Human Rights Watch Charges Russia But Not America With War-Censorship

On February 28th, Human Rights Watch (HRW) headlined “With War, Censorship Reaches New Heights”, and reported only against this censorship as practiced in Russia, as-if it were not also being done in America. The only even mention of its being practiced in America was in the second — the subordinate — clause of their sentence “Roskomnadzor announced that it would partially restrict access to Facebook in Russia, in retaliation for Meta, Facebook’s parent company, blocking four Russian state media accounts.” In other words: only implicitly — not at all explicitly — did HRW so much as even acknowledge — in that thousand-word-long article — that Russia’s Government was acting in response to the (CIA-affiliated) U.S. company Meta’s “blocking four Russian state media accounts,” or to any of the many other U.S.-Government anti-Russia censorship operations. Furthermore, any keen reader of that lone sentence would also immediately recognize that for (the CIA-front firm) Meta to have been “blocking four Russian state media accounts” was more severe censorship than was for the Russian Government to have been “partially restrict[ing] access to Facebook in Russia” — in other words: Russia’s response was actually milder than was the censorship that it was responding to. However, any regular fool who would be reading HRW’s propaganda-piece would come away from it thinking that Russia is a dictatorship, and that America is not. (America certainly IS.)

Actually, the U.S. Government routinely does censor out the most of the important facts — eliminates such facts virtually altogether, from its media’s international ‘news’-reporting, as it did, for example, regarding “Saddam’s WMD” in preparation for the subsequent American invasion, conquest, and occupation of Iraq; and such as it did regarding America’s bloody coup, conquest, and continuing control over Ukraine, by means of the coup-operation that U.S. President Barack Obama started planning in 2011, and successfully carried-out during February 2014 in Kiev Ukraine — and which bloody coup all of America’s CIA-controlled ‘news’-media reported as-if it had been instead a “democratic revolution” there. (It was anything but  that.)

HRW itself had been started in 1978, with backing from mainly American billionaires, and was founded by Robert L. Bernstein and Aryeh Neier in New York City. Its real mission was to condemn the Soviet Union’s violations of human rights, but when the Soviet Union dissolved and ended its communism in 1991, HRW continued on as being a propaganda-organization against Russia and countries that aren’t hostile to Russia. It became especially heavily financed by the virulently anti-Russian U.S. billionaire George Soros and by many other neoconservative Democratic Party financial backers and their ‘charitable’ foundations. Julian Assange’s article, “Google Is Not What It Seems” includes an extensive passage about HRW, working in 2011, helping Google, in conjunction with Hillary Clinton’s U.S. State Department, to prepare the overthrow and replacement of Ukraine’s democratically elected President, so as to put into place on Russia’s doorstep, a rabidly anti-Russian regime there, which would then be followed by that new Ukrainian regime’s ethnically cleansing its Donbass region, which had voted 90% for that President whom Obama had overthrown, so as to get rid of those voters, in order to enable Ukraine in the future to elect rabidly anti-Russian leaders, and thereby to be a ‘democratic’ country that hates Russians and that just happens to be under a 7-minute flight-time for U.S. missiles which would be launched from there to hit Moscow.

War-CensorshipFor some reason, many people have noticed recently that whenever they are trying to obtain news from any of the relatively few sites that report favorably about Russia’s international policies, they get a supposed warning such as “Checking your browser before accessing [the given site]. This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Please allow up to 5 seconds…” and that wait turns out to be interminable. Another con that they use is “This page is not available on the web because of server error.” Another is “This web property is not accessible via this address.” Always, the message is coming from some private contractor, not from the U.S. Government directly, and the contractor is a provider of “DDoS protection” — it “secures websites, applications, and entire networks while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic is not compromised.” But, actually, these denial-of-service messages have skyrocketed just now after the U.S. regime responded to the Russian Government’s response to the U.S. Government’s having finally decided to do a blitz-invasion of its former Donbass region. Russia’s Government finally decided that if it wouldn’t immediately invade Ukraine, but would instead wait for Ukraine’s blitz-invasion of Donbass, then tens of thousands of Donbass residents would be slaughtered before Russia would be able to overcome and to halt that invasion; so, Russia suddenly reversed its Plan A, and immediately proceeded into its Plan B — an invasion of Ukraine itself. And that’s why the U.S. regime has stepped up from what it had been doing, such as this and this, to a broadscale close-down of sites that contradict U.S. propaganda.

Human Rights Watch (like so many others of its type) is a U.S.-and-allied-billionaires-funded propaganda organization to ‘justify’ U.S.-and-allied wars against their targeted countries.

Though this article is entirely history, it is also news in the U.S.-and-allied countries, because none of this history has been widely reported here. Consequently, this article includes links in order for readers who haven’t known any of this, to be able to see what the source-documents, and sources-videos, the evidence, for it are. This article is being submitted to all U.S.-and-allied media, in order finally to enable the residents in America and allied countries to learn this history, so as never to repeat it yet again.

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