Trump’s Wrong: Biden Isn’t Brainwashed, He’s The Perfect Puppet!

Trump’s recent claim that Biden is “brainwashed” by the most radical members of his party is wrong since the visibly senile candidate is incapable of thinking for himself, which is actually why he was chosen as the party’s front-runner since he’s destined to be a puppet implementing the “deep state’s” foreign policy demands and the radical Democrats domestic ones in the event that he enters into office, thus enabling the party to bridge its intra-organizational ideological divide by presenting him as an Obama-like blank canvass upon which each faction can paint their political desires.

Brainwashed Or Brainless?

Trump claimed last week that Biden is “brainwashed” by the most radical members of his party, but he’s wrong since the opposition front-runner has been a puppet of them and the “deep state” from the very beginning. The Democrats’ candidate is visibly senile and incapable of thinking for himself, which is actually why he was chosen to represent them this November. Having no personal agency of his own, he’s destined to comply with the “deep state’s” foreign policy demands and the radical Democrats’ domestic ones in the event that he enters into office. This was the plan all along since it enables the party to bridge its intra-organizational ideological divide by presenting him as an Obama-like blank canvass upon which each faction can paint their political desires. If Trump wants to win re-election, then he must more confidently call Biden out as the “Manchurian Candidate” that he truly is, not just beat around the bush by playing the “brainwashed” card.

The Perfect Puppet

Members of the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) crave a Biden Presidency because it’ll allow them to reverse most, if not all, of Trump’s foreign policy decisions. The most relevant involve the so-called “trade war“, the Iran deal, and the Paris Agreement, the reversal of all three of which could greatly “reset” American foreign policy to its pre-Trump status quo of subordinating the US to globalist interests at the expense of national ones. Domestically, the leftist-racists of “Antifa” and the other radical political networks waging the ongoing Hybrid War of Terror on America would impose a “liberal” totalitarian dystopia on the rest of the country that would overthrow the American Revolution exactly as Trump warned during his recent speech at Mount Rushmore. The present statue-toppling spree is intended to rewrite history according to their ideological vision whereas disarming Americans and defunding the police will impose Democrat-controlled mob rule on its many cities directed against all of their ideological opponents.

A Personal Vendetta

This prediction is predicated on the fact that many “deep state” members have already endorsed Biden and the Democrats’ disparate factions are in the process of uniting under the so-called “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force“. Their “Manchurian Candidate” can barely mumble a sentence without gaffing, so bad is his late-stage senility, yet he’d be their puppet for publicly signing into force whatever decisions they foist upon him through his handlers and thus “legitimizing” them. Since he no longer has any real agency of his own, one could describe him as a “palace hostage”, though Trump was indeed correct in saying that he probably wouldn’t fight their agenda even if he disagreed with it, which the President doesn’t think that he does. Before his mental faculties began to fail him, Biden was obsessed with protecting his family’s reputation amid claims that he and his son were engaged in corrupt dealings in Ukraine, which is no longer a question after voice recordings to this effect emerged in May. He thus knew what he was getting into by allowing himself to be used by the “deep state”, which he willingly went along with in order to get back at Trump as part of his personal vendetta against him.Joe Biden

Bring Back The Old Trump!

The President must therefore return to his characteristic style of calling things out as he seems them no matter how crudely he tends to do so otherwise he risks demoralizing his base and losing the support of the so-called “Silent Majority”. On-the-fence voters and “moderate Democrats” alike might actually be attracted to Biden’s senility since it’s easy for them to imagine that he’ll do their political bidding based on some of the comparatively less radical statements that he read over the past couple of months from what many have mockingly claimed to be his basement, which stand in stark contrast to AOC, Ilham Omar, and Bernie Sanders‘ latest statements for example. They need to be made aware that Biden isn’t just “brainwashed”, but is a puppet of shadowy “deep state” forces and Democrat-controlled street thugs, so their belief that he’ll preside over “committee rule” of the country is sorely mistaken and driven solely by their personal hatred of Trump.

The Biden Coup

Trump already seems to be building upon former New Hampshire Governor Judd Gregg’s recent claim that Biden might be overthrown in a coup through the invocation of the 25th amendment if he’s elected, but the President must go even further than that by pointing out that the very election of Biden itself would be a coup since there’s no need for anyone to replace a puppet like him with someone else who would have even a bit more personal agency. The “committee rule” that Biden would be the figurehead of wouldn’t incorporate any “moderate” policies on either the foreign or domestic fronts since there doesn’t exist any “moderate” influence upon him behind the scenes. Rather, the party’s “moderates” are being manipulated into thinking otherwise based on their personal hatred for Trump and are therefore functioning as the coup plotter’s “useful idiots”. Revolutions have a tendency to “eat their own” and extinguish all “moderate” influences that helped bring them into force, meaning that the “moderate Democrats” would lose just as much as the “Trumpists” would.

Concluding Thoughts

Claiming that Biden is the victim of a brainwashing conspiracy isn’t going to win “moderate Democrats'” votes since Biden himself is the embodiment of the aforesaid conspiracy. Trump needs to directly call out Biden’s puppet status and double down on exposing the “deep state” and leftist-racist influences that are controlling him. Saying that he’s “brainwashed” only makes those already inclined to vote for him dream that some “moderate” force might “liberate his mind”. Trump knows very well that America’s in the midst of an ever-intensifying Hybrid War considering what he said at Mount Rushmore so he needs to present every single one of his words and actions as part of his hands-on leadership in doing everything that he can to help his country emerge victorious from this unconventional conflict. There are different political tactics that he’ll seek to employ throughout the course of this struggle such as making certain political and economic promises to appeal to the greatest number of voters possible, but the one thing that he mustn’t do at all costs is “go soft” and hold back out of fear that going all in against Biden will scare away “moderate Democrats”.

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