Extreme Of Double Standards By EU

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been evacuating stranded foreigners from Kabul and meeting its commitment to serve humanity, wherever and whenever is required. PIA has already evacuated thousands and over-engaged in more evacuation.

PIA is one of the old airlines in this part of the world and is known for its excellent services, professionalism, and hospitality. It was the Western World termed PIA “Great People to Fly with PIA”. PIAhas the honor to established several airlines in this region that includes Emirate Airline (UAE), Saidi Airline, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Air Ways, etc. Pakistan was quite advance in Civil Aviation Industry and helping many other nations to build their airlines. Some of the airlines still depend on Pakistan Human Resources to manage their airlines.

But today, based on political grounds, the EU has banned PIA to land in the EU on the lame excuse of Safety standards. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has extended travel restrictions imposed on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for an indefinite period and has directed the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) to get its safety audit done by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) scheduled in July. The restrictions were placed in early 20189 for a limited time but kept of extending the ban.

It is a state of extreme hierocracy that EU Governments are approaching and requesting PIA to evacuate their nationals from Afghanistan. Pakistan is committed to its moral obligations to serve humanity and will continue its commitment in the future too. Iresp[ective of political victimization, Pakistan will stick to basic principles of Humanity first. But shame for the EU!

PIA EU banMany EU governments have thanked Pakistan and appreciated its positive role in humanitarian assistance extended by PIA. We ensure our commitment to the whole world that Pakistan is a responsible state and will fulfill its moral obligations to the best of its capacities. Pakistan will remain humble and keep on struggling to get justice and merit-based decisions.

There are many countries in the EU, who are not bais and deal with all matters on merit, but few spoilers always exist anywhere and they are dominating the UE, unfortunate! Such spoilers are targeting Pakistan and harming Pakistan. They put a ban on PIA on lame excuses and kept on extending this ban for an indefinite period of time. It is the irony! It is a double standard! It is hypocrisy! It is discrimination! It is injustice! It is appealed to all peace-loving, unbiased and genuine nations and individuals to treat Pakistan on merit, and justice. A small number of spoilers should not dominate them, or dictate them. The Unity among the EU is desired and appreciated, but merit and justice must prevail. All friends of humanity must raise their voices within the constitution to remove the ban on PIA. Is it safe to fly with PIA from Kabul to Islamabad, and unsafe to land in the EU?

If such spoilers are so proud, they should not travel by PIA from Kabul to Islamabad to save their lives. If PIA is not safe, why they kept on requesting PIA for rescue. They should stay in Afghanistan. However, the Taliban has announced several times that they are committed to protecting all foreigners, either diplomatic community, UN staff, media personnel, tourists, or businessmen, or common civilians. The world has witnessed the peaceful recapture of Kabul, it was smoother than the transition of presidents in Washington. Since they are in control of Kabul, no single person was killed, injured, harassed, arrested. But the bais media is making false propaganda and creating panic among foreigners to leave Afghanistan. Some notorious Western media has the expertise to spread fake news, fabricate stories and build a narrative. They have been using the same dirty tricks in the Iraq war, Libyan War, Syrian War, Afghanistan occupation for two decades, etc. The same biased and unholy media is making propaganda against Afghanistan and distorting the realities on the ground.

To evacuate a few thousand troops was not a big deal, the US should have withdrawn long ago. But creating panic and exciting people has created fuss and confusion among any residents in Afghanistan. The over-crowded situation at Kabul airport has been created by the Western world themselves to blame the Taliban. In a matter of fact, many economic immigrants are availing such panic and are flying to America and the EU. In a war-torn country, four decades of bombs and war has damaged the country, the economic hardships can be imagined. Many people are availing this opportunity and trying to immigrate to developed countries, purely for economic reasons. On the other hand, most of the advanced countries are facing a shortage of workforce due to negative growth of population, are beneficiary of such immigrants.

Availing of this opportunity, I would appeal to all sensible nations and individuals to remove Pakistan from the grey list of FATF, as Pakistan was victimized. FATF should not be used as a political tool to punish Pakistan. Merit must prevail in its decisions. Similarly, Pakistan’s GSP+ status must be protected. Political victimization must reach an end and merit should prevail in all decisions.

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