Israel Destroys East Beirut With A New Weapon

The first Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, authorized a strike against a Hezbollah arms depot using a new weapon that has been tested for seven months in Syria. It is not known whether the second Prime Minister, Benny Gantz, gave his consent.

Benjamin Netanyahu at UNGA
On September 27, 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out to the United Nations General Assembly forum the warehouse that will explode on 4 August 2020 as a Hezbollah arms depot.

The strike was carried out on August 4, 2020, at the exact location designated by Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech to the United Nations on September 27, 2018.

It is not known what weapon was used. However, it has already been tested in Syria since January 2020. It is a missile with a tactical nuclear component in its warhead that causes a smoke mushroom characteristic of nuclear weapons. It is obviously not an atomic bomb in the strategic sense.


The weapon was tested in Syria on a plain in the countryside and then in the Persian Gulf on the water against Iranian military vessels. This is the first time it has been used in an urban environment, in a particular environment that made the air blast and vibrations reflect off the water and the mountains. Far from destroying only the port of Beirut, it killed about a hundred people, injured at least 5,000 others, and largely destroyed the eastern part of the city (the western part was largely protected by the grain silo).

Israel immediately activated its networks in the international media to cover up its crime and lend credence to the idea of the accidental explosion of a fertilizer stockpile. As is often the case, false culprits are named, and the international media machine repeats this lie over and over again in the absence of any investigation. Yet there was indeed a smokestack incompatible with the thesis of a fertilizer explosion.

Satellite photos show the destruction
These satellite photos show the destruction of the Hezbollah warehouse and part of the port

Just as neither Syria nor Iran had communicated about this weapon when they were hit, the Lebanese political parties immediately reached an agreement not to say anything in order not to demoralize their population. An investigation was opened, not into the cause of the explosion, but into the responsibility of the port’s personnel for the storage of the fertilizer allegedly responsible for the explosion. However, this lie soon turned against the political parties that had imagined it.

The United Nations Tribunal for Lebanon, which was due to make public its verdict in the case of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, decided to postpone it for a few days. Identically in that case, the explosion of a pickup truck masked the firing of a missile with a new weapon, just as this time the explosion of nitrate masked the firing of a missile with another new weapon.

Smoke mushroom
The smoke mushroom observed in Beirut has nothing to do with what would have been caused by a conventional explosive

Five years later, five years too late, I revealed in a Russian magazine the manner in which Rafik Hariri had been killed, while Hezbollah published a video attesting to Israel’s involvement.

It is important to note that the 2005 assassination targeted a former Sunni Prime Minister and that the 2020 attack targeted not Shiite Hezbollah, but the Lebanese Resistance as a whole.

This time, several embassies carried out surveys, including taking grain samples and air filters from ambulances that immediately went to the scene. They are already being examined in their respective countries.

Source: Voltaire Network

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    1. Patrick Ludwig

      I beg to disagree.

      – What you are calling a “nuclear mushroom cloud” is but the dome shaped outline of the shockwave any large explosion would generate. Provided the air is damp enough or ammonia is involved.

      – If you check the available footage, you will see first 1 then 2 irregular pillars of brown smoke with several lights flickering near the supposed groubd level. A picture you might expect from a warehouse explosion/fire involving a large store of fireworks causing secondary explosions.

      – Only after some time and aside of the primary fire/explosions can you observe the destructive second blast. In all probability, this was caused by the intense heat generated in the preceding process. Fireworks can generate a lot of heat due to the special chemicals employed, i. e. magnesium, potassium etc.

      – Apart from the steam dome, the second explosion generated little more dark coloured smoke and seemed focussed on the pressure wave. This is again indicative of ammonium nitrate, which basically deteriorates into water and NO2.

      The timeline shows no indications of a nuclear device, particularly as this would have been set of much later than the initial fire/warehouse.

      The questions as to how the catastrophe initiated and whether it was accidental or not remains.

      Fearmongering with unfounded speculations of nuclear involvement are however exttemely dangerous as the might incite other parties – i. e. Pakistan – to “retaliate” with nuclear weapons for the sake of “Islam”.

      Unless of course this is the ultimate goal…

    2. RE: Patrick Ludwig

      The article says “new weapon”. It doesn’t say it’s a nuclear weapon. Here is the quote the matters, “smoke mushroom characteristic of nuclear weapons”. Nonetheless, it’s the “Usual Suspects”…..we all know this.

    3. Ron – there was a mention “…with a tactical nuclear component in its warhead…”, but it doesn’t make sense. In case of a nuclear explosion the radioactive traces and severe health consequences will be observed far away, including in Israel itself. Chances are the author is not familiar how a regular explosion looks like, which Patrick has explained pretty well.

      My big surprise is, if Israel has openly spotted this location since 2018 (namely two years ago), why Lebanese didn’t evacuate 2.5 kiloton of potential explosive stuff right away? This was a clear violation of safety measure at its worst, and with Israel’s disclosed concern, an ignored threat.

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    5. No Templars

      Thierry, change your name to Salazar.

      Invisible this, unknown that, but it must be Israel up to something.

      What if it was a bomb making factory that went awry.

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