Obama’s Return Might Backfire And Lead To A “Red Wave”

Obama returned to public life at precisely the moment that the “deep state” is intensifying its war on Trump.

The former president was rolled out for a high-profile campaign speech in Illinois less than a week after the New York Times published an anonymous op-ed that supposedly came from a senior administration official and alleged that the “Resistance” was actively thwarting Trump’s policies from within the White House itself. This followed publicly released and potentially explosive excerpts from Bob Woodward’s book about the Trump Administration, which altogether represents an unprecedented attack against the President’s authority. It’s therefore not for naught that Steven Bannon made headlines over the weekend by describing these events as part of an ongoing “coup” attempt.

The perception that the Mainstream Media has been building suggests that Trump has never been weaker and that he’s just one scandal away from either resigning or getting impeached, but in fact the opposite is true and the President is stronger than ever, which is what’s really driving the “deep state’s” war against him. If Trump was as vulnerable as he’s being made out to be throughout the course of this unprecedented infowar, then Obama wouldn’t have had to return to public life, nor would the New York Times have had to publish the scandalous op-ed. Rather, Americans would just naturally distance themselves from the President and his party during the upcoming November midterm elections and vote for the Democrats instead.

As it stands, the likelihood of a Democratic sweep – or as they like to call it in their own circles, a so-called “Blue Wave” – is dim, and that’s why such desperate tactics are being resorted to in a last-ditch effort to try to sway voters’ minds. The Democrats are also worried that the factional fault line that developed between the Sanders and Clinton camps during the 2016 election is still a serious obstacle for party unity, and that’s one of the reasons why the decision was made for Obama to return to the campaign trail. If Sanders’ supporters remain apathetic and stay home during the elections, then it might lead to an already galvanized Republican base pulling off a “Red Wave”.

President Obama's speech
Barack Obama gave a speech on September 7, 2018 at the University of Illinois in which he laid out a harsh critique of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Obama is something of a political deity to many on the Left, and the party’s bigwigs condescendingly think that their followers will obey his command to turn out in record numbers and give the Republicans a thrashing. However, he actually lost a lot of his luster over the years and no longer wields the influence that he once did, especially after siding with Clinton against Sanders two years ago. This is an important but “politically incorrect” observation that cuts to the core of what’s wrong with the Democrats, and it’s that they have a tendency to believe their own wishful thinking and then project it onto the masses that they lead, even if contemporary trends contradict the “Politburo’s” groupthink.

Far from energizing the Democrats, Obama’s political resurrection might actually contribute to the prevailing apathy in the Sanders wing of the party and counterproductively encourage more Republicans to go out and vote, which could deal a crushing blow to the “coup” plotters and empower Trump to dismantle the “deep state” once and for all after the midterms.

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