The British Roots Of The Deep State: How The Round Table Infiltrated America

With the nearly weekly revelations that the British Foreign Office, MI6, and GCHQ have been behind the long standing agenda to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump and undo the peaceful alliance between nationalist leaders in America, Russia, China and elsewhere, a new focus on the British hand in undermining the United States has become a serious thought for many citizens. In the first week of the new year, fuel was added to this fire when internal memos were leaked from the British-run Integrity Initiative featuring a startling account of the techniques deployed by the anti-Russian British operation to infiltrate American intelligence institutions, think tanks and media.

For those who may not know, The Integrity Initiative is an anti-Russian propaganda outfit funded to the tune of $140 million by the British Foreign office. Throughout 2019, leaks have been released featuring documents dated to the early period of Trump’s election, demonstrating that this organization, already active across Europe promoting anti-Russian PR and smearing nationalist leaders such as Jeremy Corbyn, was intent on spreading deeply into the State Department and setting up “clusters” of anti-Trump operatives. The documents reveal high level meetings that Integrity Initiative Director Chris Donnelly had with former Trump Advisor Sebastien Gorka, McCain Foundation director Kurt Volker, Pentagon PR guru John Rendon among many others.

The exposure of the British hand behind the scenes affords us a unique glimpse into the real historical forces undermining America’s true constitutional tradition throughout the 20th century, as Mueller/the Five Eyes/Integrity Initiative are not new phenomena but actually follow a modus operandi set down for already more than a century. One of the biggest obstacles to seeing this modus operandi run by the British Empire is located in the belief in a mythology which has become embedded in the global psyche for over half a century and which we should do our best to free ourselves of.

Debunking the Myth of the “American Empire”

While there has been a long-standing narrative promoted for over 70 years that the British Empire disappeared after World War II having been replaced by the “American Empire”, it is the furthest thing from the truth. America, as constitutionally represented by its greatest presidents (who can unfortunately be identified by their early deaths while serving in office), were never colonialist and were always in favor of reining in British Institutions at home while fighting British colonial thinking abroad.

Franklin Roosevelt’s thirteen year-long battle with the Deep State, which he referred to as the “economic royalists who should have left America in 1776″, was defined in clear terms by his patriotic Vice-President Henry Wallace who warned of the emergence of a new Anglo-American fascism in 1944 when he said:

“Fascism in the postwar inevitably will push steadily for Anglo-Saxon imperialism and eventually for war with Russia. Already American fascists are talking and writing about this conflict and using it as an excuse for their internal hatreds and intolerances toward certain races, creeds and classes.”

The fact is that already in 1944, a policy of Anglo-Saxon imperialism had been promoted subversively by British-run think tanks known as the Round Table Movement and Fabian Society, and the seeds had already been laid for the anti-Russian cold war by those British-run American fascists. It is not a coincidence that this fascist Cold War policy was announced in a March 5, 1946 speech in Fulton, Missouri by none other than Round Table-follower Winston Churchill.

The Empire Strikes

When the Round Table Movement was created with funds from the Rhodes Trust in 1902, a new plan was laid out to create a new technocratic elite to manage the re-emergence of the new British Empire and crush the emergence of American-inspired nationalism globally. This organization would be staffed by generations of Rhodes Scholars who would receive their indoctrination in Oxford before being sent back to advance a “post-nation state” agenda in their respective countries.

As this agenda largely followed the mandate set out by Cecil Rhodes in his Seventh Will who said “Why should we not form a secret society with but one object: the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, and for the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire?”

With the help of an anglophile, racist president in America, leading figures organizing these think tanks first advanced a program to create a “League of Nations” as the solution to the “nationalist problem” which humanity was told “caused” World War One. Nationalist forces in America rejected the idea that the constitution should be rendered obsolete and the plan for global governance failed. However that did not stop the Round Table Movement from trying again. Leading Round Table controller Lord Lothian (British Ambassador to the USA) complained of the “American problem” in 1918.

