The US’ ‘Biological Bomb’ In Georgia

In early September, new shocking information appeared on the Internet, which unequivocally reveals that the United States has begun a new stage in the development of secret biological weapons in the controversial biological laboratory “Lugar”, located in Tbilisi.

The source of the Georgian Ministry of Defense can be seen in the source linked at the end of the article, in which the secret projects of the US Government that are being realized in Georgia can be seen. Namely, the biological center “Lugar” received an additional amount of about 160 million US dollars for the development of several projects in the domain of its specialty, all for the needs of the United States.

Based on the analysis of the published database of documents, it can be seen that American scientists who are connected with the US Department of Defense in Georgia are conducting research that is directly related to the development of banned pathogens that can be used to make biological weapons. Agents that are being developed at the Lugar Center can cause extremely severe epidemics of plague, Siberian anthrax, as well as a number of other deadly diseases. It is interesting that the representatives of the Georgian health system did not ask the American side for additional information or clarifications regarding the work of the Lugar Biological Center, which is located in their capital.

By the way, in 2002, this country signed an agreement with the US Department of Defense, under the very enigmatic name: “On Cooperation in the Sphere of Technology and Pathogens Related to the Development of Biological Weapons and Non-Profiling of Information in That Sphere”, which was ratified by the Georgian Parliament the following year.

In September 2004, US Senator Richard Lugar personally visited Tbilisi, and the result of his visit was an agreement on the construction of a General Health Center (a bio-laboratory) near the capital (Aleksejevka), not far from the international civilian airports but also air facilities of the Georgian army. The bizarre choice of location for the construction of this extremely dangerous facility did not worry the Georgian leadership at all.

In 2006, when the biological laboratory, according to official data, was still in the process of construction, certain research and experiments were already carried out there, and after a revisit by the US senator after whom the center was named, the Georgian parliament decided that information concerning him is placed in a state secret regime.

The Lugar Center is a $161 million Pentagon-funded biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi

As for the total investments for the construction of this facility, at the beginning, Georgian officials stated that the value of the works is 15 million dollars, and over time, the total figure was increased six times, where it reached the amount of 95 million dollars. Senator Lugar once stated that the price of the total works is around 30 million dollars, while in the end the media published the information that the Pentagon spent an astronomical 250-300 million US dollars for the construction of this bio-laboratory.

The first to reveal information about the threats of the Lugar project in Georgia was the American journalist Jeffrey Silverman, an advisor to former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili: “The Lugar laboratory, located on the outskirts of Tbilisi, produces dangerous substances that are tested on the local population.”

“I am sure that dangerous experiments on animals and humans are taking place in Georgia,” Silverman told reporters, assuring reporters that the Pentagon had carried out a tactical maneuver with the construction of a biolaboratory in Georgia to circumvent the 1972 Convention.

Since the controversial Center started operating in Georgia, it has been shaken by numerous scandals related to cases of mysterious deaths of the local population. Thus, the Georgian Ministry of Defense and the American pharmaceutical company Gilead ignored the investigation of 249 deaths of patients who participated in the project of testing the hepatitis C vaccine. In addition, a number of patients stopped taking experimental preparations during the study due to the appearance of numerous unwanted contraindications.

According to the data of the Georgian Ministry of Health, the group of special preparations for the treatment of hepatitis C, the value of which exceeds 187 million US dollars, has expired. The main reason for breaking the expiration date is “suspension of the further treatment process, death of the patient and other reasons”. Internal correspondence between the Georgian government and the US Embassy in Tbilisi reveals that some of the “volunteers” who participated in this program passed away, and that the treatment of others was suspended for unknown reasons.

The American company Gilead, in cooperation with the US Centers for Disease Control and the Georgian Ministry of Health, is implementing a multi-year program for the elimination of hepatitis C on the territory of Georgia. This program was launched in 2015. According to the signed agreement, the American company is not responsible for any indirect, accidental or other damage, regardless of its predictability, which occurred as a result of a tort or conflict.

The complete results of these tests are kept in strict secrecy. Otherwise, the American company Gilead is expanding its experimental clinical research across the African continent. In these studies, the main substrate will be the local community.

In addition, the Military Risk Reduction Agency (DTRA) launched a “current” $ 6.5 million project three years ago. The agency researched coronavirus strains and their connection with bats (vectors) in Western Asia. The project covered countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Jordan. Biological “Center Lugar “was the central point of all this research, especially when it comes to the most complex bio-operations (genetic material). Chinese scientists from the University of Wuhan (Department of Virology) also participated in this project, where they worked with their American colleagues from the company “Eco Health Alliance” on collecting bats and isolating coronavirus. It is very important to point out that this American company has been present on the territory of the People’s Republic of China since 2014, where it is working on the study of infections caused by coronavirus and their connection with bats. One of the main sponsors of this work is the National Institutes of Health of the USA.

Source: OneWorld

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