Geopolitics Visibly Heading Toward Confrontation

The recent developments in geopolitics are a clear indication of conflicts. The US was a unique superpower for a couple of decades and unwilling to share or pass on the status of superpower to any other country. While it is a natural cycle and in the past, many superpowers enjoyed a certain period and then shifted to others. Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Britsh Empire, etc. were good examples. The rise and fall of nations was a natural cycle.

It is well understood that the US may take measures to sustain the status quo for some more time and extend its peak for a longer time, But the new steps taken by the US are unlikely to help, instead might speed up its deterioration.

The US pulling out of WHO at such a critical moment when Pandemic has crippled the whole world, and the WHO role has become more vital, has damaged the US reputation in the International community and termed it as an irresponsible act. The US has suspended funding for some other UN organizations too. The meddling into WTO is also creating a negative impact. The US deliberations are aiming to paralyze the existing UN-structures.

Strict policies on Social Media is a big strike on freedom of expression. The US was advocating for democracy, human rights, and freedom of speech, but it seems, all of such slogans were for others and having different standards for themselves. It has distorted the American image and termed it as hypocrisy. Democratic values are vanishing in American society. Racism and violence are taking over, and culture is moving toward chaos and instability.

The global economy is suffering and victim of Pandemic, but in America, it is more visible and adverse. Instead of helping other nations, Americans are suffering and fighting for their own survival. The US can not compete with China on the economic front. The passing of a resolution on Hong Kong has aggregated the situation furthermore.

On defense, the US can not win against China in the Pacific region and cannot win against Russia in the Baltic region. In middle-East, its attacks on Iran have exposed its defense capabilities. The US is also leaving Afghanistan after a humiliating defeat and will pull out of Syria too.

EU is seriously thinking about what to do in the case of US-China-Russia conflicts. NATO might not be effective anymore. Allies are re-evaluating their support extended to the US in the past and may opt for an alternate approach.

On the other hand, Russia-China relations are gaining momentum. President Xi paid his first visit to Russia after taking charge of the Presidency in 2013. The two leaders were enjoying cordial relations and meeting each other on many platforms like G20, SCO, BRICS, etc. It is expected that President Xi may visit Russia on June-July sometime this year to attend the SCO / BRICS Summit.

Close cooperation between Russia and China can play a pivotal role in forming a new world order. Reforms and restructuring are desired in the UN and its organizations to fade out the American monopoly and influence. EU will join if the Russia-China emerges as global alternate powers. It is believed that change is inevitable. It is possible, China may struggle alone or Russia alone in isolation, but joint efforts will definitely reinforce each other resulting in rapid change. The aim and objective may be to provide relief to humanity and work together for total welfare. Fight against poverty, hunger, injustice, and racism, intolerance, and extremism. Work for peace, stability, harmony, and prosperity for all. We should struggle for a world where every human being can live with dignity, free of any pressure or fear. Rich or poor, strong or weak, big or small, everyone has access to justice, equality, and respect. There will be no one above the law or people of lesser God.

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    Great writeup on important topic

  2. What about latam and Africa? Will they play any role?

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