Post-Soleimani World And The Trial Of Civilization

All warfare, ideological, economic, or military is based on deception. The assassination of Soleimani is merely a unit of the larger game by US and Israel lobby that has been going on since 2001 in the Middle East. The reactions by the major civilizations has exposed patterns of their “real policies” often hid in diplomatic covers to conceal their true intentions and long term strategic objectives in the region. The study of patterns is essential for policy makers to determine the forecast and understand who’s who in the Middle East game and how and where the civilization as a whole is heading.

General Qassem Soleimani, head of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Quds Force was deliberately assassinated by United States in Baghdad in an attempt to incite ethno-sectarian ferocity and sabotage Iran and Saudi Arabia détente to the strategic advantage of pro-Israel US foreign policy in the Middle East. The US strategy of unconventional war in the Muslim lands is systematically sustained in between the Shia-Sunni war paradigm or Iran vs Saudi Arabia divide. Any attempt to break peace between Tehran and Riyadh is not only against the interest and sovereignty of Israel but also to the unconventional war strategy of pitting Muslim states against each other.

The reactions on Soleimani assassination by major powers; whether clear, unclear or filled with mixed feelings, are grave indicators for the policy makers to forecast their future behavior in case of another conventional war scenario in the Middle East. Before observing and lessons learnt from Soleimani’s assassination, it is significantly important to understand the philosophy of war on terror in the greater Middle East. Without connecting the dots and analyzing the patterns from 2001, it is impossible to understand contemporary reality of deception in the Middle East war.

War on Terror: The Essence.

The essence of global war on terrorism since 2001 is that the United States and Israel have taken the peaceful idea of ‘Caliphate’ from Islam and deceptively handed it over to their mercenaries to frame it as “Terrorism”. This strategy is aimed at initially turning the world against Islam and use Kharijites (mercenaries using tags of Sunnism and Shiism) as a pretext to further destabilize and disintegrate the last strong Muslim nation-states on ethno-sectarian lines to enhance the security of Israel in the Middle-east.

Civilization and World Order: The Crux of the Matrix

The study of the contemporary world order should be determined by the study and evolution of civilization. The study of civilization must be determined by the international monetary system because the movement of civilization is determined by the movement of money. Thus, the one, who controls the money, controls the fate of civilization. Today, the modern western civilization, inspired by Hegelian philosophy, with usury as its economic arm, NATO as its military arm, is leading the world order. And it is the creation of the International Zionist banking houses that operates from the international City-states of London (economic), Washington, D.C (military) and Jerusalem (ideology). These three international city-states lies at the center stage of the future one world government they are aiming with the gradual demise of Islamic civilization. They have done so by centuries, by destroying Christendom and other civilizations through usury and ideological subversion. Since, post-911 world order and campaign for global war on terror, they are at war with Islam. Following analysis in an empirical and philosophical attempt to highlight the clarity about reality of this world and where civilization as a whole is heading.

United States and Western Civilization: The White Elephant at the Crossroads

United States, violating the international law, deliberately murdered top general of Iran and put the world on the brink of another US-led major war. The question is, when will US coalition leave Muslim lands and let their national armies get rid of the mess they have been creating since 2001? A: Until Israel expands its territory to biblical frontiers and redraws the map of Middle East to pave the way for Greater Israel. The presence of US military and its coalition on the Muslim lands has been best described by two American offensive realists; John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt in their seminal work “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”. Contrary to the claim of Noam Chomsky, Meirsheimer and Walt believes, the only explanation which empirically explains this phenomenon, is the control and influence of Israel lobby on the US administration. This lobby has been described by these two realists as ‘pressure group’ influencing the US regime to mold the US foreign policy in favor of Israel.

Recently the author in his thesis “Pakistan and Global Game for a New World Order” has conducted an in depth study on Israel Lobby in US, and found them not only in the form of AIPAC but also in the domain of Media, Economy, Military Industrial Complex and Banking sector. The power of finance has allowed them to steal the destiny, dreams and tax money of Americans to shape the destiny of Israelites. The perpetual US wars on the Muslim lands to enhance the security of Israel has resulted into rise of US national debt which skyrocketed to all time high in February, 2019 to $21 trillion. This is the most bizarre empirical finding of the recent times in the context of nation-state perspective, that how the efforts of a nation across the Atlantic and its wealth have been used to give rise to a foreign nation in the Middle East who has nothing to with the patriot and innocent Americans.

