleading (including that of the author). It is a good thing to question, and to look beyond the accepted narrative of history – but it can be grossly overdone; and when mixed with ignorance gives rise to exactly the kind of mentality that millions of people across the world sacrificed their lives to prevent in world war two. I’m appalled, for example, to read comments (that Hitler would have approved of) referring to an international Jewish conspiracy to instigate war for profit, and to dominate world politics. You only have to think of the many Jewish socialists and communists in Europe at that time to see that this particular conspiracy theory ends up diametrically opposed to itself. It has become fashionable in recent years to revise history in any way that suits the amateur historian’s particular thesis, and general prejudices. This is not research after knowledge. It is just spreading the effects of ignorance more widely. “Drink deeply at the well of knowledge, or not at all” is the advice I would humbly offer here. And to the author – consider this simple question: despite the inevitable political intrigues, and the wild speculation they now engender in idle minds, was the second world war a victory or a defeat for the progress of the world? Had Hitler and the other European fascists, along with militaristic Japan, encircled the globe, what kind of world would we have today? In 1939, no-one in Britain or France wanted a second war with Germany, the British army was woefully unprepared, and the U.S. armed forces were ranked eighteenth in the world, behind Holland! This is documented fact, not speculative narrative. Roosevelt saw the danger quite clearly, as did Churchill, but was constrained by internal politics from committing the U.S. to a war, a stance that few of his isolationist electorate would have tolerated. Churchill was not “evil” (this is a childish remark). Neither was he a warmonger, as many today love to assert. Do some research on his political career, particularly the early years, and you will find that spoke out against extravagant military expenditure (recorded in Hansard – the ‘minutes’ of British Parliamentary proceedings). In the thirties, he proposed re-arming because he clearly saw a war approaching, but was ignored. At the inevitable advent of the second world war, he and Rooseveldt were truly the ‘men of the hour’. We should be grateful that they were at hand, and endowed with the spirit of the limited freedom and democracy that we cherish in the Western world.

  23. Thank you for your conclusions which of cause have cost a lot of work. I miss some things: first, Hitler did not want to attack France and Great Britain, he waited from September 39 to May 40. But war was declared by France and GB, what could Hitler do? As far as I know he made a lot of offers to avoid extend the local war in Poland to a WW. Second, what about the Hess documents which initially should have been released in 2017. Did the GB governement extend the period of secrecy?

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