Religious Harmony Exists In Pakistan

Pakistan is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religion society. Diversification is the strength and beauty of democracy. Pakistan has emerged as a mature and responsible state. The leadership in Pakistan is visionary and capable. Pakistan has four provinces with their own identity, many ethnic groups with their own traditions and culture, and several religions with full freedom.

The state religion in Pakistan is Islam, which is practiced by 96.28% of the population. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Pakistani constitution, which established a fundamental right of Pakistani citizens, irrespective of their religion, to equal rights. The remaining 4% practice Hinduism, Christianity, Ahmadis, Sikhism, and other religions.

Christians make up 1.6% of Pakistan’s population, which becomes roughly 4 million. The majority of the Pakistani Christian community consists of Punjabis who converted during the British colonial era and their descendants. Pakistani Christians mainly live in Punjab and in urban centers. There is also a Roman Catholic community in Karachi which was established by Goan and Tamil migrants when Karachi’s infrastructure was being developed by between the two World Wars. A few Protestant groups conduct missions in Pakistan. There are few Orthodox Christians too and some migrated from India.

The number of Churches in Pakistan are in several thousand. Only in Islamabad, which is a small city with a total population of 1 million, and 150 thousand Christians only. There exit around 40 Churches of various sizes. Some of them are quite big while few are small but the majority are well in medium-sized.

It is the season for Christmas, Christians are celebrating it with full religious freedom and enjoying the seasons. While Muslims also enjoy the big sales and discounts offered on the occasion of Christmas and New Year season. It is a festival moot in Pakistan and can be witnessed everywhere.

Christians have played an important role in Pakistan, since the freedom movement, partition of sub-continent and later on in the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Christians have been serving in the high positions of the Government of Pakistan, especially their role in defense services is always lauded. Bagwan Das, a Hindu has served the most powerful post in Pakistan as Chief Justice of Pakistan. Sikhs are serving in the Defense services of Pakistan and contributing a positive role.

All religions are living a peaceful life under the protection of the Pakistani constitution. The Constitution of Pakistan protects the basic right of its citizens irrespective of their religion. However, a soft corner exists for minorities in the Government of Pakistan. The government provides them extra facilitations and concessions in many respect. Just like, extra holidays on their religious festivals like Hindu enjoy an official holiday on Diwali and other important festivals, Sikhs enjoy extra holidays for Besakhi, etc., and Christians enjoy extra holidays on Christmas and Easter, while Muslims do not have such holidays. But minorities also avail the Muslim Holidays equally.

Some of the Hindu Temples, Gurdawars and Churches are donated or maintained by the Government funding and some of these are built by the Government of Pakistan. Or at least, the land is provided by the Government of Pakistan free of cost. In Islamabad, several Churches were built by Government Funding and handed over to local Christian communities. Of Course, some of the Churches were built under British rule pre-independence. However, the Government of Pakistan provide them funds for repair and maintenance and routine operation, while managed by local Christian communities independently.

pakistan-christianThere exist several missionary schools and hospitals, where the Christian community get admission on priority and Muslims can be entertained if space is available. In Christian’s localities in Islamabad, the land is provided by the Government of Pakistan free of cost, while utilities like Gas, Water, Sanitation and Electricity is provided on priority.

Pakistan is a country with 96% population Muslim, bans the use of Alcohol, but minorities are exceptions and provided licenses and special quotas.

In the Pakistani educational system, there is a provision for non-Muslims to choose the subjects which suit them and their religion.

Generally speaking there is no discrimination against any religion in Pakistani society and certainly no discrimination officially at all. However, the criminals exist in any religion and culture, in any nation. If some Muslim commit crime against any minority, Pakistani courts provides them justice. Law enforcement agencies are there to provide them full protection. There is so much evidence where Pakistani courts and law has sided with the minorities.

However, some times, few individuals in order to take asylum in the developed world, fabricate fake stories and Western media project such as fake stories. It is understood, that Pakistan is undergoing an imposed hybrid war by the few Western nations and Western media is availing all avenues to coerce Pakistan. But, sensible people can differentiate between fake propaganda and the actual facts on the ground. In fact, Western media is no longer credible, as it is being used as a tool in some of the Government’s hands to achieve their strategic goals only.

The recent opening of Kartarpur Corridor for Sikhs between India and Pakistan, which facilitates 150 Million Sikhs around the World, is a very good example of Pakistan’s vision on religious freedom.

The US puts Pakistan on Watch List of countries that lacks religious freedom, which is not less than a joke. It is only an act to put Pakistan under pressure and leverage while negotiating with Pakistan. While the ground realities are completely opposite. The society is in harmony and living together for 7 decades. Pakistan is a country where the degree of freedom is much more than any other country in the world. The US keeps its eyes closed on Indian official discrimination against its minorities, human rights violations in Kashmir, Israel’s brutality in Palestine. and its own act of brutality in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Latin America, Syria, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. The discriminatory legislation in the US to bar a few countries, based on their religion is the worst example of racism.

Trust, ill-motivated–designs of a few Western powers will not succeed and sensible individuals and nations, understands the facts and may not buy fake stories and negative propaganda.

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    1. Patrick B. Ludwig

      How fake can newsmongering get. Religious Harmony in Pakistan? My arse indeed.

      You probably mean whst islam always means and always has meant: Submission.

      To be precise, “peace through submission”. As long as everybody submits to muslim rule, of course there will be peace. As long as the Kuffar submit to their dhimmitude, of course there will be harmony.
      As long as nobody dares to dissent, of course there will be ageement.

      An islam gives muslims the right – no, commands them to enforce submission through death, maiming and torture.

      And you dare to call that harmony. Go away you muselman fiend from mohameds hell.

    2. mm Zamir AWAN

      Thank you dear Patrick B. Ludwig
      Sorry, I can not use the language which you have used. When I was a young kid, my parents has provided me a training, how to behave with others. When I went to school, my teachesrs taught the manners how to behave with others. My religion taught me manners and tolerance. So, I am sorry, I can not use the language which ypou have chosen.
      I hope ypou read, my article once again, when you are in full-senses and think calmly, I am sure you will endorse my point of view and appreciate.
      However, even though you still have different opinion, I respect you, please point out.
      I will never get annoyed or crazy by any circaustic remarks. I have enough tolerrance and I promote Peace, Harmony and Tolerence. What I have learned, I will keep on practicing, irrespective, other’s manners.
      Wish you Good luck and Happy New Year.

    3. Bevin Chu

      But Zamir Awan, why are you a racist? Why didn’t your parents proscribe you from learning this evil ideology? I am talking about a different article written by you as your reply to Patrick nudged me to ask this question. Shame on You, You Racist.

    4. Pakistan and ethnicity
      Pakistan is a heterogeneous country as most South Asians are. In Pakistan, the ethnic affiliations are mainly based on lingual differences beside all of the ethnic ingredients. If we see Pakistan from pre-independence to post-independence the result would be contrasting.

    5. Thanks for your article. Religious harmony is very important. In this matter, it is very important to realize both tolerance and not a place for a hostile attitude.

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