In the view of US and Western Civilizations’ conception of truth, the philosophy of Frederick Hegel is central to the movement of modern Western history. The unprecedented dominance of US shows the synthesis of all that theses which preceded it. The idea that the US is superior to others in progress remains prevalent and evolving and its claim to truth is valid and precedent. This view also represents that all forms of earlier civilizations with their respective construction of truth and movement of history, including religion is synthesized and dominated by the current conception of truth by the US and West. Hence, religion being an affair at the individual level and dogmatic, is destined to go into the garbage bin and logic and reason is the order of the day. Hence, the prevalent notion; “might is right” and “end justify means”, regardless of all political consequences, be it Soleimani assassination and the world on the brink of a world war…

However, reality is stranger than fiction. Today United States is suffering from identity crisis and standing at the crossroads of its history. Because of perpetual US wars in greater Middle East, the rise in the US national debt is the chief instrument which can result into the demise of its empire. Ironically, the debt has become an instrument to measure wealth and thus, the empire of debt is crumbling and doomed to fail one day. Trump heralded the concept of “America First” and criticized the policy of US and NATO in the Middle East before being elected as President. But somehow he too fell in front of the Israel Lobby and turned perhaps the friendliest US president for Israel after Harry Truman. His recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital, moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, lobbying the world to recognize Israel as a legitimate state, occupation of surrounding Muslim states and unconventional war in Muslim lands to pit Islamic civilization on ethno-sectarian lines, are all empirical indicators for analysts to determine how much power Israel has on United States establishment. Therefore, it all comes down on the choice innocent Americans has, either through popular movement, they replace the high cabal of Israel in US or continue to let them steal their tax money and destiny.

Implications. The United States’ debt will continue to increase because ironically debt is an instrument that is sustaining the wealth. However, as long as the world is consuming oil, there is no power that can undo the petro-dollar empire of US. Through the policy of conventional and unconventional war, US and its collation is likely to continue military operations and subversion in the Middle East for the interest of Israel. The strategy of propaganda through international media and bombing the same mercenaries, their rouge intelligence are arming and funding on the ground will continue to destabilize the whole region to a point from where a new map (Trump’s Peace Plan/Sykes-Picot 2.0) of the Middle East is realized to the strategic advantage of Israel.

Israel and Jewish Civilization: The Babylonian Hoopoe in the Holy Land

Immediately after the murder of General Qassem Soleimani, the country in the most comfortable position was Israel. The prime reason behind this is that, Israel because of its smaller size, geographical location and overall threat analysis, cannot militarily confront the Muslim states and eliminate the so called “terrorism” at the same time. Thus, using US Army and its coalition as its military arm has always been the chief strategy of Tel Aviv in the post-911 order. All US wars in Middle East are the wars for the state of Israel. The issue of the meaning of Israel as a state in the Middle East and its destiny cannot be understood by anyone as long as one’s analysis is excluding the influence of the Jewish literature, Zionism and role of Rabbi Establishment on the power structure of Israel. It must be noted here that not all Jews conform to the ideology of Zionism and completely rejects it; however most of them do not control the strategic decision making in Israel. It is equally important to note that Israel is the only country which was made independent in the name of Religion after Pakistan in 1948. All of these aforementioned elements play a vital role in determining the course of Israel foreign policy in the region.

Both Bible and Quran claim that Israelites have the right to their Holy Land and the land was bestowed to them by Lord Most High. But the land was given to them on the condition of righteousness. When Prophet Jesus (Esa, the True Messiah in Islam – peace and blessings be upon him) came to this world, some of the Jews accepted his message while the Rabbis, Priests and Jewish establishment rejected him. Their rejection was inevitable because the message of Prophet Jesus was in complete contradiction of the false Jewish oral tradition and Talmud. The distortion in the Jewish text took place during Babylonian captivity and subsequent inclusion of Egyptian dark rites resulted into a Jewish system which does not represent the true message of Prophet Moses. They killed the true Messiah – Prophet Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him) through Roman establishment and since then, as divine punishment remained in exile for 2000 years. They mastered the art of controlling the money (significant of money changers in the ‘Temple’) throughout the world and destroyed civilizations through usury during their exile until, impossible took place in 1948 with the return of the Jews back to the Holy Land. Since then, Jews have been waiting for the Messiah to return, they believe the Messiah will not arrive until they expand their territory to the biblical frontiers where once Prophet David (peace be upon him) ruled the world from Jerusalem. The current map of the Middle East, which Anglo-French establishment drew in the aftermath of World War I, does not allow them to legally expand their territory from River Nile to River Euphrates. In doing so, a mode of last conventional and unconventional war by Zionists is required to further destabilize the last remaining potent Muslim states surrounding the territory of Israel. Only this explains why we have conflicts in the Middle East, such as the ISIL and Kurdistan project threatening the sovereignty of Muslim states and why Israel was recently caught red handedly once again conspiring against nuclear Pakistan with India in February, 2019.