There is a fundamentally different concept in regard to this question between Great Britain and the United States  as to the necessity of civilized control over politically backward peoples…. The inhabitants of Africa and parts of Asia have proved unable to govern themselves…. Yet America not only has no conception of this aspect of the problem but has been led to believe that the assumption of this kind of responsibility is iniquitous imperialism.

They take an attitude towards the problem of world government exactly analogous to the one they [earlier] took toward the problem of the world war. If they are slow in learning we shall be condemned to a period of strained relations between the various parts of the English-speaking world. [We must] get into the heads of Canadians and Americans that a share in the burden of world government is just as great and glorious a responsibility as participation in the war”.

A Chinese leader of the American-inspired republican revolution of 1911 named Sun Yat-sen warned of the likes of Lord Lothian and the League of Nations in 1924 when he said:

“The nations which are employing imperialism to conquer others and which are trying to maintain their own favored positions as sovereign lords of the whole world are advocating cosmopolitanism [aka: global governance/globalization -ed] and want the world to join them… Nationalism is that precious possession by which humanity maintains its existence. If nationalism decays, then when cosmopolitanism flourishes we will be unable to survive and will be eliminated”.

New Name. Same Beast

By 1919, the Round Table Movement changed its name to the Royal Institute for International Affairs (aka: Chatham House) with the “Round Table” name relegated to its geopolitical periodical. In Canada and Australia, branches were created in 1928 under the rubrics of “Canadian and Australian Institutes for International Affairs” (CIIA, AIIA). However in America, where knowledge of the British Empire’s subversive role was more widely known, the name “American Institute for International Affairs” was still too delicate. Instead the name “Council on Foreign Relations” was chosen and was chartered in 1921.

Rhodes Scholar William Yandall Elliot surrounded by a few of his leading disciples: Sir Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski Samuel Huntington and Pierre Trudeau

Staffed with Rhodes Scholars and Fabians, the CFR (and its International Chatham House counterparts) dubbed themselves “independent think tanks” which interfaced with Rhodes Scholars and Fabians in academia, government and the private sector alike with the mission of advancing a foreign policy agenda that was in alignment with the British Empire’s dream of an Anglo-American “special relationship”. One such Rhodes Scholar was William Yandall Elliot, who played a major role mentoring Henry Kissinger and a generation of geo-politicians from Harvard, not the least of whom include Zbigniew Brzezinski, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Samuel (Clash of Civilizations) Huntington.

The Round Table in Canada and the Coup Against FDR

In Canada, five leading Rhodes Scholars were busy creating the League of Social Reconstruction as a self-described “Fabian Society of Canada” in 1931 which was meant to be a fascist/technocratic answer to the chaos of “greedy nationalism” that supposedly caused the economic collapse of Black Friday in 1929. During the same time in America, a different path to fascism was taken by these networks during the early 1930s. This plan involved installing a General named Smedley Butler into power as a puppet dictator steered by the Anglo-American establishment. Luckily for America and the world, General Butler blew the whistle on the coup against Franklin Roosevelt at the last minute.

Left-Wing Fascism blossoms in Canada

Kissinger’s British Takeover of America

Though it took a few assassinations throughout the post war years, Kissinger’s takeover of the State Department ushered in a new era of British occupation of American foreign policy, whereby the republic increasingly became the “Dumb Giant” acting as “American Brawn for the British brains” using Churchill’s words. While a nihilistic generation of youth were tuning in on LSD, and an old guard of patriots surrounding Wallace and Kennedy had fallen to the “red scare” witch hunt, geopolitical theory was fed like a sweet poison down the throat of a sleeping nation, replacing a policy of peace and “win-win cooperation” advanced by true nationalist patriots as FDR, Wallace and the Kennedys, with an imperial clone masquerading as a republic.

