Who’s Lying About Ukraine This Time & Why: The Biden Administration Or CNN?

One of the two is lying but it’s unclear which it is because they both have a history of spewing fake news, though usually the same false narrative and in full coordination with one another. All that observers can do is make educated conjectures based on their paradigms for analyzing this crisis.

A serious political scandal has unexpectedly erupted between the US and Ukraine after an unnamed official from the latter reportedly told CNN about the disagreements that erupted during their leaders’ nearly hour-and-a-half-long phone call on Thursday, a portrayal that the Biden Administration vehemently denied. The report claimed that Biden told Zelensky to “prepare for impact” and that Kiev could allegedly be “sacked” by invading Russian forces. The unnamed Ukrainian official also supposedly told CNN that the US wouldn’t significantly offer more military help in that scenario.

One of the two is lying but it’s unclear which it is because they both have a history of spewing fake news, though usually the same false narrative and in full coordination with one another. All that observers can do is make educated conjectures based on their paradigms for analyzing this crisis. The author’s is that anti-Russian elements of the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) are plotting a false flag attack in Eastern Ukraine, something that the breakaway republics’ militias have earlier warned about.

The purpose is to spark a third round of civil war hostilities to serve as the pretext for deploying strike weapons to the region and perhaps even to that country, which may or may not be hypersonic missiles. This could undercut Russia’s nuclear second-strike capabilities exactly as President Putin has repeatedly warned, which is why his government shared its security guarantee proposals with the US in late December. It also explains the latest round of Normandy peace process talks, which is meant to avert the trigger event for setting that aforementioned scenario into motion.

Biden angryIt’s also worthwhile to draw attention to the very high likelihood that the US is preparing to sacrifice Zelensky in order to justify Russia’s “containment”. That’s because its anti-Russian “deep state” faction regards his removal as a symbolic development for rallying the West behind Ukraine while its anti-Chinese one is totally against the excellent economic ties that he’s surprisingly cultivated with China in spite of a US-provoked multibillion-dollar investment dispute last year. Curiously enough, both rival “deep state” factions seemingly agree that Zelensky has to go.

He, however, obviously wasn’t want to befall such a pitiful political fate, which is why his government has been so openly contradicting its American patrons on the likelihood of a so-called “Russian invasion”. Zelensky also spoke to the intelligence faction of his “deep state” on Monday while commemorating Foreign Intelligence Day. This appearance probably served a dual purpose though since he most likely wanted to assess whether they’re more loyal to him and Ukraine than to their American patrons in order to gauge the likelihood of them conspiring with the US to stage a false flag.

Zelensky is now keenly aware that such a scenario would set the earlier explained scenario into motion that would most probably result in his removal by one means or another, which he first became aware after US-led Western reports that Russia was allegedly plotting a so-called “coup” against him. Those reports, though, can be interpreted as the US preconditioning the public to expect his removal, including through a coup from the US-backed elements of his “deep state’s military-intelligence faction that may or may not be blamed on Russia for “political convenience” if it comes to pass.

It’s unclear, however, whether Zelensky has full control of his “deep state” or not considering how deeply infiltrated it’s been by foreign intelligence since 2014, especially by the relevant agencies of the US, UK, and Poland. The arrival of American mercenaries to Donbass is another variable that could be leveraged to stage the false flag attack that would almost inevitably result in his removal once the sequence of events is set into motion. All of these factors contribute to unprecedented distrust between the US and Ukraine despite public statements to the contrary, which explains CNN’s latest report.

What probably happened is that Zelensky tasked a trusted member of his “deep state” with leaking the real contents of his call with Biden in order to signal to the world that serious problems have erupted between those two over the past month. The Ukrainian leader is also trying to save his political skin and perhaps even the unity of his nation since he fears that he’ll be removed from office if the US succeeds in staging a false flag attack that might also result in Ukraine’s dissolution or at the very least irreparable division into internally partitioned pieces that might be loosely held together by “federalization”.

The surprising agreement between Russia and Ukraine during this week’s Normandy talks over the need to uphold the very fragile ceasefire in Donbass speaks to Kiev’s desire to prevent the US-triggered false flag escalation that would lead to the scenario that was detailed in this analysis. Nevertheless, Zelensky still remains reluctant to implement the Minsk Accords due to the immense pressure upon him by US-backed far-right (fascist) forces. Coupled with the fear that he’s already lost control of his own “deep state”, there are plenty of reasons for Zelensky to suspect that the US will soon dispose of him.

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  1. The hysteria is near the culmination of a Hillary-hatched plot to whip up hysteria against Russia, as a weapon against Trump and as revenge against Russia for not buying her “reset” button. Biden was installed by the anti-Russia faction, which never understood that the problem with the Soviet Union was its communism not its being Russian. I am very embarassed, but at least I can honestly say “I told you so”.

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