Implications. Immediately, after the assassination of Soleimani, Trump announced NATO will be more active than previously. However, Jens Stoltenberg wisely countered Trump’s remarks and said; “NATO’s more active military role in the Middle East should be replaced by local armies to eliminate mercenaries”. Therefore, this subject is yet to be seen for further developments. However, Israel will largely rely on covert means to destabilize the Muslim lands because US Army and its coalition to further destabilize the region are already doing the work for the project of Greater Israel; camouflaged and hid under numerous names from Bush era “New Middle East Project” to the current “Trump’s Deal of the Century”.

India and Hindu Civilization: The Deception of Saffron Tiger from Bengal to Hindu Kush

The country with most shocking reaction on Soleimani’s assassination was India. New Delhi’s mysterious press release and framing in media on Soleimani assassination as to that of Osama and Al-Baghdadi was indeed a stab in the back. Indian media has failed to realize that rule of comparison in an analysis is always “like with like”; there is no justification to the notion that Soleimani and Osama were alike. This outcome has indicated that ideology is an actual determinant of foreign policy, and India compromising on Muslim states, will always side with the philosophical and strategic interests of Israel and United States in the long run.

The origins of Indian strategic thought spawns solely from Hindu ideology. Similar to Israel’s claim to the holy land and Jewish claims to truth, Hindus also believe their history will not end until the Hindu claim to truth triumphs over the holy land of Bharat. On movement of history, Hinduism believes history moves in cycles and it has now arrived to a point where one cycle is about to end and another one will replace it with the Hindu golden age. India is the only state in the world for Hindus. And Hinduism believes that India is their only Holy Land, which they call it as Maha-Bharat or Akhand-Bharat. A land, where only Hindus have the right to rule and exercise power. But the present geographical lines of India are not in line with the Hindu proclamation of Akhand Bharat and Hindu claim to the truth; Brahmin rule over the rest. This Brahmin led project has always been countered and rejected by many secular Hindus who are against the policy of Hinduvta, however under RSS inspired BJP government; they do not control the strategic decision making.

Hindus believe that along with Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal; Muslim Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran were all part of Akhand Bharat where Hindu gods and goddesses ruled Bharat. And in order to constitute the end of history and the Hindu claim to truth, secularism must be replaced by religious nationalism. This is why the idea of a “Dharam Yudh” (holy war) to reabsorb these former territories of Akhand Bharat has been prevailing among Hindus since long ago. As long as this project is unfinished, Brahmin rule over the rest and the golden age of Akhand Bharat cannot be realized.

Only this explains why BJP aligned with RSS has taken away the special status of Kashmir, why the citizenship bill, why Indian Muslims along with Sikhs, Christians and Dalits are facing persecution, why India does not accept realities of its surrounding states, why India partnered with Aung San Suu Kyi against Myanmar Muslims, Why India partnered with godless Soviets to disintegrate East Pakistan, Why India partnered with US to gain strong foothold in Afghanistan and what recently she has been doing with Pakistan and Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan. And Soleimani’s assassination and the expected Indian reaction have once again exposed this reality.

Implications. India will continue to raise its economic and military influence in the regions which comes under the mother entity of Akhand Bharat. The use of proxies in these regions and propaganda against Pakistan in the aftermath of false flags inside India will remain central to their strategy. Most importantly, India being the most strategic ally of Israel and United States can join the global war on terror spree in the greater Middle East to use it as a cover to further their agenda in the greater Middle East. In doing so, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia are the three main Muslim countries which must be aware of the Indian strategy and its harmful effects in the region.

