American Society Will Turn Bill Gates Into A Monster

It can already be safely said that Microsoft founder will become the next victim of the ruthless roller called #metoo – a social movement that has had a stranglehold on the need of the modern information society for bullying and recurrent public reprisals against criminals before the new morality.

The divorce of the owner of the fourth state in the world after a 27 years marriage has became a real disaster. Two weeks ago it became known that the main reason for the divorce was Gates’ friendship with the financier Jeffrey Epstein accused of a sex-trading in minors. Now, journalists have found out that in 2020 Gates left the Microsoft not of his own free will, but was actually dismissed by the board of directors investigating the report on Gates’ romance with a female company’s employee in 2000.

GatesA dark scandal is growing with the speed of a hurricane, and the severity of accusations grows up with the same rate. American publications write already that Epstein, a living embodiment of hell, was persuading Gates to break with “toxic Melinda” (Bill Gates’ wife) and was offering him a lot of beautiful women who always swarmed his house.

It is not a peaceful adultery of another American billionaire, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, for whom the divorce cost just $39 billion. Gates would probably be happy if he just had to part with his money. But sex with a subordinate (even if it is your company, even more so if it is your company) and sex for money is a judgment in modern America. Final and non-appealable.

Human instincts have remained the same as in the Paleolithic era. The cruelty of the modern human flock doesn’t differ from the crowd’s fury that wanted to maul the “sinner” about 2,000 years ago that was stopped only by the phrase “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her”. The network crowd fights for morality almost the same way. Only there is nobody to stop it.

The state that restrained the beastly instincts of a man, locking them in the bonds of the law in normal times and allowing not being shy during wars that never stopped, today in this sense is slipping into irrelevance. It has proclaimed a crowd called the people the single source of its power and ended up at an impasse.

Bill and Melinda Gates
Bill and Melinda Gates

These laws don’t operate anymore. It has turned out that “public opinion” can be more powerful than the army and the secret police. The public metoo-reprisal against Bill Gates will eclipse everything that we have seen so far – Kevin Spacey, Placido Domingo and even the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, especially since the latter is not surrendered by the liberal party members.

The founder of Microsoft is a giant, an epic figure, a protagonist of hundreds of books and thousands of seminars for personal growth, a real symbol of the great American dream, next to whom Zuckerberg is a random boy who picked up a wallet with dollars on the street. Gates has been an icon of the entire modern economy for 50 years. If we speak about business, 99% of people will first remember Gates’ story which began in the garage. Metooing (from “metoo”) Gates is like throwing the Lincoln statue out of the pantheon and sending it to a gravel factory.

But, judging by the way the scandal is intensifying, one of these days American society will accuse the old man not only of inviting his subordinates (women!) to dinner, and even convincing one of them, but that Gates has turned out to be a real monster. He will also be accused of selling underage girls to brothels with the late Jeffrey Epstein, perhaps even of participating in monstrous satanic orgies with him.

Harassment once again turns out to be a crime without a statute of limitations. Like genocide. Worse than genocide. Nazi criminals in both Americas still live out their days to the accompaniment of years of lawsuits, and in harassment cases, no lawyers or DNA tests are required. A word is enough.

Gates’ divorce will end with a public trial in which he will sit in a conditional cage in the conditional House of Unions, and the crowd on the street will carry banners with the slogan “Crush the sexist toad!”

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    1. They have to get him somehow, don’t they? Because in general, most public figures won’t dare touch the vax allegations against Gates, especially since the “controllers” won’t air any anti-vax sentiments as a public message. However, the good news is — that isn’t stopping RFK Jr. from going after Gates, and for precisely THAT reason.

    2. What really happened is that the “deep state” wants to survive the awakening of patriotic Americans, and so throw under the boss a few of their own, who have made visible “mistakes” (from the viewpoint of the peasants bearing pitchforks and torches).

      Fauci setting in motion “gain of function” virus in Wuhan was a bit over the top to tolerate. Even MSM can’t suppress the substantial evidence for a “lab leak”, likely a “chimera” (genetically engineered) virus.

      Either Bill has made a similar mistake (and his funding fingerprints are all over the Wuhan lab), or the Jacobins are turning on their own, and taking unfair advantage of Bill’s sexual indiscretions to draw attention away from his more earth-shaking medical policies. As if Stalin had been deposed from power in retaliation for his dalliances with young ballerinas.

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