Sir Kissinger did nothing less than reveal his total allegiance to the British Empire on May 10, 1981 during a Chatham House conference in Britain when he described his relationship with the British Foreign office in the following terms:

“The British were so matter-of-factly helpful that they became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree probably never practiced between sovereign nations… In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign Office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department… It was symptomatic”.

During this period, Kissinger worked closely with CIA director George Bush Senior, who was later rewarded for his role in advancing the British-planned first war on Kuwait with a knighthood. This war set the stage for the second wave of Middle East wars beginning with the Anglo-Saudi orchestrated operation known as 9/11 and the ushering in of the new “post-nation state order” by Kissinger and Blair.

This was the era which was celebrated by both Kissinger and Bush in sundry places as “the New World Order”.

The Dystopic New World Order Threatened by a New Deal of the 21stCentury

It is this dystopic geopolitical order which has been challenged by the Russia-China alliance which arose in earnest with Xi Jinping’s 2013 announcement of the Belt and Road Initiative as the Grand design for large scale infrastructure projects internationally and in September 2015 with Vladimir Putin’s intervention into Syria which defeated the Hobbesian regime change paradigm which poisoned the west. In 2016, the election of nationalist American President Donald Trump opened the door for the first time in over 50 years to a true national coalition of sovereign nations to eliminate the cancer of colonial thinking forever from the earth.

Xi Jinping and PutinIt is this same British-run deep state which owns Robert Mueller, who along with the Integrity Initiative, Five Eyes and other Deep State operatives are dedicated to overthrowing President Trump from office and undoing the great potential now facing the world as outlined by the Schiller Institute and American statesman Lyndon LaRouche: 1) an FDR-style re-organization of the bankrupt banking system and 2) the unleashing of a global New Silk Road as the New Deal of the 21st Century.

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    What fuckin’ bullshit are you guys eating lately

  2. pogohere

    This is part of an excellent series.

    The references to F. Roosevelt omit his allegiance to Bernard Baruch, Gerald Swopes and Wall Street. The latter provided the chief impetus to the “New Deal,” which was a deal between Wall Street and organized labor to trade federal legalization of labor organizing for collective economic rights for a reduction of anti-trust enforcement. See:

    Full text of “Antony Sutton – Wall Street and FDR (1975).pdf (PDFy mirror)”

  3. All the modual parts of this crazy quilt; work together to create Dialectic to push the public along.

    The Top is Pharoastocracy…bloodlines extending out.
    Swiss Nazi Banking and Masonic Occult Governance.
    All the players are one, though they may be Fabian Socialists or Nazi Fascists, they are Kin.
    Sometimes in-fighting by these rabid dogs.
    Everything is going according to plans, because at the TOP they work together and are connected.

    Articles like this one and others help to create misdirection and the myth is born, when the truth is very simple.

  4. Tom Jones

    Fascinating ideas. Have no idea if there is any truth to any of it but still fascinating all the same.

  5. petergrafstrm

    Carroll Quigley exposed Britains role and Anthony Sutton exposed the Us. Both had to be wellconnected with the respective oligarchy in order to get access to essential private archives. So couldnt tell the full truth. Quigley had to slightly play down the importance of the Rockefellers and Sutton the British, including the Rothschilds, who may have, at least initially, have supported him according to rumours.
    I tend to believe Suttons account of FDR, and I do find it unlikely that FDR could have distanced himself very much from the Us oligarchy and its urge to dominate. However there was a genuine competition between Britains type of empire and what would have emerged naturally from the US, had they been left to their own devices without British interference. After all several foreign reformers, in Europe and Asia were educated in/influenced by the academia in the US and made aware of Britains dangerous influence. More so than those directly affected as Europes history unfolded later. So there were some good elements in the way the Us affected the world.
    For example consider Sun Yat Sen who was mentioned in the article.
    Quote partly in free words as I remember it:
    Sun Yat Sen correctly predicted what would happen if China joined the war and was against it. He understood Britains mode of operation and said, joining them as an ally only meant Britain would use them as bargaining material, which happened. He recommended smaller nations to remain neutral and not go into an alliance with the British. He knew Bismarck had gone to great lengths trying to avoid making Germany Britains main rival. Sun defends Germany’s case saying: ‘Why are we so tolerant towards the Allies and so un-reasonably severe towards Germany? ‘
    ‘The British are as cunning as the fox and as changeable as the weather, and they are not ashamed of themselves’
    When Sun describes Britains foreign policy method of rallying the weaker rivals against the stronger and as their relative strengths undergo changes Britain changes sides, Sun remarks:
    ‘Such has been the consistent British policy during the last hundred years. Those who are surprised at the ingratitude of Britain have not studied the history of England.’ ”