Pakistan and Islamic Civilization: The Pan-Islamic Eagle Intersecting the Arcs of Crises

With the US assassination of General Soleimani, Pakistan compelled Iran and US to show restraint and avoid military confrontation. Pakistan immediately announced that it will not allow its air space or land to be used against anyone. Pakistan Army spokesman told that they will not become party to war and will only remain party to peace. Pakistan’s threat analysis is clear that if today Iran is attacked, then it will create a security nightmare for Pakistan from 360 degrees, considering what is happening in Afghanistan, Kashmir and rest of the border with India. The role of Pakistan in balancing the geo-politics of the South Asia is of critical importance. The reason and logical analysis behind its existence, purpose and destiny determines its foreign policy.

The reason and meaning of Pakistan on why it is part of the world map today lies in its strategic thought. The prime reason to find clarity about its strategic thought; is to understand the purpose of its creation and what direction it is taking to move towards its ideal destiny. No civilization or nation has emerged on the world stage without a cause. That cause ideally must exist at the center-stage of that civilization’s or nation’s policy. However, that cause varies from civilization to civilization and nation to nation. Losing that cause can result into gradual disintegration, implosion and thus the elimination of that nation’s geographical lines from the world map.

The emergence of Pakistan on the world stage was caused by the efforts of Muslims in the sub-continent to have a separate Islamic state where they can live in freedom and practice Islam. This effort has its origin in the Pan-Islamic Movement of 1919 in sub-continent and thus, Pakistan naturally has the nucleus of Pan-Islamism in its embodiment as an Islamic state. It was Islam which was at the center-stage in Jinnah’s two-nation theory seeking freedom from British colonial bondage and Hinduvta project of Hindus. Thus, that cause which resulted into an emergence of Pakistan is Islam. Therefore, the slogan, “Pakistan ka matlab kya la ilaha illAllah”; the meaning of Pakistan is that there is no Allah but one Allah.

Hence, the meaning and purpose of Pakistan’s creation lies in Islam. As long as Pakistan is going to place Islam at the center-stage of her governance, its implosion and disintegration is not only unlikely but almost impossible. It is Islam which is holding Pakistan in its entirety. Without Islam, Pakistan will lose its cause and become prone to change; just like a weak ship on the ocean without a sailor that would likely inflict shipwrecks through tidal waves across it and sinks into the deep ocean. Hence, protection and practice of Islam means security and sovereignty of Pakistan. If Islam is determining the statecraft of Pakistan, then what should be the foreign policy of Pakistan with others? Here the reader will understand why Pakistan does not take sides in the conflicts between the Muslim states;

Pakistan was the first country in the world which was made independent in the name of religion, preceding India and Israel. Interestingly, apart from any ethnicity or racial creed, Pakistan being as a nation spawned from the Khilafat Movement of 1919, which makes it the most unique Muslim country in the world. Pakistan believes in the true spirit of Islam, and rejects racialism and any form of sectarianism. Any attempt to divide the Muslims have always been discouraged by Pakistan, this is why Pakistan holds tightly to the view that if Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia are balanced through peace, the Middle East will return to a point of order.

Iran and the Shia Arc

Since 1979, The Islamic Republic of Iran has been the chief creator and backer of Shia militias throughout the greater Middle East. Iran is expanding sphere of influence in its neighbors, creating an arc of Shia influence to gain regional hegemony. The use of state-sponsored militias, network of proxies, and its missile program has been central to its strategy. Its proxies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon have contributed to the activities of axis of resistance who are opposed to the United States presence and the larger agenda of Israel in the Muslim lands. Since 2001, Shia militias have reshaped the geopolitical and strategic landscape of the Middle East. However, it also has added fuel to fire of Shia-Sunni war paradigm which has been artificially created by US to sustain Iran and Saudi Arabia divide to the strategic advantage of Israel interests.

Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Arc

Similarly, the Sunni arc which stretches from Maghreb-Sahel of North Africa to the Afghanistan-Pakistan region has also resulted into crisis for Muslim states. At least since Afghan Jihad against Soviet Union, the phenomena of transnational jihadists became prevalent at the international level. An entity, the US itself created to counter the so called communist threat to South Asia. In the post-9/11 order, apparent Sunni-Shia rivalry and its role through guerilla warfare against the Muslim republics is reshaping geopolitics in the Muslim world. The original groups of Afghanistan war has been infiltrated in the same fashion Shia militias on the Shia arc are infiltrated by the rogue intelligence agencies of Indo-American-Israeli alliance. And it has resulted into a hybrid chaos for the sovereignty of Muslim states. Pakistan’s eminent scholar, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri declared a fatwa on Jihad bil Saif; that the right to Jihad lies only in the hands of the state not the non-state actors. This was essential to eliminate the foreign subversion against the Muslim states.

Implications. As long as Muslim world is divided into Sunni-Shia and other ethno-sectarian fault lines, the demise of remaining potent Muslim states such as Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey is inevitable. These states apparently divided into different international blocs and engagements in great power politics and economy, will have to come together and settle disputes which the West has created for them. These states will have to eliminate the role of Major Powers from the Muslim lands and let their own Muslim national armies eliminate mercenaries. Both Pakistan and Turkey have the responsibility to settle issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia. These four states must create a common ground for Muslim states to create a joint International Muslim Fund which can be used to establish Muslim Monetary System bypassing US Dollar, IMF and World Bank in the future. If the Muslim states have the stomach to perform this daunting task, essentially this will marginalize the hybrid strategy of war by Indo-American-Israeli alliance against the Muslim World and will help create a better and prosperous Muslim World.

China and Sinic Civilization: The Dragon and Empire from the East

Chinese reaction on Soleimani’s assassination came instantly on 3rd January when country’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said his country is “highly concerned” and calls for United States and Iran to show calm and restraint. Shuang further said that “China has always opposed the use of force in international relations” and warned against the consequences of further escalation. China is close ally of Iran and has always stood against the presence of United States on Muslim lands since 2001. Not only in the context of wars in the Middle East but also in the economic domain, China has criticized US policies of isolating Iran from engaging in international political economy.

Sinic civilization is among the oldest civilization on the planet. Its strategic thought has varied from time to time, with gradual foreign invasions and foreign influence on its social fabric, China has been completely transformed from a classic pacific civilization to a modern one, where Zionist led Communist infiltration played the decisive role in determining its present power structure. Understanding modern China is impossible without considering the role of its western taught revolutionaries, Dr. Sun Yet Sen and Mao Zedong. A whole book of several volumes can be written on modern China, but the essence of understanding Chinese strategic thought and its destiny was rightly predicted by a great American academic and historian; Antony Sutton (1984), who said; “By about the year 2000 Communist China will be a “superpower” built by American technology and skill.” And this is happening right in front of our eyes. However, Mr. Sutton could have been more accurate if he included the role of American money invested through the House of Rockefeller in the aftermath of Sino-Soviet split in China.

The Dragon from the east is too committing a suicide in building its empire as European Union did with already failed western monetary model. An empire built on debt is doomed to fail one day, an empire with inherent inflation, and an empire with sole materialist and atheist dictate can serve the greed of the elite not values of masses in the long run. Today, China’s total stock of finance, household and communist government debt exceeds 300% of gross domestic product; making up about 15% of global empire of debt. This is the direct result of printing more Yuan than the available services in China to compensate the affect. According to me, Chinese acquisition of Gold, which has been predominantly controlled by the City of London, will not solve the problem. Even the Chinese attempt of dethroning Dollar and replacing Yuan as world’s reserve paper or future electronic currency would fail as long as China is following the model of credit creation, which is a great hindrance in elimination of poverty from society.

Implications. China, since the end of Cultural Revolution is indeed following a balanced model of open relations and peace with all in diplomacy. However, in the context of geo-politics, the rise of China today cannot be understood without the role of western monetary system, multinational corporations and its influence in regenerating and resourcing Chinese wealth. It is also an important point to consider that how much Chinese initiative of regional integration is Chinese? Because if it is not solely Chinese, then tomorrow these regional integrations can be used to create unified one world economy through financial and economic settlements between great powers. This can be fruitful for everyone apparently, but with this obsolete model of credit creation which has been failing and dividing the masses into classes since long, how much the common people can trust the globalist financiers and their big businesses in the future?  The answer to this question is still need to be seen.

