The Tragedy Of A Ukrainian Flight In Iran

The tragedy of Ukrainian Commercial Flight 737-800, minutes after it took off from Tehran on the 8th of January 2020, with 176 people on board, in Iran has saddened every one everywhere. Iran admitted early on the 11th of January that its military had shot down the passenger jet by mistake, and ready to take responsibility. Iran is comprehensively cooperating with Ukraine in though row investigations. The loss of 176 precious human lives is equally grieved by everyone in Iran as well as any other part of the world. We share the grief and sorrows with the families of victims.

However, this is not the first time that a civilian commercial airliner has been shot down. There are many such examples. In some of the cases, no one has admitted responsibility yet. Although there is comprehensive evidence to blame some of the countries, to date no responsibility has been fixed on anyone. If no one has accepted the responsibility, there is no compensation to the victims yet. That is irony.
We should appreciate, Iran’s response and hope the issue will be settled down soon. The families of the victims will be compensated. Although the loss of life is too much as compared to the compensation, at least it might compensate to some little extent.

Ukrainian flight
Flowers and candles are placed in front of portraits of the flight crew members of the Ukrainian 737-800 plane that crashed on the outskirts of Tehran, at a memorial inside Borispil international airport outside Kyiv, Ukraine, January 11, 2020

The question is how some of the so-called “Civilized Nations” are propagating this issue and using it to defame Iran. They are pressurizing Iran and to some extent, one can say they are trying to blackmail Iran. Accidents happen everywhere, even the so-called “civilized Nations” have been involved in similar acts in the past, then why they are trying to project Iran in its ugly shape? Why not we should wait and give time to Iran, to settle this issue up to the satisfaction of the facilities of the victims? Is political scoring and mileage is more important than the satisfaction of the families of the victims?

Even more strange is that the people of Iran are protesting against its own Government on this incident. It can be understandable if the families of the victims are protesting and demanding for heavy compensation, but the general public is protesting, is beyond the understanding of a common man. The demands of the protesters are rather irrelevant to the incident.

It leads to the conspiracy theory planted by some of the external powers. The instigation of protests by the British Ambassador is a valid proof. Under the Geneva Convention, no diplomat is allowed to be involved in any such activities. It is a straight violation of International laws and practices. Geneva Convection protects the rights of Diplomats, but at the same time restricts them from criminal activities too.

Iran protests
Student protests erupted in Tehran on January 11, 2020, shortly after General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) aerospace division, publicly acknowledged that Iranian air defence forces unintentionally shot down the Ukraine International Airlines flight.

Some of the western media is playing its ugly role as usual and projecting the protests in exaggeration form. The same media keeps its eyes closed on the situation in Palestine, atrocities of Israel. The same media is turning its face from the situation in India, where millions of people are protesting against the discriminatory Citizenship Act, situation in Kashmir, where 8 million people are under siege by one million troops for more than 5 months.

I believe, the world has realized the realities and facts on the ground and may not buy misinformation spread by a few nations. We need to address the issues generously and try our best to resolve them amicably. We need to promote, peace, stability, justice and property around the world, where everyone can live a safe, comfortable and happy life. We must avoid discriminating against some nations or individuals and work for the total welfare of humanity, irrespective of their race, color, religion, ethnicity, etc.

We must struggle to eradicate poverty, climate change, and natural disasters. At least, avoid man-made disasters. We must promote harmony and understanding among each other. Avoid hate and discrimination.

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