    The comment above by ed:
    “All the players are one, though they may be Fabian Socialists or Nazi Fascists, they are Kin”
    “Articles like this one … help to create misdirection and the myth is born,”
    To that I would like to mention that the author of the article seems to be aligned with the Larouche circles. And the latter have clearly pointed out the kinship between Fabians and nazis, so ed is throwing himself against an open door.
    What ed omits is that the kinship is something internal to the British deep state, which has influenced and encouraged all the players.

  6. Thank you for this excellent article. An important introduction can be read in CARROLL QUIGLEY “THE ANGLO.AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT” (1981).

  7. David Otness

    This with its 2 links constitutes an “article”…? For it’s all that shows up when I opened it. Hardly worth the effort if so.

    “With the nearly weekly revelations that the British Foreign Office, MI6, and GCHQ have been behind the long standing agenda to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump and undo the peaceful alliance between nationalist leaders in America, Russia, China and elsewhere, a new focus on the British hand in undermining the United States has become a serious thought for many citizens. In the first week of the new year, fuel was added to this fire when internal memos were leaked from the British-run Integrity Initiative featuring a startling account of the techniques deployed by the anti-Russian British operation to infiltrate American intelligence institutions, think tanks and media.”

  8. SomeoneInAsia

    Quite evidently certain things haven’t changed. Trust a leopard to change its spots.

    I hope the UK becomes a Muslim country and all of their royalty and members of parliament have to bow to Mecca five times a day. Enough said.

  9. In responce to petergrafstrm, his comment about my comment.

    Larouche was both communist and fascist and soon you will hear he is Technocrat; as that is where this embroglio is leading to.

    Also don’t forget that Britain was controlled by the Roman Empire,,,,so you get your Swiss Nazi, Knights of Malta, Jesuit and so on connections.

    So I state the kinship connection.
    Also import to understand is the Right created and funded the Left….All banks are Swiss, no matter their front name.

  10. freedom-cat

    Where does the Jewish Power Structure fit in? I think it’s incomplete without that acknowledged.

  11. All the more reason to not only stand for the Constitution and Bill of Rights but to be educated in it. It’s the only effective tool against these British operatives.


  13. David Otness

    In reference to my comment above regarding only seeing one paragraph and 2 links I find that was the case from having picked up this article from a link on another site that was not providing the article in its entirety. As a subscriber to Oriental Review I found the article intact after opening it from my email. Apologies for the misapprehension/misunderstanding.

  14. JustaThought!

    Seems that the top 2 positions of the Family are occupied by Queens, one in the public eye and one behind the scenes making his reign acceptable by changing laws in his favor in the Western world.

    British Tabloids Release Pictures: Is Prince Charles Really Gay? › Lifestyle › travel

  15. Interesting essay. The writer believes FDR was anti empire. This is completely untrue. See Garet Garrett’s “The People’s Pottage.”