Russia and Orthodox Christian Civilization: The Bear and Eurasian Lapy from the North

In the aftermath of Soleimani’s assassination, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has condemned the assassination and said it will escalate tensions in the Middle East. Konstantin Kosachev in a Facebook post on 3rd January said the move diminished the last hope to resolve the issues around the Iran nuclear deal. Vladimir Sotnikov, Director of the Russia-East-West Centre for Strategic Studies and Analysis, said; “Maybe President Trump was not fully informed by his foreign policy advisers. In any case, he made a purely impulsive decision if it was him who made it. The Americans made not a strategic, but a tactical mistake here. This murder sparked a new wave of fierce anti-Americanism in Iran and Trump, in his election campaign, promised to negotiate with Iran. Here, in fact, his mistake was that the moment was chosen extremely badly, in terms of both Iran’s nuclear program and US relations with their Middle Eastern partners. The consequences of this incident are yet to follow.”

The soul of Russian strategic thought lies in the transitional factors of its history. Russia inherits the legacy of Byzantine Empire and it is the headquarters of the great Orthodox Christian Civilization. Russia too has been affected by foreign invasions. The infiltration of Zionist led Communist revolution in Russia was the result of revenge by the City of London that was conspiring against Tsar Alexander I since he torpedoed the their first attempt to create one world government under the guise of Congress of Vienna in 1815. In the aftermath of successful ‘City of London sponsored’ Bolshevik Revolution during World War I, which resulted into death of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, for 70 years an Orthodox Christian civilization was forced to submit to rule of godless Soviets. Throughout this period the wealth of Russians was extracted and resourced to serve the agenda of globalists.

The communist experiment in Russia is still relevant today as it has greatly transformed the fabric and power structure in St. Petersburg and Moscow even in the aftermath of disintegration of Soviet Union. The Russian oligarchs, being internationalist in nature, controls the major resources of Russian people. However, Vladimir Putin since 2000, to his brilliance, nationalized many corporations to regenerate the wealth of Russians within Russia. After the struggle of more than one decade, Russia has now following the policy of Eurasian integration by engaging all states into level playing economic cooperation. In the context of internationalism, the Russian oligarchs being allies of the globalists, may see this as an opportunity to create their long planned one world economy by initially integrating Eurasian Economic Union with Belt and Road Initiative and then through settlements with the West – a unified global economy with one world electronic currency. However, it may appear far from happening, but it is quite plausible in the future. Will Russians be happy about this development? Only Russians knows the answer.

Implications. Russia is among the very few countries in the world that escaped from the global debt trap and has the lowest governmental debt after Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The area where Russia has to work is the financial sector, where its central bank must come under the jurisdiction of the federal government. If Russia becomes successful in eliminating the foreign stake holders in Russian securities, there is no power which would be able to stop the rise of great Orthodox Christian Civilization in Russia. The only obstacle which will hinder the rise of Russia and Orthodox Christian civilization will be the Russian oligarchs; commonly known as Neo-Bolsheviks – allies of City of London Corporation and Israel Lobby. They do not give a hoot to common Russian people. They have profound influence not only on Kremlin but also on Russia’s policy in the Middle East. And amid war on terror, they turned Russian federation into a strategic partner of the state of Israel, as a result, Russia completely supports Trump’s peace plan; which is against the interest of the Muslim world. Therefore, on the question of Russian image in the Middle East, Russia will have to create a balance in between Israel and Muslim World by not becoming party to war or conspiracy against any party. In the context of civilizational convergence and eschatology, the author, in his thesis “Pakistan and the Global Game for a New World Order” has predicted that Muslim and Christian civilizations are natural partners and shares common ground at the last age for the return of King of all Kings – Prophet Jesus (peace and blessing be upon him).

Conclusion: Civilization on Trial

The world is one, but civilizations are divided. Sovereignty no longer comes from the Lord; Man has become sovereign. Man himself has become God; and when man attempts to become God his words also becomes sacred. This is the prime reason behind the current anarchy in human knowledge; we have rejected the “Divine Law” as a principle to function in the society and formed our own Laws based on our own vested interests, as a result, destroyed the natural order of peace. The message was one, but it was torn apart by men. Today, the world needs righteous and empathetic global leaders to pave the way for civilization to find mutual coexistence and peace, which would end the spell of classism and geographical divisions among the civilization and restore a just order based on truth.

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    It does not go without saying that the US military is now literally in the crosshairs of peer military opponents.

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