Just Bring Back “Trump That Bitch” Into Economic Issues

I am reminded of the story of Trump’s 2016 campaign period in Detroit, where in my opinion, he was sensitive enough to understand the situation and build a narrative with language that was easy to understand to react to it. Donald Trump, at the Detroit Economic Club, 2016, in the presence of Automotive Company Top Executives, threatened entrepreneurs who had begun to fear the condition of the American economy at the end of Obama’s time. Some of them were portedly already preparing to move to low-wage countries such as Mexico. This issue clearly raised the fear of the working class.

That was the simple sound of Trump’s threat to the automotive industry’s top leaders in Detroit. The speech was reportedly quite crowded in local and national media. That were one or two sentences that treat the fear of many workers (fear of the factory closing down and moving to Mexico) and it finally contributed to the Trump voters bases from the workers. The moment was quite right, because Trump’s votes bases began to shrink in the third quarter of the 2016 campaign period due to a number of vulgar and racist statements that incited the anger of American audiences.

This promise is what Trump clearly wants to prove in the days after he entered the White House, by continuing to draw the dollar back to America, then bombarding China with confrontational trade policies, because it was thought to have helped narrow the employment in the US due to capital movements to China. So it is quite understandable why there are still many workers who still stand firm in support of Trump, even though there has been so much controversy that he has created since taking office.

But now, after hit by pandemic, Trump’s administration is also pushed by racism issue down (Black Live Matter). If we go back, the “Black Live Matter” movement was born in the Obama era, after the Micheal Brown shooting incident on Ferguson Street, Missouri, August 2014. And Obama at that time did not show much alignments on blacks, treated incompetent and disappointed black voters, although Obama had his own justification..

If Trump’s camp should actually play pretty well, as great as his team recorded double down after the campaign at the 2016 Republican primary convention, where Trump was assaulted all out by the media because he answered Megin Kelly’s questions, the famed anchor Fox News, about Trump’s actions and language harass many women, so the resistance can be even more fierce. At that time, Trump could be a very massive spotlight from the media, but in a negative perspective.

What did Trump do to counter the issue of harassment of women? Without apologizing, Trump only conveyed the message that he was indeed not a perfect human being, a number of attitudes worth regretting, including one of them. But on the other hand, He punched back. Trump then dragged the Bill Clinton sexual harassment case into the public sphere, bringing Paula Jones and others to the press conference, the women who had claimed that Bill had raped them.

Actually the case was warm before Bill Clinton advanced to become a Democratic Presidential candidate in 1992, well before Bill Clinton was in conflict with Monica Lewinsky. However, like Obama who became a star at the beginning of its appearance, the Bill-Paula Jones scandal could not hold Bill Clinton into the White House. Until the case of Monica Lewinsky emerged, which almost knocked down the leadership of Bill Clinton. But not Democrats and Republicans, if they don’t hit each other.

Well, the plot “hit Bill for Hillary” was played by Trump with a very dramatic and convincing scenario. It was said that the idea also came from Steve Banon. At that time, Paula spoke next to Trump, saying, “I am a victim of Bill’s rape and also a victim of Hillary’s humiliation (Trump’s rival in 2016)”. The message was clear, Trump wanted to convey that he had used unfavorable language towards women, but the democrats had actually raped women. Yes, the technique works.

Trump Detroit economic club
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers an economic policy speech to the Detroit Economic Club, August 8, 2016, Detroit

So in short, what Trump need now is a real economic problem that is packaged into simple and competent language, simple double down tactics, dan deadly Trump suden moves. Trump must get out of the pit of racism, neutralize public prejudice, shift it into productive economic issues just like unemployment and China’s economy threat, unemployment checks, economic stimulus, ect. His team should change “Let Trump be Trump Strategy” to be “Let Trump Be Deadly Simple Trump and Understandable”. Because the simple strategies will drain the swamp simply

Gallup discovered that President Trump’s financial approval rating was 63% in January, a unprecedented quantity given the president’s general disapproval score of 51%. Mr. Trump still get good credit befor pandemic because of American economic achievement. The tax cuts predicted to blow a gap within the deficit had generated sufficient further progress so as to add $7.4 trillion to gross home product over the subsequent 10 years, elevating common annual per capita earnings by $2,250.

Over the subsequent decade, that elevated progress is projected to generate $700 billion extra in state and native taxes and an extra $1.438 trillion of recent federal income, offsetting the tax minimize’s projected 10-year price of $1.456 trillion. Labor-force participation has risen by 1.1% underneath Mr. Trump whereas it fell by an astounding 4.6% underneath Mr. Obama. And within the first three years of the Trump administration, complete employment was up 4.7% and actual median family earnings was up $4,384, to an all-time excessive. So, if Mr. Trump wanna back to track, it’s pretty clear that no better choices for Mr.Trump now other than any economic acvievements and any economic or military threats issues that will weaken US in the coming days. As his superfans call him, just bring back “Trump That Bitch” into Economic Issues.

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