  16. All the European monarchies, including the Vatican, despised the USA as a Constitutional Republic… They decided to do something about it when they heard about the Monroe Doctrine… That’s when they convened the Treaties of Vienna meetings… Most likely, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe were all murdered by the Jesuits, all died on the 4th of July… That’s no mere coincidence… They probably killed George Washington before that, poison… They’re behind the hard dope and immigrant invasion – Permindex… Read DOPE INC and Lyndon Larouche’ books….
    No way FDR wasn’t in on the globalist bankster plot… He was behind the murder of General Patton and the deep state military industrial complex alliance with the Bolsheviks (ZIONISM)…. Don’t believe what he said….

  17. I must comment that this website has many ignoant nazis, who like to throw mud.

    It might also be the website itself playing its games.

  18. It appears that this website attracts many Nazis.
    Though some may be the website itself.

  19. petergrafstrm

    in response to ed’s comment 07/07/2019 at 11:15 PM
    What you refer to as Rome was in actuality Venice. The knights of Malta were their partners. And
    soon after Britain became new territory for the Venetian oligarchy. The Cecils with that background have been very influential.
    Those belonging to the Venetian party in England were associated with Britains deceptions for centuries.
    The pope and the catholic church was their target. The influence of the Venetian oligarchy lay behind the devlopment of the secret societies. Jesuits and freemasons. The catholic church has surely been infiltrated by such forces but so has every other western establishment.
    About fascism and socialism. Fascists want their society to conquer and colonialise other countries and peoples. Larouche has consistently preached the use of science for development of the whole of humanity. Worldwide collaboration, win-win and not imperialism.
    Britains imperialists were behind fascism.
    Socialism too is a diffuse subject since many western socialists are not fully aware of the extent to which monopoly capitalists were behind and in every way made and controlled it. Larouche wanted a strong state acting in the favour of the citisens but was completely clear about this doubleplay of the western monopoly capitalist oligarchy and critisised it in an enlightening manner.
    Larouche and his coworkers have presented a wealth of introductions to the world of deceptions by the mentioned oligarchy.
    A must for those who want to know real history.

  20. Responce to petergrafstrm’s second comment…. Larouche is not someone I would put my trust in.

    In general from your second comment…I would say why not go back to Iranian Bloodlines and then you see the building of all this muck we are discussing….Building of Eutruscan cities, Italy the Vatacan…Iranian Popes created Jesuits and on and on To Pharoas and Switzerland.
    Again all part of the same pile of muck.

    A coordinated and networked bunch of world beaters.

  21. For those who may be interested, the author of the article and accompanying video recently did a follow up on the current attack on Martin Luther King’s legacy run by the same deep state operation illustrated above.

  22. highlanderjuan

    Interestingly enough, American congressmen swear an oath of allegiance and support for the zionist military regime in Palestine, aka israel, and not to any country in Europe or elsewhere. The shadow government, aka deep state, appears to be zionist ridden. Where does that leave us?

  23. petergrafstrm

    In answer to ed 01/08/2019 at 2:21 AM , I think I answered it much earlier but it didnt get through.
    The Larouche bunch, you group together would be worthy recipients of the peace price. Unlike your characterisation of them as world beaters they are consistently in favour of development and the spreading of knowledge in the interest of the common people. And strongly condemn and expose imperialism with its concommittant furthering of irrationalism in all forms.
    Only someone with a strong bias for excusing the imperialists would call them world beaters.

  24. To petergrafstrm:

    LaRouche, A Trotskyist in the 1940s, four-time presidential candidate, head of the National Democratic Policy Committee, right-wing extremist Lyndon LaRouche was convicted on fraud and conspiracy charges.

    The LaRouche cult…….The LaRouchians raised over $200 million in loans and donations from the public, despite
    the sect’s “classic fascist” ideology, anti-Semitism, brain-washing, smear tactics and fanatical support of the Star Wars defense system and military build-up.

    LaRouche forged bonds with the Reagan administration, the CIA, the National Security Council, the Ku Klux Klan and other white-supremacist groups, Teamster bosses and crime lords, among others and the Press gave him a free ride.

    That is where you are coming from…..petergrafstrm.

  25. You want first hand info on the deep state search for on youtube for Kevin Shipp

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